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Electronic Grading System

of the students. D. Significance of the Study This study is significant as stated for the following reasons: - It is user-friendly and adds convenience - Certain grading criteria can be set w/o adding formulas in every spreadsheet cell. - Faster transactions. - Easier records transfer (import and export) - Ease of accessibility E. Scope and Limitations of the Study - The coverage of the study includes entities such as Registrar and Teachers. However...

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Sage vs Excel

could be indentify by Sage as stock being release more than inventory and transaction will be prohibited from carrying out; while Excel would follow the transaction to be entered. This has shows that accounting software has an advantage over normal spreadsheet. Security Security of accounts is important which prevent pilfering of accounts data which would be of importance to MTT, such accounts and information would be valuable to rival companies as it shows position of MTT; with this security of accounts...

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Wee 7 Data Analysis

makes most sense? Present your Conclusions in a  Report Use the integration techniques we worked on in the course to develop a report (Word document) that includes data and graphs copied and pasted from your spreadsheet. You will turn in both your Recommendation Report and your spreadsheet.   (There is an Excel Project Template in DocSharing, Course Project Materials, to help you formulate your report.  The yellow-lined information provides an explanation of what should be included in each section...

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E CH01 EXPV1 A1 Instructions

Adult Classes Project Description: In this project, you will create a spreadsheet detailing the list of adult classes offered by the Fernwood Art Center for Session 2. You will calculate the cost of each class for those with a member discount. Additionally, you will create a formula to summarize the total fees collected for each class during the first session of the season. Finally, you will format the worksheet spreadsheet to make it visually appealing. Instructions: For the purpose of grading...

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Break Even Analysis Case Study

analytical solutions is widely acknowledged. We have increased the emphasis on sensitivity analysis in several of the modules by introducing the use of "goal seek". With Excel's built-in Goal seek o tool. Students learn to take full advantage of the spreadsheet to create and analyze goal seek addressing various what-if questions about the results from a model. Since these skills are applicable to any worksheet with formulas constructed for a particular set of calculations, students can carry their ability...

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information by last name. Content can be sorted alphabetically, numerically, and in many other ways. Sorting When you enter data into your worksheet it is often unorganized making it difficult to examine. When analyzing the information in your spreadsheet, you may need to rearrange the data in different ways to answer different questions. Excel's sorting feature can help your rearrange your data so you can use it more efficiently. To sort a list of data: Select a single cell in the column containing...

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Information Technology Test

data. Reliability: trusted source. E.g. newspaper Accuracy: error free information Timeliness: accurate for the time, that it is needed. Freedom form bias: free from other peoples opinion. 9) How can entering an incorrect data type into a spreadsheet cause an error? 10) Why is it important to check the reliability of data? It is important to check because reliabilty of data because incorrect data may cause inappropriate decisions to be made. To make sure it is more accurate e.g. from an accurate...

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Assignment Number One

financial model,” she said, stopping to look over your shoulder at the FaceBook page now quickly reduced to an icon on your desktop. “Your predecessor provided me with a spreadsheet analysis that showed the right numbers most of the time, but the board kept challenging me with other assumptions and situations. The stupid spreadsheet first gave me wrong numbers –astronomically wrong – and then simply froze up when I tried to input new variables.” “This is not going to happen again, do you understand...

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Assignment 2

instructor through Dropbox. Do not enter anything in the spreadsheet cells that are black, labeled “Grader”. You must complete this assignment without the assistance of persons other than the members of your Group. You may use any other resources you deem necessary. Answer the questions below by placing the appropriate graph and/or answers in the designated cells of the spreadsheet. DO NOT CHANGE THE APPEARANCE OR FUNCTIONALITY OF THE SPREADSHEET UNLESS INSTRUCTED TO DO SO. Question 1 (35 points) Office...

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MS Office is an application made up of some collection of software applications which help user to perform various tasks with little effort in offices now a days. With MS office in our pc we can do many things like creating text documents, spreadsheets, flow charts ,presentations ,pie charts, notes, business cards, greeting cards, calendars , brochures, flyers, postcards ,website templates and many more things. MS office has become a must have requirement for offices, I wonder what it would’ve...

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