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the pendulum of a clock. Its timing is random and to a large degrees, unpredictable. There are four phases of business cycle, such as prosperity phase, recession phase, depression phase, and recovery phase. Lastly, the company’s stocks and bonds investment timing is important for the investors. 2. Concept of an industrial life cycle 2.1 Introduction stage At the beginning of an industry’s life cycle, the firm may be alone in the industry and it may be a small entrepreneurial company or...

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 Investment Trusts Trading At Discount TOPIC # 3 Introduction According to Cheng et al. (1994, p.813), ‘an investment trust company (ITC) is a UK public limited company, the business of which consists of investing its funds mainly in securities, with the aim of spreading investment risk and giving members of the company the benefit of the results of the management of its funds.’ In the UK, investment trusts started to form as early as the mid 1800s and helped small investors to diversify...

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Ethical Investment

A Case Study On: “ Ethical Investment Processes and Outcomes” by Grant Michelson, Nike Wailes, Sandra Van der Laan, Geoff Frost. About the Author: Grant Michelson is a senior lecturer in Work and Organisational Studies, School of Business at University of Sydney, Nick Wails lecturer in Work and Organisational Studies, School of Business at University of Sydney, Sandra Van der Laan lecturer in Accounting and Business Law, School of Business at University of Sydney and Geoff Frost Senior lecturer...

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Investment Process

Investment Process Investment: Investment is the employment of funds on assets with the aim of earning income or capital appreciation. Investment has two attributes namely time and risk. Present consumption is sacrificed to get a return in the future. The sacrifice that has to be borne is certain but the return in the future may be uncertain. This attribute of investment indicates the risk factor. The risk is undertaken with a view to reap some return from the investment. For a layman, investment...

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The Investment Detective

Case Study: The Investment Detective Primary consideration is the capital availability. If the firm has unlimited access to capital and no other investment options, Net Present Value would become recommended quantitative method. On the other hand, if the time horizon and payback period matter, the company should use Internal Rate of Return Calculation. 1. Looking at the cash flows doesn’t really say much. The assumption is that the firm is in the business to make profit. Profit is equal return...

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Investment Ppt


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The Investment Detective

Creation, 4/e IV. Capital Budgeting and Resource Allocation 17. The Investment Detective © The McGraw−Hill Companies, 2003 CASE 17 The Investment Detective The essence of capital budgeting and resource allocation is a search for good investments in which to place the firm’s capital. The process can be simple when viewed in purely mechanical terms, but a number of subtle issues can obscure the best investment choices. The capital-budgeting analyst is necessarily, therefore, a detective...

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Investment Appraisal

ID: 0022KONS1109 SUBJECT: ACCOUNTING AND DECISION MAKING TECHNIQUES (ADMT) LECTURER: MR. S. A. PALAN CONTENTS Introduction…………………………………………………………………….………2 Define Capital Investment Appraisal…………………………….………………….…2 Discounted cash flow methods……….………………………….………………….…4 Explanation of NPV…………………… ...................................................................…4 Explanation of IRR…………….……………………….…….……..…………………5 ...

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Return on Investment

Introduction An investment is an exposure of cash that has the objective of producing cash inflows in the future. The worthiness of an investment is measured by how much cash the investment is expected to generate. The analysis of Return on Investment (ROI) is a financial forecasting tool that assists the business manager in evaluating whether a proposed investment opportunity is worthwhile within the context of the company’s business objectives and financial constraints. The investments to be analysed...

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Investment Bank

INVESTMENT BANKING: AN OVERVIEW INVESTMENT BANKING WHAT DO THEY REALLY DO? WHAT DO THESE PROJECTS HAVE IN COMMON? Affordable housing Small businesses ISAW Bridges Big corporations SM GE GS ISAW BIG OR SMALL, THEY ALL NEED CAPITAL. WHAT DO INVESTMENT BANKERS DO? Traditional role: assisting clients client WHAT DO INVESTMENT BANKERS DO? Traditional role A) Raising Capital: “Underwriting” B) Buying or merging with other businesses: “Financial Advisory” WHAT DO INVESTMENT BANKERS...

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investment companies

Investment Companies *Primarily, the RA No.2629 also called the Investment Company Act which took effect on upon its approval on June 18, 1960 had been the foundation of the investment industry. *Investment Company Act (RA No.2629) *Agreement on Trade Related Investment Measures (TRIMs) - These are rules that apply to the domestic regulations a country applies to foreign investors, often as a part of industrial policy. The Agreement was agreed upon by all members of World Trade Organization...

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Rating Investments

Assignment 1 Case Study I will be analysing your three investment choices using three criteria, the net present value and internal rate of return and payback period. In analysing the following investments I have not taken into account the effects of taxation Ranking of investments Investment 3 has the best rating using the three analysis tools, the initial investment is paid back after 5.05 years, followed by investment 2 Limitations of analysis using NPV, IRR and PP The results...

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Introduction to Securities Investment (Understanding Investment Decision Process) Individual’s Objective: Maximize utility (=degree of satisfaction) from consumption, subject to income & wealth, and market opportunities. In order to achieve the objective, people save a portion of (current) income for future spending, and reverse is also true. => efficient saving. Where to save? (Security types in Chapter 3) 1. Real assets: 2. Financial assets: represent claims on future cash payoffs...

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Investment and Money

from the lesson. Some information has been provided for you, but you can add additional details to those sections. Investing Basics Type of Investment Description—explain what it is and how it works. Level of Risk and Potential Return—explain. Real-life example of this investment (name or company) Minimum investment amount or time? Easy to start or stop investment? Discuss. CD Is an account where a saving note is issued by a bank to a depositor who places funds in savings for a set period.  Is a relatively...

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Investment Appraisal

benefits of investment wherever possible. Any project which requires an outlay of money or other resources and which then generates a flow of costs and benefits in subsequent periods should be regarded as an investment. The financial appraisal methods helps in guiding whether to incur an expense now so that benefits can be ripped in later periods (investment), or whether the funds should be used to generate immediate benefits, now ( consumption ) Deciding where to focus the investment of an organization...

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Investment Fundamentals

Running head: Investment Fundamentals Investment Fundamentals American InterContinental University Abstract This paper will calculate the returns on five investments to illustrate how they work. It will also discuss the different types of investments a person can make, along with the differences between the various types of bonds. Furthermore it will state what bond ratings indicate, and the two major agencies that are in charge of assigning these ratings Introduction As...

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Return on Investment

 ROI Project: Phase #1 Return on Investment (ROI): An examination of ROI financial analysis and its historical roots with the DuPont Company Return on Investment (ROI): An examination of ROI financial analysis and its historical roots with the DuPont Company Like it or not, with the current state of the economy, as well as, enforced implications of the Affordable Care Act, a large number of hospitals and healthcare agencies will close their doors for good...

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Investment and Money

points) A possibility to loose money. What is diversification? (0.5 points)   Spreading investments.
 What is risk tolerance? (0.5 points)   The amount of risk you can handle. What are debt investments? (0.5 points) Non promised investments. What are equity investments? (0.5 points)  More promised investments.   Lesson 3 (3.0 points) What are stocks? (0.5 points)  An investment where you get a share from the ownership/stock. What are bonds? (0.5 points)  Lending money...

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Portfolio Investment

BOURNEMOUTH UNIVERSITY International Investment Management Mid-term Assignment Submitted by: Anindyta Ayu Indhriawati 25/03/2014 Submitted to: Dr Charalampos Stasinakis The purpose of this paper is to examine the relevance from the modern portfolio theory to the global investment market. Some of the questions that related to the use of techniques about the portfolio theory and it’s relation to risk and return will be discussed in terms of solving...

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Investment and Rate

because cash is the financial asset and it becomes is a liability of the government upon the time you found the cash. So, the taxpayers will have to make up for the government liability. 2. The average rate of return on investment in large stocks has outpaced that on investments in T-Bills by about 8% since 1926 in US. Why, then, does anyone invest in T-Bills? Answer: This is because T-bill is regarded as an almost risk free asset as it is backed by the government. Therefore, it has lowest volatility...

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Investment Detective

Case 17 – The Investment Detective The case of the Investment Detective laid out the cash flows for us in each of eight different projects. Before doing any calculations we came up with the assumption that we could not rank the projects simply by inspecting the cash flows. Without the ability to rank the projects based off of cash flows solely, we had to use some analytical criteria as a capital budgeting analyst to provide some thorough support and reasoning for how we ranked the four best...

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Investment and Return

Sharpe’s position had been 99 percent of equity funds invested in the S&P 500 and either one per cent in Reynolds over one percent in Hasbro. Estimate the resulting portfolio position. How does each stock affect the variability of the equity investment? How does this relate to your answer in question 1 above? Weight: .99 in S&P 500 Alternative: .01 in Reynolds or Hasbro Average Returns: S&P 500 = 0.57% Reynolds= 1.87% Hasbro = 1.18 % Portfolio Return: Weight * Return +...

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Investment and Alpine

The plan board of trustees directed Karl 5 years ago to invest for total return over the long term. However, as trustees of this highly visible public fund, they cautioned him that volatile or erratic results could cause them embarrassment. Investment Performance | | Last 5 years | Last year | Time-weighted | 8.2% | 5.2% | Dollar-weighted (internal) | 7.7% | 4.8% | Assumed actuarial return | 6.0% | 6.0% | U.S. T-bills | 7.5% | 11.3% | Large sample of pension funds...

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Investment and Return

You are offered a T-note that pays $1,000 in 9 months (or 270 days) for $910. You have $910 in a bank that pays a 5% nominal rate, with 365 daily compounding. You plan to leave the money in the bank if you don’t buy the risk-free T-note. Which investment should you choose? Use the following all three solution methods to verify your answer. Greatest future wealth: FV Figure out FV of $910 left in a bank with 9 months, and then compare with T-note’s FV=$1,000 Inputs: N = 270, I/Y =5%/365=0.0137%...

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Essay Investment management

THEORETICAL ASPECTS OF INVESTMENT ACTIVITY OF THE INDUSTRIAL ENTERPRISE In dynamically developing and rapidly changing environment such as economics of Ukraine, management of investment activity at enterprise as socio-economic phenomenon is in need of continuous improvement, development, deep knowledge, system presentation and practical application, therefore in systematic improving definition, identification. Investment activity at the industrial enterprise has been researched by such domestic...

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Investment Policy Statement

 INVESTMENT POLICY STATEMENT Prepared by: Nargis Bibi Lubna saeed Hasiba Kazim INTRODUCTION The purpose of this Investment Policy Statement is to establish a clear understanding between the investor and the investment advisor as to the investment objectives and policies applicable to the Investor's investment portfolio. This Statement will: • establish reasonable expectations, objectives, and guidelines in the investment of the Portfolio's assets. • set...

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Investment Patterns in India

Changing Trend of Investment Pattern in India and Emergence of Mutual Fund Industry ABSTRACT: This project is about how the Investor's Behavior is changing and they are now leaving behind the sacred investment options like the fixed deposits, company deposits, gold etc. Investors are now looking towards equity linked investment options. Like most developed and developing countries the mutual fund cult has been catching on in India. There are various reasons for this. Mutual Fund makes it easy...

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Investment and Selling Price

rate of return on investment on all new products. In order to produce and sell 30,000 calculators each year, the company would have to make an investment of $850,000. The target cost per calculator would be:  A. $16.50 B. $23.50 C. $28.33 D. $34.33 29. Hostetter Corporation would like to use target costing for a new product it is considering introducing. At a selling price of $30 per unit, management projects sales of 30,000 units. The new product would require an investment of $200,000. The...

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The Role of Investment in Poverty Reduction

This essay is an attempt to explain the role of investment in poverty reduction. In order to achieve this, an exposition of the theoretical assumptions on the linkages between investment and poverty reduction will be undertaken. In addition, relevant definitions and practical examples will be cited. A conclusion will then be drawn from the discourse. As is well known, poverty is multi-dimensional. There are several different indicators of well-being (e.g. education, health, nutrition, security)...

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Petroleum and Investment Grade Rating

them Conditions needed: hot markets and investment grade rating What kind of debt to choose? • The sponsors should use 144A (private bonds) to fund the deal because of the important advantages and the significant disadvantages which can arise by using the other debt kinds. – Rule 144A has big advantage of time – Markets seem to be going in the right direction (Hot markets) – What else is needed?... (on the next slide: Investment grade) Investment Grade Rating • Agencies look at 3 main...

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Option vs Stock Investments

20-14 International Capital Market (3IM) Lecture 9 Option versus Stock Investments • Could a call option strategy be preferable to a direct stock purchase? • Suppose you think a stock, currently selling for $100, will appreciate. • A 6-month call costs $10 (contract size is 100 shares). • You have $10,000 to invest. • Strategy A: Invest entirely in stock. Buy 100 shares, each selling for $100. • Strategy B: Invest entirely in at-the-money call options. Buy 1,000 calls, each selling for $10...

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Capital budgeting and investment decisions

cash flows(Present Value) associated with whichever project(s) are undergoing appraisal. Every appraisal method have decision rules, examples include the Payback Period(PBP) which stipulates the approval of projects that pays back the initial investments within a specific period. For this method (Net Present Value) to be most effective, from the pool of prospective projects under review, only projects that produce a positive net present value should be undertaken, and projects that produce negative...

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Chapter 1 the Investment Environment

Chapter 1 The Investment Environment 1.1. Real Assets versus Financial Assets (Page 30)  Real Assets  Determine the productive capacity and net income of the economy  Examples: Land, buildings, machines, and knowledge used to produce goods and services  Financial Assets  Claims on real assets 1-2 1.2.Financial Assets (Page 32)  Three types: 1. Fixed income or debt Common stock or equity Derivative securities 2. 3. 1-3 Fixed Income  ...

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Johnson Angel Investments

Johnson Angel Investments, LLC As Angel Investors we pride ourselves in helping build positive and lucrative careers for entrepreneurs. With the ideas of the entrepreneur and financial backing of Johnson Angel Investments the sky can be the limit and dreams do come true. Since most businesses are not making profits before they begin, overhead tends to place them in debt before they have the opportunity to earn an income. With a good supportive team backing your business financially the important...

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Considerations Before Making Investments

Investment has got a various number of definitions related to in which context it taken. In our case , we are going to take two contexts to give a definition to this term of “ Investment ’’ In Business Management , Investment can be defined as a tangible assets like equipments, machinery and buildings and intangible assets like patent, goodwill and copyrights . Making a decision for investment is known as capital budgeting decision, regarded as one of the important and key decision...

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Investment Appraisal Techniques

Investment Appraisal Investment: Spending money into something with an expectation of making profit/ increasing wealth in the future Investment Appraisal: Is a process of evaluating the attractiveness of an investment proposal using various techniques/methods, Methods Payback period Accounting rate of return (ARR – ROCE) Investment appraisal Internal rate of return (IRR) Pay Back Period (PBP) The Payback Period (PBP) - The time taken...

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Case Study on Lcd Investment

Management” EA 2009 Spring Semester 1st* Q Prof. NAKATA CASE STUDY: Strategic Investment in LCD Industry Q.1: Please describe the investment strategies for LCD production lines of Japan, Korea and Taiwan respectively. According to the case study, as Japan introduced the LCD technology to the market, it could take the competitive advantage in 1999 and 2000. Therefore, Japan made about 3 times amount of investment of the average year in 2000. However, when the LCD line operated in 2001, the...

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Capital Investment Appraisal

Evaluate the different methods of capital investment appraisal available to organisations and clearly show when each method would be used (if at all) illustrating your answer with relevant examples. Capital investment appraisal can be described as the decision-making process used by organisations to evaluate different investments and to decide which fixed assets to purchase. In the following, four different methods of investment appraisal shall be discussed: accounting rate of return (ARR), payback...

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Security Analysis in Investment Decisions

SYLLABUS SECURITY ANALYSIS & INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT MBA–3rd SEMESTER, M.D.U., ROHTAK External Marks : 70 Time : 3 hrs. UNIT - I Internal Marks : 30 Decision Support System : Overview, components and classification, steps in constructing a dss, role in business, group decision support system. UNIT - II Information...

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Questionnaire for Investment Trends

Questionnaire for Consumer Perception in Investment in ULIP and Mutual Fund Name- Age- Martial Status- No of Dependents- 1. Do you save? Yes No 2. What do you do with your savings? …......................................................................................................................................... 3. Current Value of your investment? ….................................................................................

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Risk Analysis on Investment Decision

Risk Analysis on Investment Decision Net present value, internal rate of return, and profitability index are measures used to compare two mutually exclusive capital investment proposals. "SAI wants to increase market share and keep up with technology, which can be done by either expanding their existing Digital Imaging market share or by entering the Wireless Communication market," (UoP, 2007). Both alternatives have areas of opportunity as well as potential risks that the company will have to...

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Investment Appraisal Essay Question

Investment Appraisal – Essay Question Q3) Using quantitative and qualitative information, suggest which school Felix and Holly should invest in. In the case study we are told that Felix and Holly are finding it hard to decide whether to invest in a soccer school or a netball school. They can use many different investment appraisal techniques which are both qualitative and quantitative in order to identify which investment would be most appropriate or worthwhile. They need to consider the level...

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Math - Investment Choices

Different Types of Investment Choices MAT 126 November 11, 2010 Different Types of Investment Choices According to the problem found in our textbook (Bluman,2005) I have a $1000 to invest with several different choices. These choices are a checking account, money market account, passbook savings account, and certificate of deposit. Through investigation I have found that these seemingly simple accounts are all alike, but are still different in the options that is offered per account. In order...

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Nike Case: an Investment Paper

Nike Case: An Investment Paper Time Context Nike generated $ 2.45 billion in operating income on revenues of $ 19 billion in the fiscal year ended in May 2009. However, its stock price has stagnated or became inactive for the last two years and its future sales and earnings are likely to be adversely affected by increased competition from both established firms (like Reebok and Adidas) and upstarts (such as Underarmour). This business problem made Nike to consider an expansion into the fashion...

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Big Investment in Small Hotel

Finance Assignment Big Investment in Small Hotel 1. Is it a good investment? If so why? What can change the investment from a good one to a bad one? There are different methods by which an investment can be evaluated. The method of choice would usually be the comparison of the Net Present Values of two investment opportunities as only the Net Present Values take into account the time value of money, the cash flow and cost of capital. Furthermore, the Net Present Value shows potential investors...

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Choosing the Right Security Investments

CHOOSING THE RIGHT SECURITY INVESTMENTS Page 1 Choosing the Right Security Investments and Awareness of All Available Options CHOOSING THE RIGHT SECURITY INVESTMENTS Page 2 Subject: Information of the different categories of security investments and the way of figuring out what security investment is right for you. 1) What kind of questions you must ask yourself before finalizing your decision of investing in a security? You must know why you are investing...

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India Ranked Best For Investment

India ranked best for investment In the profitability index, the country is way ahead of China, U.S. In the 2014 index, India was at the sixth position. A ranking of destinations for attractiveness to foreign investors has placed India at the top among 110 countries. China has secured the 65th position and the U.S. is at the 50th. In the 2014 index, India was at the sixth position and Hong Kong was number one. The ranking is based on an index for baseline profitability that assumes that three factors...

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Yale University Investment Fund

Finance 452: Investment Management Case: Yale University Investments Office Megan Hurley, Robert Liu, Aaron Nachman, David Naert, Erik Westerlund Case Intro: In August 2006 with David Swensen as head of the Yale Investments Office, the Yale endowment has grown to 18 billion dollars. This was achieved with the help of focusing on less efficient markets such as private equity, real assets, and absolute return investments. However,...

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Investment appraisal method

the wealth. Capital investment appraisal is the budgeting of major capital and investment to company expenditure which facilitates the determination of the concerned firm's investments. Doubtlessly, firms will benefit from modern financial technology. The most common ways of investment appraisal are payback, IRR and NPV methods; each of them has its own strengths and weaknesses from a perspective of decision making. In this essay, the background and methods of capital investment appraisal will be discussed...

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Investment Policy Statement

Investment Policy Statement For JOHN SMITH REVIEW: An Investment Policy Statement (IPS) serves as a blueprint for your investment strategy and lays the foundation for setting up your portfolio management process. We will follow the portfolio management process that will consist of: * Stating policy objectives and constraints, based on the client’s needs and expectations. * Individual five constraints: * Time * Tax * Liquidity * Regulatory ...

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Investment Behaviour Qustionnairs

CLIENT INVESTMENT BEHAVIOUR Questionnaire 1) Age 15-25 25-50 above 50 Why this age brackets? 2) Gender Male Female 3) How much your annual income?(annually) 150000-300000 300000-500000 above500000 Use tax brackets for this options 4) What is your occupation? Salaried Business House wife Student Professional...

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Foreign Portfolio Investment: Brazil

the benefits of foreign portfolio Investment, the advantages in investing internationally and lowering overall risk by diversifying in these markets. Secondly, we will take a look at the returns in investing in Brazilian securities and Brazil’s competitive and comparative advantages as the country of choice for our international venture. Finally, we will analyze Brazil’s cultural convergence and diversity. The recent surge in international portfolio investments reflects the globalization of financial...

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Busi640 Investment Detective

For the exclusive use of S. YAN UV0072 Version 2.2 THE INVESTMENT DETECTIVE The essence of capital budgeting and resource allocation is a search for good investments in which to place the firm’s capital. The process can be simple when viewed in purely mechanical terms, but a number of subtle issues can obscure the best investment choices. The capital-budgeting analyst, therefore, is necessarily a detective who must winnow bad evidence from good. Much of the challenge is in knowing what quantitative...

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The Investment Detective Case

Analysis Actually, we can rank the projects by simply inspecting the cash flows. However, it is not a good method to rank the projects. In order to ensure that the investment projects selected have the best chance of increasing the value of the firm, we need tools to evaluate the merits of individual projects and to rank competing investments. In this case, our group using some tools which are Payback Period, Net Present Value (NPV) , Profitability Index (PI), and Internal Rate of Return (IRR). We are...

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Sip - Systematic Investment Plan

The real rate of return is the inflation-adjusted return that one gets by putting money in investment products like bank fixed deposits, equity mutual funds , gold or real estate. For eg.,if i keep Rs 10,000 in an FD that gives 9% annual rate of interest, at the end of the year i will get Rs 10,900. But, if the rate of inflation during the same period was 10%,i.e., the rate of interest is lower than the rate of inflation, at the net basis I am losing 0.9%, i.e, my real rate of return is=1.09/1...

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Investment Declaration Sample Paper

INVESTMENT DECLARATION FORM FOR FY 2012-13 Exemption and Deduction u/s 10, 24 & 80 Of Income Tax Act, 1961 | |Employee ID |AD2C014 | |Employee Name |Avinash Kumar Pandey |No of School going|No of Hostel | | | ...

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Golden Years Investment Club

Description This case provides us an insight into the Golden Years Investment Club and the conflict of group members when a newcomer challenges the views and ideas of the group’s experienced founder. Lenn Width, the founder of the investment club, has recently invited David Korn, a young architect, to join the twenty-six-member group. Width and Korn have very opposing viewpoints when it comes to how to invest. Width has a very strict investment policy: “a stock must have been publicly traded for at least...

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Capital Investment Decisions

Capital Investment Decision Strayer University Graduate Accounting Capstone ACC-599 September 28, 2013 Professor: Dr. Mary Johnson Abstract The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, signed into legislation in July of 2010, by President Barack Obama, as a result of the financial crisis that began in 2008, which resulted in massive failure of large financial institutions, threatening the financial stability of the U.S., as well as the global economy...

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Various Investment Option

| Project Report On Investment Options And Mutual funds| | By: Pawan JhawarMahendra KumarGaurav Singh| Investment Options A number of investment options are available for Mr. Yuvaraj. However, each of them carries some risk. 1. Fixed Income Instruments – These instruments deliver a committed rate of return to the investor. Due to the rate of return being fixed, fixed income instruments are low risk options. a.Public Provident Fund – PPF[->0] is a government backed long term scheme...

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Investment and Market Risk Premium

Ameritrade management consider when evaluating the proposed advertising program and technology upgrades? Why? - They should see how revenues have changed after adopting the new ad program and technology upgrades - They need to see ROI for their investments over time 2. How can the Capital Asset Pricing Model be used to estimate the cost of capital (required return) for calculating the net present value of a project's cash flows? - it will help us determine the Cost of capital or discount rate which...

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