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  • Current Assets and Noncurrent Assets

    Current and Noncurrent Assets Paper Johnnie Kersh September 08‚ 2014 ACC/400 Kylene Smith What is an asset? An asset is an item that is owned by customers and businesses. It has an economic value that can be converted into cash and help repay debts. It also tells how much a business has in value. Accounts receivables‚ cash‚ and securities are some examples of assets. Assets are equal to the sum of liabilities‚ common stock‚ preferred stock‚ and retained earnings that

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  • Assets and Liabilities

    ASSETS & LIABILITIES Asset is an item of value owned by the company. Assets can be tangible i.e. those which have some physical existence or can be intangible i.e. which do not exist in physical form but can be held in the form of contracts or rights. Assets are usually grouped in order of liquidity (ease of conversion to cash) on the balance sheet. Cash is therefore the most liquid of all assets. Assets can be classified as: 1.) Current Assets – Those assets that are expected to be converted to

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  • Plant Asset

    Life University Chapter 4 Chapter Sections 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Cost of plant assets Lump sum purchase Capital expenditure and Revenue expenditure Depreciation method Partial year Depreciation Revise estimate of salvage value and useful life Disposal of plant assets Long Term Assets • Plant Assets • Natural Resource • Intangible Assets Plant Assets • • • • Possess physical substance. Used in operation and not for resale. Long-term in nature Examples:  Land  Land Improvement 

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  • Agricultural Assets

    A practical guide to accounting for agricultural assets November 2009 PricewaterhouseCoopers’ IFRS and corporate governance publications and tools 2009 IFRS technical publications Manual of accounting – IFRS 2010 Global guide to IFRS providing comprehensive practical guidance on how to prepare financial statements in accordance with IFRS. Includes hundreds of worked examples and extracts from company reports. The Manual is a three-volume set comprising: • Manual of accounting – IFRS

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  • Intangible Assets

    next generation of business if we can find the importance and growing of the Intangible assets in industry. The tremendous growth and the level of critical data‚ documents (either by email‚ fax‚ data transfer‚ cloud‚ or any channel of communication) and knowledge are the major area and by protecting them‚ we can get sustainable competitive advantage. For any organization its major concern that intellectual’ assets are well marked as per there risk level and properly managed. In this study paper I will

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  • Asset Management

    Strategic Asset Management Plan 2006 - 2011 Prepared by Director‚ Asset Management Services Approved by University Council 18 November 2005 Version 1.2 November 2005 University of Tasmania –Strategic Asset Management Plan 2006-11 Table of Contents Executive Summary 3 1 Introduction 5 1.1 Purpose of the Strategic Asset Management Plan ................................................... 5 1.2 Background ..............................................................................

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  • Asset Irregularities

    Substantive Procedures for Asset Irregularities Student Name ACC 556 September 17‚ 2012 Instructor Name Introduction The following will outline the procedures and steps necessary to detect irregularities that can occur in the accounts receivable‚ inventory and fixed assets of Apollo Shoes. The flowcharts will show how the use of internal controls is integral to the overall success of the organization. In the accounts receivable‚ the sales and billing processes are an area that would require

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  • Current Assets vs. Non Current Assets

    Current Assets vs. Non Current Assets Current assets are listed on the balance sheets in accounting. The total of all the cash that you have in your business or account is your current assets on your balance sheet. These assets include the following: cash‚ accounts receivables‚‚ inventory‚ marketable securities‚ prepaid expenses‚ and anything else that you can think of that could be convert to cash in less than a year. When a company goes bankrupt the assets of a company are important because

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  • Intangible Assets

    Intangible assets derive their value from the right (claim) to receive cash in the future. 2. All research phase and development phase costs are expensed as incurred. 3. Research phase costs are capitalized as an intangible asset once economic viability. 4. Companies are required to assess the estimated useful life and salvage value of intangible assets at least annually. 5. Impairment testing is conducted annually for both limited–life and indefinite-life intangible assets. 6. Amortization

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  • Intangible Asset

    to examine several issues when dealing with intangible assets. By means secondary research‚ relevant evidence from many sources was selected‚ evaluated and organized into three main points‚ which are research and development cost‚ brand valuation and the risk of intangible asset in financial statement in relation with market and book value. The evidence includes statistical data and expert opinion. The research results that intangible assets give a significant impact to the company if they are not

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