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“PRO FORMA INVOICE” SUBMITTED BY RISHI MEHTA - GF 78 INDEX Sr No | Chapter Name | Page No | 1. | Introduction: Meaning and Definition. | 3 | 2. | Need for Pro Forma Invoice | 4 | 3. | Pro Forma Invoice check list | 5 | 4. | Steps in preparing Pro Forma Invoice | 6 | 5. | Importance of Pro Forma Invoice in International business | 7 | 6. | Sample Pro Forma Invoice | 8 | 7. | Bibliography | 9 | INTRODUCTION MEANING AND DEFINATION: An abridged or estimated invoice sent by...

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Proforma Invoice Price

in Purchase Book. (b) Prepare a trading and Profit Loss A/C and a Balance Sheet with the help of imaginary figures. (10+10) 3. (a) A of Ahmedabad consigned goods to B of Mumbai for sale at proforma invoice price or above. B is entitled to a commission on sale at 5% on proforma invoice price and 25% of any surplus price realized. Goods consigned by A to B during the year 2012, costs A Rs. 20,900 and invoiced at Rs. 28,400. A paid Rs. 1,045 as freight and received Rs. 15,000 as advance...

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Acquisition Payment Cycle

consistent with the best interests of the client. | | | | 2. | Purchase requisition, purchase order, receiving report, and vendor’s invoice are attached to the voucher.Acquisitions are approved at the proper level.Computer accepts entry of purchases only from authorized vendors in the vendor master file.Documents are cancelled to prevent their reuse.Vendor’s invoices, receiving reports, purchase orders, and purchase requisitions are internally verified. | Examine documents in voucher package for existence...

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Packing Slip details to Simon Lee Team distribute the same to FORD 6. AR Invoices (Recievables) Based on the Shipment generated above, system will perform Auto Invoices to generate the Customer Invoices in our receivables modules But we are not sending this invoices to FORD (This is for internally purpose only) 7. AP Invoices (Payables) Based on the materials entered from step 4 (receipts) Vendor will send us the Invoices to be entered in AP 8. AP Payments (Payables) The Vendor Payments...

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Billing Paper

for any transaction without affecting the productivity of the company.  Sick and tired of making invoices manually in Excel or Word? So you want to find a system or a tool that is going to help you create invoices online? Now is definitely the time to get out of the 90’s and move your businesses billing into the 21st century. Most small business owners and freelancers are used to manually making invoices. But most of us are all too aware of the downside of manual invoicing: * Time consuming: Manual...

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Preventing Over Due Accounts

you begin doing business with someone, make sure you stamp your invoices with the date that payment is due to you. Don't rely on the customer to look at the invoice date and add 30 days -- or whatever your payment terms are -- to determine the pay date. 3. Offer discounts for early payment and add interest to late payments. A typical discount is two percent to three percent off the total if the bill is paid within 10 days of the invoice date. The maximum amount of interest that can be charged varies...

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Auditing the Revenue Process

the deal. 4. Bill and hold sales: ship goods to warehouse until customer able to receive shipment Document & Report 1. Sales order 2. Credit approval form 3. Shipping document 4. Open-order report: orders have not been fulfilled满足 5. Sales invoice: 用于bill customer 6. Sales journal: record sales 7. Customer statement: mail to customer contains detail of goods 8. A/R subsidiary ledger: ledger contains detail of transaction for each customer 9. Aged trail balance of A/R: summarize all customer...

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Warehouse Case Study

Outward date, No. Of Days in storage ,Amount of Insurance,Storage charge / day / pallet,Total storage charge, Amount Received from customer, Amount Pending ,Balance Warehouse Capacity | 6 | Invoice | ILF | Account Register ( Customer Register, Item Register, Warehouse Register, Value Register) | Invoice No, Customer Name, Customer Address, Item Discription, Item stored in no. of Pallates,Value of Item,Item inward date, Item Outward date, No. Of Days in storage ,Storage charge / day / pallet,Total...

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hnd accounts

for VAT Tax Invoice and Tax Point When accounting for VAT it is necessary to understand what is meant by the terms “Tax Invoice” and “Tax Point”. A “Tax Invoice” is a bill containing VAT provided by a taxable person to another taxable person. A tax invoice must show the below: • The suppliers name, address and VAT registration number. • Customers name and address • Transaction description and goods/services supplied • Date of Issue • Tax point (explanation below) • Invoice number • Rate...

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Sample Proposal

documentation for mandatory financial audits. b) Overall goals of the system The overall goals of the system are to keep track of clients, their dependants, billable items, invoices, and payments. c) Scope of the project IN-Scope: SAMS will include only clients and their dependents, service charges, invoices, payments, and reports. OUT-Scope: SAMS will not include other office-related activities such as purchasing office supplies, salaries of accountants, office expenses, or other...

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