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“PRO FORMA INVOICE” SUBMITTED BY RISHI MEHTA - GF 78 INDEX Sr No | Chapter Name | Page No | 1. | Introduction: Meaning and Definition. | 3 | 2. | Need for Pro Forma Invoice | 4 | 3. | Pro Forma Invoice check list | 5 | 4. | Steps in preparing Pro Forma Invoice | 6 | 5. | Importance of Pro Forma Invoice in International business | 7 | 6. | Sample Pro Forma Invoice | 8 | 7. | Bibliography | 9 | INTRODUCTION MEANING AND DEFINATION: An abridged or estimated invoice sent by...

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Proforma Invoice Price

in Purchase Book. (b) Prepare a trading and Profit Loss A/C and a Balance Sheet with the help of imaginary figures. (10+10) 3. (a) A of Ahmedabad consigned goods to B of Mumbai for sale at proforma invoice price or above. B is entitled to a commission on sale at 5% on proforma invoice price and 25% of any surplus price realized. Goods consigned by A to B during the year 2012, costs A Rs. 20,900 and invoiced at Rs. 28,400. A paid Rs. 1,045 as freight and received Rs. 15,000 as advance...

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Audit: Invoice and Balance Sheet Date

QUESTION 16.25 (page 500). The following are audit procedures in the sales and collection cycle : 1. Examine a sample of shipping documents to determine whether each has a sales invoice number included on it. 2. Discuss with the sales manager whether any sales allowances have been granted after the balance sheet date that may apply to the current period. 3. Add the columns on the aged trial balance and compare the total with the general ledger. 4. Observe whether the controller...

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Acquisition Payment Cycle

consistent with the best interests of the client. | | | | 2. | Purchase requisition, purchase order, receiving report, and vendor’s invoice are attached to the voucher.Acquisitions are approved at the proper level.Computer accepts entry of purchases only from authorized vendors in the vendor master file.Documents are cancelled to prevent their reuse.Vendor’s invoices, receiving reports, purchase orders, and purchase requisitions are internally verified. | Examine documents in voucher package for existence...

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Packing Slip details to Simon Lee Team distribute the same to FORD 6. AR Invoices (Recievables) Based on the Shipment generated above, system will perform Auto Invoices to generate the Customer Invoices in our receivables modules But we are not sending this invoices to FORD (This is for internally purpose only) 7. AP Invoices (Payables) Based on the materials entered from step 4 (receipts) Vendor will send us the Invoices to be entered in AP 8. AP Payments (Payables) The Vendor Payments...

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System Flowchart

you the brochure. You are now ready to pick your order. After that, go to the encoder and give your order. The encoder will now encode what you have ordered. Then, when the encoder finished encoding, go to the printing area and wait for the sales invoice to be printed out. Upon getting it, sign it and give it to the staff in charge. Lastly, the original copy will be given to you together with the goods you have purchased. That is the end of your transaction. Context Diagram Staff-in-charge ...

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Great Western Bank

manager of the bank designated a particular carrier (yellow freight) and Data Max returned the signed acknowledgement without making any changes to the terms and conditions. Great Western Bank paid the invoice in full on the order completion to avail 2% discount. The Bank did check the invoice but did not pay attention on the shipping details since they assumed that Data Max will ship machines through Yellow Freight. The order was shipped by a different shipping company than what Data Max designated...

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Auditing the Revenue Process

the deal. 4. Bill and hold sales: ship goods to warehouse until customer able to receive shipment Document & Report 1. Sales order 2. Credit approval form 3. Shipping document 4. Open-order report: orders have not been fulfilled满足 5. Sales invoice: 用于bill customer 6. Sales journal: record sales 7. Customer statement: mail to customer contains detail of goods 8. A/R subsidiary ledger: ledger contains detail of transaction for each customer 9. Aged trail balance of A/R: summarize all customer...

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Methods of Communication

reveals information and news about the companies to clients. The recipients of this method are clients or people interested in finding out, gathering information and carrying out research about the companies online. It’s accessible and easy. Invoice Invoices are bills that include information concerning the prices and amount of products, a description and contact details. These are usually worked on and saved on computers. Organizations use this method, particularly suppliers and sellers to send...

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pool Approve PO Manually create Accept Receive against PO Revise Control Match invoices against PO Maintain documents Creation of Purchase Order Purchase order details displayed Procurement Process (cont..) 6. Purchase order monitoring – The buyer can monitor the processing status of the purchase order at any time online. The buyer can, for example, determine whether goods or an invoice have been received for the corresponding purchase order item. – The system also supports...

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Engagement Letter

complete the tasks required as between the parties. We will issue you with an invoice for services rendered on a monthly basis enabling you to track all costs incurred. Our bookkeeping fees are: Bookkeeping Hourly Rate $45.00 per hour (Note: All Bookkeeping Fees will be reviewed on an Annual Basis to ensure feasibility of the work) Terms of Payment All invoices must be paid within 14 days of the date of invoice. I reserve the right to stop work if you fail to make any payment when and as...

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Credit Note

Financial regulation[show] Standards[show] Economic history[show] v t e A credit note or credit memorandum (memo) is a commercial document issued by a seller to a buyer. The seller usually issues a credit memo for the same or lower amount than the invoice, and then repays the money to the buyer or sets it off against a balance due from other transactions. It can also be a document from a bank to a depositor to indicate the depositor's balance is being in event (what does this mean "is being in event"...

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hnd accounts

for VAT Tax Invoice and Tax Point When accounting for VAT it is necessary to understand what is meant by the terms “Tax Invoice” and “Tax Point”. A “Tax Invoice” is a bill containing VAT provided by a taxable person to another taxable person. A tax invoice must show the below: • The suppliers name, address and VAT registration number. • Customers name and address • Transaction description and goods/services supplied • Date of Issue • Tax point (explanation below) • Invoice number • Rate...

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Account Payable

transactions. Main Job Tasks and Responsibilities ▪ review invoices and check requests ▪ sort and match invoices and check requests ▪ set invoices up for payment ▪ process check requests ▪ prepare and process accounts payable checks, wire transfers and ACH payments ▪ reconciliation of payments ▪ prepare analysis of accounts ▪ monitor accounts to ensure payments are up to date ▪ resolve invoice discrepancies ▪ vendor file maintenance ▪ correspond...

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P1 Identifying the Documents Used to Record Business Transactions

Sending a purchase order to a supplier is a legal offer to buy products or services. If the seller agrees to selling to the buyer it forms a contract between the two. It should include: * The order number, so it can be traced and matched with invoices and statements * The purchasers name and address which is usually across the middle of the document * The price * The name and address of the supplier * The catalogue/reference number * Authorisation i.e. signature and date ...

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Sample Proposal

documentation for mandatory financial audits. b) Overall goals of the system The overall goals of the system are to keep track of clients, their dependants, billable items, invoices, and payments. c) Scope of the project IN-Scope: SAMS will include only clients and their dependents, service charges, invoices, payments, and reports. OUT-Scope: SAMS will not include other office-related activities such as purchasing office supplies, salaries of accountants, office expenses, or other...

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Acc 403 Week 8 Homework

Audit Objective(s) | C. Substantive Test | Substantive Test of Transactions | Accuracy | N/A | Substantive Test of Transactions | Posting and summarization | N?A | Test of Control | Accuracy | Compare unit selling prices on duplicate sales invoices to the approved price list. | Test of Control | Classification | Examine a sample of sales transactions to determine if each one is correctly classified in the sales journal. | Substantive Test of Transactions | Completeness, Accuracy, Timing...

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Btec It Level 2

situation | | 2 | | | 2.2 | Complete a purchase order form accurately | | 2 | | | 2.3 | Receive the supplies and delivery notes | | 2 | | | 2.4 | Receive the invoice from the suppliers | | 2 | | | 2.5 | Make out the cheque to pay the invoice | | 2 | | | 2.6 | Receive the supplier’s receipt for payment of the invoice | | 2 | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | Learner declaration | I certify that the work submitted for this assignment is my own...

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Ajax Bhd

a. Identify each weakness in the internal controls in the new computerized system and each weakness or inefficiency in the procedures for processing and controlling delivery orders and sales invoices. Weaknesses in Internal Controls The first weakness in internal controls is related to the computerized function which included shipping, billing and accounts receivable are permanently assigned to a specific computer operator. Such arrangement showed the poor data center and network operations controls...

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Bradmarks Case

customer record and reviews the available credit before creating a Sales Invoice record. For customers with insufficient available credit, the clerk submits the order to the credit manager for approval. If granted, the credit manager verbally authorizes the clerk to increase the customer’s line of credit accordingly. For approved sales, a record is added to the Sales Invoice file. The system automatically assigns an Invoice Number, which is the primary key for the record. The clerk manually enters...

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product number. For the Jaysberg_Sales_Trans, the most important column to check for duplicates was the invoice number, and shipping document number. I wanted to make sure a sale wasn’t recorded twice, or an item was shipped twice. For the Jaysberg_Sales_Return, I ran a duplicates test on the credit memo number and invoice number to make sure a credit wasn’t issued twice for the same invoice. I also threw in some other variables for good measure to see if it led to an unexpected discovery. Duplicates...

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A Business Documents Portfolio

......... 2 * Credit Note................................................................................. 3 * Debit Note.................................................................................. 4 * Proforma Invoice....................................................................... 5 * Purchase Requisition.................................................................. 6 * Receipt.......................................................

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Request for Payment

In the terms and conditions of our sales agreement … is clearly stated, that you have to sent ..payment within thirty days of receipt of invoice. Our company is known for their patience and good handling with customers. I have already sent you two reminders, first four weeks after overdue and another four weeks after that. Feel free to check enclosed invoice and copies of the previous reminders. Now the acount is more than eight weeks overdue and I am asking you politely to set the things straight...

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Speech Importance of Education and Ways to Implements It

EXPERIENCE:- * PRIME PHARMACHEM Job title: Executive Accounts (July 09 – til date) Profile: * Prepared Sales Invoice & Maintained Stock record on daily basis. * Preparing & reviewing various books of accounts. * Managing Accounts Payable & Receivable functions. * Responsible for Invoice generation, Debtors Reconciliation & age wise reports. * Responsible for Vendor Bills checking, booking, Payment processing & reconciliation...

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Practical Business Math Procedures Chapter 7 Challenge Problems and Summary Practice Set

– Discount = $16495.00 – [$16495.00 x (1%)] = $16495.00 – $164.95 = $16330.05 final dealer price e. Total Savings = Rebate + 15day discount = ($1500.00 rebate) + ($164.95 15day discount) = $1,664.95 total savings 7-50 V. Given d) Invoice dated March 28 received March 30 e) 50 TV x $125.00 f) 10/4/2 chain discount g) FOB shipping point = $70 h) 2/10 EOM (April) i) 3 defective items (50 – 3 = 47) j) April 8  $150.00 partial payment k) Payment of full on May 6 VI. Unknown a...

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Pareto Analysis

breakthrough improvement team to look into rework costs and inefficiencies in the company’s invoicing process. Our breakthrough improvement team consists of representatives from the groups that provide the billing information and the groups that process the invoices. At our first meeting, we listed the major steps involved in the process and began constructing a flow diagram. Next, we looked at each step and began detailing the kinds of problems that are detected there. Finally, we listed specific activities...

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Audit 13 & 14

vendor’s invoices to verify the ending balance in accounts payable. a. Test of details of balances b. Documentation 5. Compare the balance in payroll tax expense with previous years. The comparison takes the increase in payroll tax rates into account. a. Analytical procedure b. Analytical procedures 6. Examine the internal auditor’s initials on monthly bank reconciliations as an indication of whether they have been reviewed. a. Test of control b. Documentation 7. Examine vendors’ invoices and...

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Accounting System 204

transform to cash, still must have permission from finance manager so there will be more responsibility in activities. c. A cashier prepared a fictitious invoice from a company using his brother-in law’s name. He sent an electronic payment for the invoice to his brother in law. Violation: Cashier is not have a right to make an invoice, the invoice must be prepared by A/P staff, and the cashier cannot make a payment before they got the assignment from the finance manager, there is no clear job description...

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Pinnacle: Accounts Receivable and Master File

payable monthly master file to the general ledger. | Acquisitions Substantive Tests of Transactions Objectives | Audit Procedure | Test of Transaction | Occurrence | Examine invoices, receiving reports, purchase orders, and purchase requisitions for initials of accounts payable clerk | Examine select invoices, receiving reports, purchase orders and purchase requisitions for accuracy and proper verification | Completeness | Account for the sequence of purchase orders, receiving reports and...

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Acquistion and Payment Cycle

vouchers. 4.) Trace receiving reports to the inventory journal. 5.) Trace vendors’ invoices to the accounts payable master file. Audit Objective: Recorded acquisition transactions are accurate. 1.) Examine indication of approval. 2.) Compare recorded transactions in the inventory journals with the voucher package and other supporting documentation. 3.) Recalculate the clerical accuracy on the vendors’ invoices. Audit Objective: Acquisitions transactions are properly classified. 1.) Examine...

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suspects that this type of defalcation is possible, what type of audit procedures can he or she use to test this possibility? The auditor can review who handles the receiving and preparing customer orders, approving of credit, preparing customer invoice, preparing accounts receivable aged trial balance and if the same person is doing all these duties then the auditor will be able to determine if cash is being stolen. 10-6 What are the two major controls for sales returns and allowances transactions...

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Importing Textile

Samples: Garment is not marked or mutilated . 2. Mutilated Samples: Garment is stamped “SAMPLE” on the outside or the garment has been cut/torn. 1. NON-MUTILATED GARMENT SAMPLES The invoice must include a complete description of the garment (see “Invoice Descriptions for Apparel” in this section). Generic invoice descriptions (e.g., ladies garment, mock-up, men’s apparel) are NOT ACCEPTABLE. Visas must be obtained where necessary 2. MUTILATED GARMENT SAMPLES In order for items to be admitted...

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System Study of New Zealand Creamery, Inc.

limiting some of its functions that should be available by now in different programming engines; uses MS Access as database and can only run on windows XP, and generally, its lacks functions; Since it was mainly made only for the input and output of invoices, other functions such as payrolls and loading are still made manually. Data integrity – The system, as stated above, uses only access as a database, it’s easily accessible in or out of the system, easy to delete, edit; and lacks routine backups...

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telephones number Yes, detailed record if any Customer Problem’s Record No Yes Sales Record Yes, paper based of the Yes, whole sales records copy sales invoice Service Record Yes, limited to the present Yes, whole service records day Purchase Record Paper based (Purchase Paper based and computer Invoice) based (Purchase orders’ data recorded to the system) Product Inventory Quantity No Yes Tracking Information to restock the Manually product counting ...

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NVW Unit 323

been received, an invoice will follow shortly after. I then send the invoice to our accounts payable team, who put it in a system we use to process invoices. Once this has been submitted into my P2P queue (the system used for processing invoices), I am then required to fill out additional information like which cost centre should be charged, what the invoice is for (e.g. rent / training etc) and which country it is for (always U.K.). I am then required to forward the invoice for approval from...

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Management Information System

information from the database by evaluation of its contents and taking corresponding action required from the results of the evaluation. It was stated in the case that the company would like to design a database that will allow them to generate an invoice for each sale, a monthly account for each client and a full inventory of raw materials and finished breading, which is exactly what the information database will provide them once they start using the system. As discussed in brief at the introductory...

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/ Final Invoice Miss Meesha Hughes 1 Sydney Street Gloucester Gloucestershire GL1 4DB Booking Ref: Lead Name: Date of Travel: Issue Date: Pre Departure Contact: J1051312 Miss Meesha Hughes Fri 22 Nov 2013 Wed 3 Jul 2013 0844 871 6633 FINAL PAYMENT DATE Friday 22nd November 2013 to Sunday 24th November 2013 13th September 2013 Dear Miss Hughes Thank you for making your booking. This document is your booking confirmation and final invoice. This replaces any previous invoice that you...

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ACC 422 Week 2 WileyPLUS Assignment

29 and arrived in January. The invoice arrived and was recorded on December 31. 3.   Included in inventory is merchandise sold to Bubbey on December 30, f.o.b. destination. This merchandise was shipped after it was counted. The invoice was prepared and recorded as a sale on account for $18,970 on December 31. The merchandise cost $10,893, and Bubbey received it on January 3. 4.   Included in inventory was merchandise received from Dudley on December 31 with an invoice price of $23,164. The merchandise...

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Internship in Accounting Department Fin

The staff that is responsible for managing the account payable is responsible to check the paperwork which has been approved by the accounting officer then make the payment through Bank Transfer or Bank Check or Cash and getting the necessary invoice and signatures. Also the account payable staff is making sure to make the payment at due date without any delay in order to have the services continues without any interruption or penalty calm. The Cashier is responsible for managing the cash (treasure)...

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Periodic Report

suppliers. These packing lists that I’ve prepared will be under the company’s name, so our customers will not know who supplies the product they need and get it directly from them, hence allowing us to earn. Then, I have to send documents which includes invoices needed, packing lists which I had created previously and either Bill of Lading or Airway Bill through the DHL website. After which, it will be picked up by a DHL personnel. I will create a Certificate of Origin (C/O) whenever there is shipment...

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Inventory Management System (Ims)

Purchase orders by Vendor or Item | Sales Management | * Quotation & Quote expiration manager * Management of Sales Orders and/or Invoices * Clone Sales Orders and or Quotes * Combine multiple Sales Orders under one project using the Sales Project Manager * On-Hold Sales Order Manager * Invoice 1. Invoice from an existing Quote 2. Invoice from an existing Sales order * Warranty Tracking * Serial Number Tracking | Shipping and Receiving Management | * Packing Slips...

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Mis Wintergear Case Study

MIS 2301 Winter Gear Distribution Case Study wPlaces order Confirm order and delivery date, issues invoice confirms invoice fulfills order and ships goods follow up delivery conditions met, and payment received wPlaces order Confirm order and delivery date, issues invoice confirms invoice fulfills order and ships goods follow up delivery conditions met, and payment received Winter Gear Distribution Winter Gear Distribution FastFit FastFit 1. WGB WGB FastFit ...

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Craiglockhart Council Auditing

(Millichamp and Taylor, 2008). These control weaknesses are detailed below along with the resulting potential for irregularities in the system. Failure to file cash invoices in numeric or date order makes it easy to “misfile” them and they could potentially be lost leading to bad debt write off. Failure to use a carbon copy process, if the invoices are raised manually, also exposes the council to risk of error because there is no guarantee the copy is an exact duplicate. Failure to provide a receipt on...

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Accountancy Intenship report

in Transit, Invoice in Transit, Invoice in Aging but not Statement and Price Discrepancies. Besides that, also on the following up on the status of suppliers on long outstanding invoices and Credit Notes. Account Payable – F&B The purpose of importing of all F&B invoices into the GPS System is to record all invoices for future payment by Suntec Singapore. All F&B are ordered by kitchen for event usage such as Banquet Dinner, Lunch Reception, Cocktail, etc. Casting of invoices by daily batch...

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Accounts Receivable and Check Voucher No.

of the Phils. July 26 Purchased various store supplies on account from Gaisano Metro, P 10,000 as per Charged Sales Invoice No. 05913. VAT is 12%. GJ Store Supplies Inventory 10,000 Input Tax 1,200 Accounts Payable 11,200 Purchased store supplies on account Aug. 8 Purchased merchandise on account, P180,000 plus 12% VAT from Manila Car Corp. as per Charged Invoice No. 08432. Terms: 2/10, n/30 PJ Purchases 180,000 Input Tax 21,600 Accounts Payable 201,600 Merchandise...

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Internal Control and Risk Evaluation

incorporate a matching invoice system where the purchase orders are required to match the receiving information. The matching system allows the purchase order to precede the arrival of the vendor’s invoice therefore allowing the accounts payable department to have both receiving information and purchasing information when the invoice arrives. Incorporating a matching procedure helps ensure that the invoice for goods or services has been received and the amount of the invoice is authorized via purchase...

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Recording Transaction

account from Jason Ltd, invoice 207, $2400, terms 2/10, n/30. 8 Purchased merchandise on account from Ross Ltd, invoice 878, $1680, terms 2/10, n/30. 10 Sold merchandise on account to E. Mears, invoice 226, $4560. 16 Sold merchandise on account to Benz Ltd, invoice 227, $3960. 19 Purchased merchandise on account from J Harley, invoice 828, $1160, terms 2/10, n/30. 26 Sold merchandise on account to A. Alberts, invoice 228, $3120. 29 Sold merchandise on account to Benz Ltd, invoice 229, $2400. Required: ...

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The delima

Manual sales invoices were no pre-numbered Implication Current recommendation Future Recommendation It is time consuming if they want to refer to the specific customers’ details, credit term, amount due to DESB Request for the debtors that still have outstanding amount to the company to make payment within the specific time, 2 months, by giving 10% discount for those who made the payment during the first month. Give manual numbering to the Sales invoices Assign...

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Oga Moga

account and a credit to the Accounts Payable account. A) True B) False 4. A subsidiary ledger containing only creditors’ accounts is called the accounts payable ledger. A) True B) False 5. Fast Lane Automotive received merchandise that had an invoice value of $6,500. The journal entry to record the receipt of these goods is A) debit Purchases $6,500 and credit Accounts Payable $6,500. B) debit Purchases $6,500 and credit Supplies $6,500. C) debit Accounts Payable $6,500 and credit Cash $6,500...

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Blozis Company

or her responsibility. Lack of control over supply chain process • The materials are improperly received at the receiving dock. • Operations personnel as well as production personnel are not notified when materials are received and invoices or when invoices are paid late. • The Supply Department cutting Purchase Orders for shipments after they have been received – too late to negotiate price or other terms and conditions. Culture and attitude The president likes to operate “informally”...

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A E Bridal Case

the shipping document is sent to billing and the other is sent with the goods to the customer. An invoice is created by the billing department using MS Word once shipping sends them a copy of the completed order and the shipping document. The billing department takes a copy of the invoice, sends it to accounting and then sends the original invoice to the customer. Accounting then uses the copied invoice to post to sales and receivables in the sales journal (transactional file) and the AR subledger...

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Accounts Receivable and Tutor Marked Assignment

Jaipur to be sold at or above invoice price. B is entitled to get a commission of 8% on sales at invoice price plus 25% of any surplus price realized. B accepted a bill of exchange drawn by A amounting to 50% of the invoice price. In the year 2010 goods consigned by A were invoiced at Rs. 2,50,000. These goods cost to A Rs. 2,00,000 (including freight). Sales made by B during the year amounted to Rs. 2,35,000. At the end of the year, goods unsold with B represented an invoice value of Rs. 60,000. During...

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group test answer

10, 2014 Problem 1 Below are selected transactions of Blackbird Ltd. for 2014: 1. On May 10, the company purchased goods from Jay Corp. for $60,000, terms 2/10, n/30. Purchases and accounts payable are recorded at gross amounts. The invoice was paid on May 18. (Use the gross method.) 2. Assume the same information as in (1) above, except that the company uses the ‘net method’, and payment was made on May 25. 3. On June 1, the company purchased equipment for $180,000 from Seagull Ltd...

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Peachtree 2010 Essay

function which allows you the capability for a larger set up, without sacrificing speed or functionality. The Peachtree complete accounting systems ability to make changes in inventory while, at the same time keep track of expense tickets and sales invoices with speed and stability makes it the ideal system for small businesses that have plans to expand or for start-ups. The cost benefits of using Peachtree accounting software are simply impressive. You will actually save time, energy, and money...

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ACL Tutorial 1 Solution

recommendation would you make to develop a field for hash control total? Answer: TOTAL command: Invoice Amount plus one of the other number fields. The total of Invoice_Amount is: $278,641.33 The total of Quantity is: 37,107 The total of Unit_Cost is: 1,522.29 I recommend changing Invoice Number to a number field (vs. string) if possible. 2. Run PROFILE on the file, Invoice Amount. Can you determine if there are any negative transactions? Explain. Answer: There are...

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5.1 System Overview the Researchers Are Responsible in Understanding Creating a System for Vc. Planning to Take Vc Online Billing System as the Center of Our Study.

to generate invoices, sending invoices to the customer, and collecting payments received from the customer. . The billing system should provide service to the user, collect user usage records, and generate invoices, each billing cycle depends on the billing type, collect payments and adjust customers' balances as in the following figure. System parts We can divide the system into seven parts as in the following figure: 1. Services 2. Accounts 3. Ratings 4. Invoices and payments ...

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of Sales Invoice, encoded the price materials, and filed the Purchase Order (P.O), filed Technical Crew for Daily Monitoring form, logged the work Accomplishment of InterSERVE, and submitted of Billing Statements to different Department. Week 2 For this week, we Photocopied documents for transmittal, transmitted the service contract, sorted the files, Submitted Billing Statements to different Departments, sorted of work accomplishment for interserve, logged Sales Invoice, and assist...

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organizations and government agencies maximize their corporate information in their database using best in breed, best in class Business Intelligence software solutions. The Accounts Receivable/Payable will be responsible for entering customer and vendor invoices, Reconciling vendor and customer’s statements, running checks, preparing bank deposits and Verifying posting of accounts. Duties & Responsibilities: US Payroll and Vendor Management Process: * Responsible for conducting research...

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Comparison of Peachtree and Microsoft Dynamics Gp

showing the liker scale grade and explanation. | Peachtree | Microsoft Dynamics | General Ledger: | | | Adding new account/account# | 5 | 3 | Entering transactions | 4 | 4 | Adding vendors/customers | 4 | 4 | Entering invoices/purchases | 5 | 5 | Entering receipts/payments | 5 | 4 | Entering Payroll | 5 | N/A | The first comparisons between the two programs are general ledger functions and typical tasks. When a user creates a new company in Peachtree and...

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restaurant. These include taking orders, processing payments and producing management reports. Orders are taken from the customers which is then passed to kitchen staffs where they prepare and deliver the ordered foods to the customers. After that an invoice is prepared on the ordered food for which customers make the payments. Finally daily sales and inventory is updated to produce management reports. The figure below shows a context diagram of the restaurant showing the whole system: pg. 2 SYSTEM...

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