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Microsoft Excel

address: sasmith@uh.edu Website: www.bauer.uh.edu/ssmith (access directly or thru Blackboard Learn) Dept. Fax: (713) 743-4940 Required Text: The UH Customized Version of Essentials of Modern Business Statistics (With Microsoft Excel), 5th edition, by Anderson, Sweeney, and Williams. Grading Scale: 90 and up A 62-64.9999 D+ 85-89.9999 A- 58-61.9999 D 82-84.9999 B+ 55-57.9999 D- 78-81.9999 B 54.9999 and below F 75-77.9999 B- 72-74.9999 C+ 68-71.9999 C ...

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Excel Assignment 1

------------------------------------------------- Excel Assignment #1 Exercise 1: Student Grade Book (expected time – less than 45 minutes) Please download the spreadsheet Excel Assignment 1.xlsx from Blackboard. Click on worksheet E1 (you may be in Worksheet E1 by default). This spreadsheet keeps track of students’ grades. There are two exams – Exams 1 and Exam 2. Please do the following: (a) Find the total weighted score for the semester based on Exam 1 and Exam 2 and their respective weights...

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EXCEL SOLVER TUTORIAL Many firms face the problem of how to best use multiple scarce resources. Linear programming is designed to help find the product mix that maximizes profits in the short run when multiple constraints exist. While linear programming can be solved as a mathematical problem using pencil and paper, it is much more efficient to use Excel Solver. The key to using Excel Solver is to make certain you have modeled the problem correctly and then interpreted the results appropriately...

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penn foster microsoft excel

Student ID: 21709822 Exam: 038229RR - Microsoft Excel When you have completed your exam and reviewed your answers, click Submit Exam. Answers will not be recorded until you hit Submit Exam. If you need to exit before completing the exam, click Cancel Exam. Questions 1 to 20: Select the best answer to each question. Note that a question and its answers may be split across a page break, so be sure that you have seen the entire question and all the answers before choosing an answer. 1. The order of...

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Financial Modeling

1. Explain ‘Free cash flow’. Comment on its significance in business   valuation.   2. Illustrate the ‘VLookup’ function. Explain its importance.   3. Explain ‘Pivot tables’ in excel & state their value in   multi-dimensional analysis.   4. Explain ‘Options’ trading. State their significance in modern day   trading.   5. Comment on the business models of private equity funds.   6. Comment on valuation of ‘distressed companies’.   7. Illustrate with an example any three capital...

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Persuasive Speech

 Cynthia Lyons  3440 64th Avenue Place, Apt: 4  Phone: (510) 789-6414  Oakland, CA 94605  Email: cynthlyons@yahoo.com  OBJECTIVE: Administrative & Financial Support Specialist  HIGHLIGHTS & QUALIFICATIONS:  MICROSOFT OFFICE (WORD, EXCEL) * 10 KEY (12,000 KPH) * TYPES: 65WPM *  GENERAL ACCOUNTING/LEDGER * GENERAL HUMAN RESOURCE * ACCOUNTS  PAYABLE/RECEIVABLE * INTERNET SAVVY * HEAVY SCHEDULING * MULTI-LINE PHONE  * HEAVY DATA ENTRY * FINANCIAL REPORTING (FISCAL & ANNUAL)  ...

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Bus/320 Individual Week 2

through Microsoft Excel software. Every product that is being categorized can be easily documented in Excel. There are some advantages and disadvantages for using Excel for storing information. First of all, Excel is really portable and can be easily sent over e-mail and can be synchronized to PDAs such as iPhone. Additionally, it can be password protected for extra security; a password can be easily created by any user directly through Excel. When we consider the disadvantages of Excel, we observe...

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Piramik Bottleneck

unproductive time. 3. To cut down excess cost on doing the whole manufacturing-printing procedure. OPTIONS 1. To install the ERP system. 2. To make as many plates as required for a particular printing job (No extras) 3. To use a software such as Excel and store the plates company wise. EVALUATION OF OPTIONS 1. TO INSTALL THE ERP SYSTEM Pros: -Comprehensive coverage of data from almost all business activities hence the registry of used plates can be systematic. -Systematic registry of plates...

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Example of a Company Recruitment Program

_________________________________ Your Position in this company Welcome to Planet Green Solutions, As a new Green Homes Assessor to Planet Green you will be given a range of responsibilities, most of these are as simple as entering data into an excel spread sheet, some as important as entering peoples homes an being the face of this company. As a Green Home Assessor you will be expected to produce up to 5 bookings a day. As some of these bookings will fall through most likely you will be assessing...

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on- the- job training at Israel

November 22(Friday)- harvest Nova Again( Hagai Farm) November 24(Sunday)- back to Guy's Farm, we harvested santina November 25(MOnday)- The same November 26(Tuesday)- 4th Day of classes in Agro Studies at Kefar Silver, they teach us how to work with Excel November 27-28(Wednesday)-harvest santina again in Guy's farm November 28-29(Thurs. @ Friday)-harvest santina in Hagai's Farm December 01(Sunday)- today we harvest all the remaining fruits in plot #19 santina variety.., Afternoon we do the netting...

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