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The company that I am going to discuss in this case study is the IT firm ‘Microsoft’. Microsoft was originally founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen in 1975. It is a public multinational corporation which is headquartered in Redmond, Washington in the USA. Its aims are to develop, manufacture, license and support a wide range of products and services that are related to computing through its various product divisions. Microsoft is an example of a well-known monopolistic power. A monopoly exists when...

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Leadership of Microsoft

Leadership of Microsoft Content 1 Introduction 2 2 Corporate Background of Microsoft 2 3 Analysis of leadership of Microsoft 2 3.1 Leadership within Microsoft 2 3.2 Leadership Role of Microsoft 3 3.3 Importance of leadership 4 4 Conclusions 4 5 Recommendations 5 Reference 6 1 Introduction This business report is a research on the leadership of Microsoft Corporation. By identifying and analyzing the leadership applied within Microsoft and the leadership role of Microsoft in the software...

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Microsoft History

Background The beginning of Microsoft Inc. started with Bill Gates and Paul Allen writing computer program code for local businesses and municipalities. In 1975 they were inspired by an issue of Popular Electronics that showed the new Altair microcomputer kit, manufactured by MITS Computer. Bill Gates and Paul Allen wrote a version of BASIC, a computer programming language, for the machine. Later that year Bill Gates left Harvard University to work full time developing programming languages for...

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Swot of Microsoft

|Business Capital Spending | |Competitive environment in recruiting highly skilled employees |Consumer Confidence | |EU penalty on Microsoft |Decline in Innovation | | |Piracy Rate increase and unfavorable cultural Attributes...

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Microsoft Csr

“Technology creates opportunities for people and organizations to realize their full potential” is the thought driving Microsoft’s corporate citizenship program. With the enduring commitment to serve needs of communities worldwide Microsoft is playing the role of a responsible global citizen. Going far beyond its products and services it has collaborated with business partners, governments and non profit organizations around the globe to fulfil its commitment. It delivers new technology to people...

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Is Microsoft a Monopoly?

Microsoft Monopoly Corporation Samantha F. Grinvalds DeVry University The Microsoft Corporation has lead people believe that they were attempting to gain monopoly power in the computer operating systems market. A monopoly market structure consists of having one firm that has control of the resources and market by selling a unique good that has no available substitutes, in which; make it very difficult for others to enter into this market. In America, we enjoy a free market rather than...

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“Microsoft Corporation –

ASSIGNMENT OF BUSINESS TO BUSINESS “MICROSOFT CORPORATION – THE DESIGN OF MICROSOFT SUPPORT NETWORK 1.0” BY KUNAL CHAKRABARTI, EPGP-03-042 SABYASACHI MAHAPATRA, EPGP-03-072 SOURAV MISHRA, EPGP-03-237 BACKGROUND:  Microsoft Product Support Services (PSS) is the group who answers the phone when you call technical support for help. When you call PSS, the tech support representative will ask you how you're going to pay for the call. Rates vary depending on whether you...

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Is Microsoft a Monopoly

Is Microsoft a monopoly or not? In order to understand if Microsoft is a monopoly one must first know the definition of a monopoly. A monopoly is a firm that is the sole seller of a product that has little or no substitutes. This automatically should arouse many thoughts in the minds of “us” as consumers. For all these years have we been monopolized by a producer of a product just because there were limited sources in the same fields? Yes and no should be the floating answer. Microsoft for years...

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Microsoft Discrimination

Available Organization : Microsoft Corporation Industry : Information Technology Countries : USA Abstract: The case examines the charges of gender/racial discrimination and sexual harassment against leading IT company Microsoft. It explores in detail the treatment meted out to female employees in the company's initial years and the measures Microsoft took to improve the work culture of the organization. The case also discusses the lawsuits against Microsoft that allege racial discrimination...

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Microsoft Kinect.

camera give the Kinect its depth perception. By measuring how long the emitted infrared light takes to reflect back from objects it encounters, the device can figure out the room’s layout. A Microsoft Kinect By E r i c a NaoNE B How the device can respond to your voice and gestures The MicrosofT KinecT is the first consumer product that lets people control an interface using gesture and voice alone. An add-on for Microsoft’s Xbox 360 videogame console, the sensorpacked device can determine...

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