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Application Software

/B.Sc. Part-II Supplementary Practical Examination, 2014 2. B.Com. Part II Supplementary Examination General / Non-Major ( 1+1+1 – 2010 / 2009 & New Regulations) (Application portion of ‘Information Technology and its Application in Business 50 marks (2010 Regulation) & Application portion of ‘Information Technology and its Application in Business 40 marks (2009 & New Regulations)) Duration 28.02.2015 to 12.03.2015 Last date of submission of Practical Marks to the University 30.03.2015 PART-III...

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Proprietary Software Case Study

1. Compare the adoption of Open Source Software with the adoption of Proprietary Software. Open source Software have many advantages over Proprietary Software. Some of them are as the following: Free Support If open source bundle is being used or coordinated efficiently, it has the same worldwide group of clients and engineers accessible for making queries and regulation. Bolster incorporates definite documentation, gatherings, wikis, newsgroups, email records and live visit. Try Before...

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Different Types of Application Software

Different Types of Application Software Word Processing Software: This software enables users to create and edit documents. The most popular examples of this type of software are MS-Word, WordPad and Notepad among other text editors. Database Software: Database is a structured collection of data. A computer database relies on database software to organize data and enable database users to perform database operations. Database software allows users to store and retrieve data from databases....

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Application of Computer in Any Area of Business

INTRODUCTION The application of computer in agriculture is increasingly important. In today's times, agriculture is not just about crop production or livestock farming and associated activities. The challenges brought forth by ecological factors affecting the environment need to be a major consideration for any kind of farming activity. Farmers need to preempt environmental impact due to climate change and this is where modern technology comes to the rescue. E-Agriculture is an emerging field focusing...

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Database Application Software

DATABASE APPLICATION SOFTWARE A database application is a computer program whose primary purpose is entering and retrieving information from a computer-managed database. Early examples of database applications were accounting systems and airline reservations systems, such as SABRE, developed starting in 1957. A characteristic of modern database applications is that they facilitate simultaneous updates and queries from multiple users. Systems in the 1970s might have accomplished this by having...

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Phase 1 Individual Project for Spreadsheet Applications

is to use spreadsheet applications when possible to store and house their data. This stems from the understanding of the systems. Most users understand the basic concepts behind spreadsheet applications and can manipulate their way through these systems with ease compared to using a database system. What many people don’t understand is how easy it is to retrieve their data later on if they would have used a database system. If you were to look at spreadsheet applications much like that of Microsoft...

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Harley-Davidson Motor Company: Enterprise Software Selection

important. Even best software packages can fail if the people compatibility is not there. Half of understanding is completed when there is cultural compatibility. Also, communication gaps are minimized. Having previous engagements should not be binding. Similarly the scenario should be looked past the presentation and the ?Genuineness? should be given weightage. On the basis of this, we would select Provider 1. 3. What is your overall assessment of Harley?s approach to enterprise software selection? What...

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Database Usage in the Workplace

increase profits, and analyze statistical data to make future predictions on information of interest. A database management system (DBMS) is a group of programs that manages the database and provides an interface between the end users and other application programs (Stair & Reynolds, 2006). Companies use DBMS systems as a single point of management for all data resources as part of the database environment. This allows for ease of use and security of the data. The database administrator (DBA) is...

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Computer Virus

INITs and control panels] and application programs [such as word processing programs and spreadsheet programs.] Viruses work the same ways in Windows or DOS machines by infecting zip or exe files. A virus is inactive until you execute an infected program or application OR start your computer from a disk that has infected system files. Once a virus is active, it loads into your computer's memory and may save itself to your hard drive or copies itself to applications or system files on disks you use...

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Achieving Operational Excellence

intimacy: Enterprise applications Lesson - -08 Enterprise Systems • Around the global, companies are increasingly becoming more connected, both internally and with other companies. • Enterprise systems provide the integration to make this possible. • Enterprise systems, or enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, integrate the key internal business processes of a firm into a single software system 1 Enterprise software • It is based on a suite of integrated software modules and a common...

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