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2.Summary of Software Category: Business application software, by definition is: a software group that does not run the computer, but rather provides a tool for the user to accomplish a specific type of task by using the computer’s capabilities. Application software can be stand alone, such as word processors or media players, or suites like Microsoft Office, WordPerfect, etc. Groups include software types such as enterprise software, educational software, media software, or customer relations and supply chain software (Wikipedia).

This category was divided into 5 groups based upon common functions and uses for these first 100 products. They are management software, designing software, tracking software, application software and helping software. These categories and names were based on the functionality and focus of each group of software. Table: 1 Summary of the software category

Type| No. of Products| Description| Examples|
Management Software| 29| Software used to manage companies records and information| Mini Contracts Manager, Hotel Management| Designing Software| 25| Software used to generate Labels, maps and images| Rationale, NovaMind| Application Software| 24| Software used to Convert, control, calculate and transfer the data.| Skype Call Transfer, PDF To BMP JPG TIF Converter| Tracking Software| 10| Software used to track customer and employee information| PCTimeswipe, Invoice4U| Helping Software| 12| Software used to search, determine and protect the information| for MS Windows, Replace Magic, Visio Only Professional Edition|

Management software is used to manage company records and information, to manage customer billing: i.e. to manage car dealer lot inventory, to manage internet cafes, computer clubs and gaming centers, etc. We identified 29 products which would fit under this category. Some examples in this category are Mini Contract Manager, which would be used to manage and record information of contracts with e-mail remainder and Hotel management software is used to manage reservations, schedules, rentals, and invoicing for a room rental business.

Designing software is used to print labels, envelopes, and cards for business, to generate designs for structural engineering use, to create maps, diagrams, and to create bright and colorful presentations. Twenty-five software products were classified under this category. Some examples of this category are Rationale, used to create argument maps, write argumentative essay, and build diagrams of reasoning and NovaMind, which can be used to create bright and colorful presentations.

Application software is used to convert and compute business financial values, calculate distances to find the shortest route, compute ratio between cement, water, coarse and fine aggregate, to covert and compute number of days between two days. There were 24 products grouped under this category. Some examples of this category are Skype call transfer software, which is used to transfer Skype calls and telephone number to other Skype users. PDF to BMP, JPG, TIF converter which is used to convert PDF (Portable Document Format) files into various image formats.

Tracking software is used to track employee login and logout information, to track employee attendance, to track and evaluate your inventories, expenses and incomes. Ten software options fit in this category. Some examples of this category are PC Timeswipe, which can be used to track employee’s logins and logouts. Also in this category is Invoice4u, which can be used to track inventories, expenses and incomes.

Helping software can be used to search, find and protect the information. We...
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