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Peoples Republic Of China

loosened gradually, to Taiwanese, the unification policy stressed by both the KMT regime and the Chinese government still poses a grave danger of a forced and forcible merger with China. On August 31, 1993, the People's Republic of China issued a document titled, "The Taiwan Question and the Reunification of China." Circulating in seven languages, this diplomatic white paper manifested its intent and ambition of annexing Taiwan through its distortion of history, misconstruction of international...

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Blind people on china

Blind People in China. There are 5 million blind people in the whole world. And China is taking the first place of this problem. China accounts about 18% of blind people. Most of them can’t live independent; they all need someone’s help. Also we can know that 90% of blind people are living in modern cities. For example: Beijing (capital), Shanghai and etc. Тhe total number of blind people in China at any given time expressed as a percentage of the total...

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People's Republic of China and Starbucks

macchiato that had never before been considered.   Starbucks has been serving coffee domestically since the early 1970’s.  After experiencing success in the domestic market, Starbucks entered the global marketplace, including opening its first stores in China in 1999. (Lamb, p.139) The company entered the Chinese marketplace knowing the vast opportunities that were available, but quite aware that many factors had to be accounted for in its marketing mix and product offering strategies.  Cultural, political...

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The Will of the People

Bart Solbach Hist 584 Professor Greene October 31, 2012 The Will of the People In modern warfare, it is important to consider, effectively winning the hearts and minds of the people. This is especially important if the war being fought is a civil war, as ultimately the most a government has to fear is its own people. Successfully doing so is to show your force as more of a power for good than that of your enemy, or barring that being the lesser of two evils. The CCP succeeded due to the peasantry...

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Microsoft in the People Republic of China

choosing the best localization solution from the available three choices. These choices are either leaving the market open for Software Vendors (SV) to localize the product, doing all of the localization by MS itself in Taiwan (headquarter of Greater China), or adopting an intermediate solution such as localizing in PRC. Suggestion: In addressing this question, I used several criteria as listed in Exhibit 1 to evaluate these alternatives (Exhibit 1 also listed detailed analyses of each criterion...

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China Case

CASE STUDY CHINA- Legal Growing Pains in a land of Opportunity The People's Republic of China (PRC) commonly known as China, is the most populous state in the world with over 1.3 billion people. China is a single-party state governed by the Communist Party of China (CPC). Its capital city is Beijing. The People's Republic of China is the world's second largest economy after the United States by purchasing power parity($9.05 trillion in 2009) and the world's fastest-growing major economy, with...

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Demography of China

situation in China: problems and consequences. The demographic situation in People's Republic of China is one of the burning issues nowadays widely discussed in the global community. Today, China's population is over 1.3 billion, the largest of any country in the world. So every 5th person in the world is coming from China. The population of China is greater than the entire world 150 years ago. Every year the population of China increases by 14 million people (the number of people in Texas or Chile)...

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Special features of the Constitution of China

Special features of the Constitution of the People’s Republic of China The constitution of The People's Republic of China which, as said before, contains 138 articles distributed in four chapters, is a written document that despite the fact that is not one of the longest constitutions, it stipulates the basic principles of the Chinese country’s political and social systems, and it occupy a position of supreme legal and respected authority. In order to deal with this document we have to understand...

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Communist China

 Communist China Sun Yixian(1866-1925) Sun Yixian was born into a farm family in 1866. He started school at age 10, and at age 13 he moved to Hawaii where he completed his schooling. While in Hawaii he received the citizenship of America, and he liked Abrahams idea of republicanism. In china he was known as The Father Of China. He also learned Christianity. In 1892 he earned his medical licenses, And finally in 1911 he was elected as the first provisional president. Sun...

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President Nixon's Visit to China

PRESIDENT NIXON’S VISIT TO CHINA After the 1948 Communist revolution in China, the United States refused to recognize the new government and backed the government of Taiwan. In the early 1970s, for political and economic reasons, China and the United States reached out to each other. The U.S. wanted to end its involvement in the war in Vietnam without causing a larger Asian conflict, President Nixon needed a boost to his re-election chances, and the large Chinese market offered hope for expanding...

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