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Chinese Language

Ehrlich, they all have something in common which is about the surrounding community that they grew up in. The community that Tannen describes is that how they exclude women from being able to do a man's job. In Kingston's article he describes how a Chinese girl, which is her, is being treated and at least trying to fit in with the other kids when she was growing up. Ehrlich's article basically ties in on how an outsider tries to fit in but can't even though he "looks" like the rest. All three of these...

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CHinese CUlture

Chinese culture is one of the world's oldest cultures.[1][2] The area in which the culture is dominant covers a large geographical region in eastern Asiawith customs and traditions varying greatly between provinces, cities, and even towns. Important components of Chinese culture include literature,music, visual arts, martial arts, cuisine, religion etc. dentity[edit] Today there are 56 distinct recognized ethnic groups in China.[3] In terms of numbers however, Han Chinese is by far the largest...

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Should Putonghua Be Used To Teach Chinese?

Should Putonghua Be Used to Teach Chinese? The Chinese level of Hong Kong students is declining. The supporters said that using Putonghua as a medium to teach Chinese can greatly improve student’s Chinese proficiency. However, the opponents claimed that using Putonghua to teach Chinese will hinder student’s learning effect instead of improving their Chinese level. Putonghua should not be used to teach Chinese because it creates difficulties to local students in learning. Obstacles exists in teachers...

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Diversity in the Chinese Workplace

Diversity in the Chinese Work Place In terms of race, there is very little diversity in Chinese businesses. China currently has the worlds' largest population at 1.2 billion people which could be a reason of the lack of racial diversity in business. Even though there is a lack of racial diversity that does not mean that there is no diversity in Chinese businesses. Diversity is not limited to just race or ethnic background, which is what most people think diversity is. Diversity also includes...

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Proposal: Chinese Language Class

Knowing the basics in the culture, customs and language of a country is an expandable knowledge when making strong foreign alliances. China is the world’s second largest economy after the United States of America. With an average growth rate of 10% for the past 30 years, China has a large promise to become the world’s leading economical power. Business oriented individuals have their eyes set on Chin. Background and Purposes We understand that the integration of a course oriented to train the...

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Three Contributions of Chinese Immigrants

Three Contributions Of Chinese Immigrants The Chinese started immigrating to the United States in 1849. They left China in search of a better life. Life in China in the 1800's was very hard. There wasn't enough food, money and the cities were overpopulated. They heard about the United States and believed there was an opportunity to start over again. They hoped to find jobs on the railroad or to strike gold. When they arrived in the United States, life was difficult. Laws were made...

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Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior Amy Chua Analysis

is an issue and a blessing that children in the Chinese culture often are raised with discipline and taught to work hard because it is debatable if this will result in successful children or if they will hold a grudge against their parents. This is the message the professor and mother of two Amy Chua writes about in the article written in 2011 “Why Chinese Mothers are Superior” Amy Chua has raised 2 children with discipline and as a typical Chinese mother would. She lives in a western country and...

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Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior

Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior B “Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior”, is an article written by the 48-year-old lawyer and mother Amy Chua. The article is published in The Wall Street Journal on January 8th in 2011. In the article Amy Chua focuses on how the western parents up bring their children versus how the Chinese parents up bring their children. The receivers of the article are the western parents because she wants them to lean from the Chinese parents. Though the whole article...

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China: Chinese Companies

Please answer Questions for Critical Thinking case . Chapter 4: Case Synopsis: Chinese Companies Expand to U.S. Soil and Markets 1. What kinds of advantages can Chinese companies obtain if they move production into the United States? "The Chinese labor-cost component of an entry-level iPad retailing for $500 is estimated at $10, or 2% of revenue, while the profit margin is estimated at $150, or 30% of revenue. If Apple were to move production to the USA, and if one assumes that assembly...

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Chinese and American Ghosts (Woman Warrior)

American and Chinese cultures. The two cultures have different views of what a ghost is. The Chinese believe the ghost spirits may be of people dead or alive. Chinese culture recognizes foreigners and unfamiliar people as ghosts because, like American ghosts, they are mysterious creatures of the unknown. Americans view ghosts as spirits of the dead that either help or haunt people. American ghosts may or may not be real. There spirits are there but physical appearance is a mystery. Chinese culture...

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