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  • Communist Party of China

    The Communist Party of China (CPC)‚ also known as the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)‚ is the founding and ruling political party of the People ’s Republic of China (PRC). Although nominally it exists alongside the United Front‚[1] in practice‚ the CPC is also the only party of the PRC‚[2] maintaining a unitary government centralising the state‚ military‚ and media.[3] The legal power of the Communist Party is guaranteed by the PRC constitution.[3] The party was founded on July 1st 1921 in Shanghai

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  • Communist China

    Communist China Sun Yixian(1866-1925) Sun Yixian was born into a farm family in 1866. He started school at age 10‚ and at age 13 he moved to Hawaii where he completed his schooling. While in Hawaii he received the citizenship of America‚ and he liked Abrahams idea of republicanism. In china he was known as The Father Of China. He also learned Christianity. In 1892 he earned his medical licenses‚ And finally in 1911 he was elected as the first provisional president. Sun Yixian

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  • How Did The Communist Party Affect China

    In China between 1925 and 1950‚ the Chinese Communist Party was growing and taking over China with the support of the peasant class. The CCP allowed peasants a better life and was supported by the lowest class while higher class people like the landlords were chastised by the Party‚ and even with Japan occupying some parts of ChinaCommunist ideas kept the peasant class strong enough to push the Japanese out. In the time leading up to the Chinese Communist Party taking over‚ Japan held power over

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  • Analyses of the factors that led to the rise of the communist party in China.

    FACTORS THAT LED TO THE RISE OF THE COMMUNIST PARTY IN CHINA. In the beginning of the 20th century‚ the Qing dynasty‚ which had ruled China for 2000 years‚ was in decline. The period following the end of the empire in 1911 was a turbulent one‚ with various groups fighting for power in China. This civil war ended only in 1949‚ with the Chinese Communist Party establishing control over the country. There are quite a few factors that led to this rise of communism in China. The decline of the empire‚ foreign

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  • Tiananmen Square Protests: The Modern Communist Party Of China

    China is a political oddity‚ as it is one of the very few surviving Communist states and arguably the only truly successful one; but it is not exclusively this political identity and structure that have made it an emerging superpower but rather the government’s pragmatism. The modern Communist Party of China is above all pragmatic‚ so much so that the base pillars of communism have essentially been abandoned. They are willing to compromise their ideology to accommodate the demands of a globalized

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  • Chinese Communist Party Collapse Analysis

    “The Chinese Communist Party Collapses.” Presumably‚ these characters were an ancient prophecy about the Communist Party that had only now been revealed. The article then continues by explaining that after the discovery of the characters‚ the government‚ with its influence over the media‚ was able to get most images cropped to remove the word “collapse”‚ or to simply leave it out in any captions or descriptions of the image. As such‚ according to the official media in mainland China‚ this is a reaffirmation

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  • The Red Book and the Power Structure of Communist China

    The Red Book and the Power Structure of Communist China Propaganda in China during the Cultural Revolution took on many forms; there were mass Red Guard demonstrations in Tianamen Square in support of Mao Zedong‚ pictures of Mao were put up in every conceivable location from restaurants to the wallpaper in nurseries‚ and pamphlets and books of Mao ’s teachings were distributed to every Chinese citizen. One of these propaganda publications Quotations from Chairman Mao which later became

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  • Why Did the Communist Gain Power in 1949 in China?

    Why did the Communists gain power in 1949? In 1949‚ after a long lasting contest for leadership‚ the Communists were able to gain power. In 1900‚ China was ruled by the Manchu dynasty‚ however less than in half a century a completely new government came into power. The Qing government had already been weak due to European countries because they gained great influence in China’s affair by using forces. They became so unpopular that people plotted to overthrow them. Despite the fact that the revolution

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  • Economic Issues Associated with Communist China and Their Relationship with Africa as a Result.

    Economic Issues Associated with Communist China and their relationship with Africa as a Result. Introduction The importance of this topic is vast due to the fact that China is one of the fastest growing economies in the world‚ being part of the BRIC countries which are synonymous with emerging markets and economic growth. According to Chow (2002‚ p252) “the exponential rate of growth was 9.7%” in the time period of 1978 to 1998 which substantiates that China’s economy is one of the fastest growing

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  • Why did the Chinese Communist Party Win the Civil War in 1949?

    The Chinese Civil War‚ which lasted from 1927 to 1949‚ was a civil war in China which the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) overthrew the Guomindang (GMD) . As the CCP had always been inferior to the GMD in many aspects‚ many were shocked and startled by the Communist ’s victory; although numerous factors show that the Communist ’s victory was almost inevitable. This essay will examine the factors that lead to the Communists victory‚ which includes ideology‚ economic‚ political‚ social‚ military‚ foreign

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