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Chinese Character

Characters are used as components in other characters. Most Chinese characters contain two components, one indicating meaning and the other indicating sound. There are around two hundred Chinese characters that are used as the meaning part of the component. These two hundred characters used are called radicals. Radicals are important because they are used to organize Chinese characters in many of the Chinese dictionaries. To look up a Chinese word in the dictionary, the easiest way is to know the...

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Formation of the Chinese Civilization

Lee Bailey, Sr. His 104 Formation of Chinese Civilization The Chinese civilization was first started during the Xia (2200 BCE-1750 BCE). This it during this era that Chinese people would start to improve upon previous Civilizations. In this essay will see how China progressed throughout history to what it has become based on the their ability to learn from other civilizations and improve upon their own. Agriculture was the bases...

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King Sejong the Great

He was the most scholarly king. He made a research institution. He took men of talent into the research institution and encouraged them to their research. He made some groups of researches such as farming, music, science, Korean characters, etc. Most of the researches was successful. He made a sun clock and water clock. He made a sun clock in 1300. People could know the time by the sun and shadow; however, it had a problem. People only knew the time when it is day time...

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the earliest Chinese writing was “oracle bone” script, inscribed on tortoise shell or ox bone during the Shang Dynasty, ca. 1600 - 1000 BCE. priests burned the shell or bone, then read the cracks as good or bad omens United College, Hong Kong This Chinese calligraphic poem is written on silk and dates from the Song dynasty, 900 - 1279 CE by this time, Chinese writing has clearly become ideographic rather than pictographic Taipei Museum Chinese characters are sometimes...

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Bertolt Brecht

Bertolt Brecht, [from] "Alienation Effects in Chinese Acting" [The following remarks are just a few of B.B.'s many on the "alienation effect" (Verfremdungseffekt) that he sought in the creation of his "epic theatre" and the direction of his plays. We'll discuss it in connection with the stagecraft of Arturo Ui when we read that play. But try a thought-experiment. Do any of these remarks seem, uncannily, to apply directly to the character Richard of Gloucester / King Richard when we meet on the page...

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Ch 13 Hw

to be taken into account for fully analyzing these trends. 7. Why might Arab or Chinese historians be skeptical about any claims for feudalism’s special importance in world history? Feudalism left Japan with some serious political and social problems. This is why some Arab or Chinese historians might be skeptical about any claims for feudalism’s special importance in world history. Also as the Arab and Chinese civilization did not practice feudalism, it might seem wrong to establish feudalism’s...

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East211 Ch 1 Notes

wet climate good for rice cultivation ▪ Raising of dogs o North China ▪ Millet cultivation 2 accounts of the origins of Chinese civilization • 1) The nuclear area thesis (Kwang-chih Chang,1960’s) o Oldest modern narrative o Argues that Chinese civilization originated from a single culture of millet farmers (Yangshao culture) in the North China Plains. Around 5000 B.C.E. they radiated outwards ▪...

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the Cree and Baka hunters

what kind of fool (bakamono) has the temerity to order him to dismount." According to Carr, "Shinmura found that the original editions (fourteenth century) of the Taiheiki had baka written バカ; [while] later movable-type editions (c. 1600) had the characters 馬鹿."[4][5] A Bunmei-era (1469–1487) edition of the Setsuyōshū dictionary notes baka 馬鹿, which was also written 母嫁 (lit. "mother bride"), 馬嫁 (lit. "horse bride"), or 破家 (lit. "break family"), means rōzeki 狼藉 "disorder; confusion".[6] Many classical...

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“Emperor Shi Huangdi or Emperor Hadrian: Who kept control of their Empire most effectively?”

people! After comparing these two Emperors, I think that Emperor Hadrian was a better Emperor because he kept his country in control by generosity but didn’t need to fear his people and wasn’t any worse than Emperor Shi Huangdi. The Roman and Chinese armies were both useful in helping the Emperors to keep control of the country. For example, all Roman citizens that are physically fit and 1.6m tall were expected to stay in the army for 16 years and they were mostly volunteers, not conscripts; while...

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Scarborough Shoal or Scarborough Reef, also known as Huangyan Island[2](simplified Chinese: 黄岩岛; traditional Chinese: 黃岩島; pinyin: Huángyán Dǎo), Bajo de Masinloc[3] or Panatag Shoal[4] (Filipino: Kulumpol ng Panatag), is a shoal located between the Macclesfield Bank and Luzon Island of the Philippines in the South China Sea. It is a disputed territory claimed by the People's Republic of China, Republic of China (Taiwan), and the Philippines. The shoal's status is often discussed in conjunction...

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