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Electromagnetic Radiation

Nietkalieva Dinara IS113k Lab 1: Radio and Light Waves Virtual Lab 1) How is the radiating electric field (or electromagnetic signal) produced when radio stations broadcast? Include a description of what is producing the signal as well as the reasoning behind how this could produce a signal. We know that electromagnetic radiation is produced by accelerating charges. In the radio transmitter, electrons oscillate up and down and are thus accelerating. An electron will exert a force on another...

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Physics Lab/ Radiation

Blackbody Radiation Lab 11 Go to http://phet.colorado.edu/simulations/sims.php?sim=Blackbody_Spectrum and click on Run Now. 1) In this lab, you will use the Blackbody Spectrum Simulation to investigate how the spectrum of electromagnetic radiation emitted by objects is affected by the object's temperature. In this simulation, you can input the temperature and observe the spectrum of the radiation emitted. a) The temperature of stars in the universe varies with the type of star and the age...

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Blackbody Radiation A Spectroscopic Study

Blackbody radiation: a spectroscopic study John Greavu Partner: Nicholas Souhleris TA: Yilikal Ayino (Friday, Section 006) April 18, 2014 I. PRELAB A blackbody is a body that absorbs all electromagnetic radiation and emits a continuous spectrum, such as heated cavern with just a small opening to the outside world. In 1900, German physicist Max Planck derived an expression for this blackbody spectrum. Knowing that oscillators emit radiation, he assumed that oscillators within the cavern were...

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Photosynthesis: Electromagnetic Radiation and Silver Beet

Light Absorption by Photosynthetic Pigments in Silver Beet Abstract The aim of the experiment was to determine the absorption of differing wavelengths of light by individual pigments in the vegetable silver beet. Pigments were extracted from silver beet leaves and separated into chlorophyll a, chlorophyll b, and carotene via chromatographs. Chlorophylls were then separated and an absorption spectra created using results obtained from a spectrophotometer. It was clear there were two distinct peaks...

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Electromagnetic Spectrum and Infrared Radiation

ultraviolet radiation is: A. 700-1500 mµ B. 1600-12,000 mµ C. 0.1-3 mm D. 180-290 mµ 2. Wavelength of long ultraviolet radiation is: A. 700-1500 mµ B. 290-400 mµ C. 180-290 mµ D. 0.1-3 mm 3. What ultraviolet wavelength will produce reticuloendothelial stimulation? A. 2600-2700 Å B. 2700-3000 Å C. 2900-4000 Å D. 2400-2500 Å 4. The magnitude of radiation flux at any particular point of the skin depends upon the: A. Cross-sectional diameter of the radiation beam B. Distance...

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Electromagnetic Radiation and Valence Electrons

visible spectrum has photons with the most energy? A) red B) orange C) green D) violet E) yellow 37) Which form of electromagnetic radiation has the longest wavelength? A) Radio Waves B) Microwaves C) X-rays D) Gamma Rays E) Infrared Radiation 41) Which form of electromagnetic radiation has photons with the lowest energy? A) Radio Waves B) Microwaves C) X-rays D) Gamma Rays E) Infrared Radiation 45) Which statement below does NOT follow the Bohr Model? A) When energy is absorbed by atoms, the electrons...

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Photoelectric Effect

The Photoelectric Effect Definition: It is the emission of electrons from a metal surface under the illumination of a suitable radiation. The photoelectric effect is the phenomenon whereby electrons are emitted from a surface (usually metallic) upon the exposure to and absorption of electromagnetic radiation, such as visible light, that is above the threshold frequency. This is because electrons cannot get enough energy to overcome their atomic bonding. The photoelectric effect furthered wave...

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Quantum Theory: How It Drastically Changed the Way We Look at Our Physical World

Hertz, was testing Maxwell's Theory of Electromagnetic Waves. Hertz discovered that ultraviolet light discharged certain electrically charged metallic plates, a phenomenon that could not be explained by Maxwell's Wave Theory. In order to explain this phenomenon termed the photoelectric effect, because both light and electricity are involved, the Quantum Theory was developed. The Photoelectric Effect Maxwell's work with the Theory of Electromagnetic Waves may seem to have solved the problem...

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blue sky

E.M. INTERACTION WITH MATTER 1 SCATTERING of E.M. RADIATION Type of scattering depends on the e.m. energy, ~! wrt the electron energy: Ionization energy EI Rest-mass energy me c2 2 CLASSICAL MODEL E.M. wave interacting with an oscillating electron Frequency of oscillation is given by Coulomb energy: !02 = kC /me e.m. field adds a driving force at e.m. frequency !, F = Radiated power is related to the electron acceleration, a 2 ✓ ◆2 !4 2 cE (!02 ! 2 )2 0 cE02 = P/I0 , I0 = The cross-section...

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EME communication

north largest position to the southern sky. For using the EME communications with low band, the sun radiation noise will be the more serious. The success of EME communication is not only depends on how well the equipment, but also the quality of electromagnetic environment in the local area. Because the EME signal has a long distance transmission, it is weak when it arrived. A little electromagnetic interference can drown it out. So before the test, users need to indentify the interference in the...

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