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Income Statement

the bottom line of their income statement and is a measure of the firm’s income over a given period of time. The cash flow of a firm shows how a firm has used the cash it earned during a set of time. There are two reasons that the income statement does not show the amount of cash earned. One, there are non-cash entries on the income statement and second, there are certain uses such as a purchase of a building that are not reported on the income statement. The statement of cash flows utilizes the...

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Balance Sheet and Income Statement Commentary

Balance Sheet and Income Statement Commentary Belinda Greer BSA/500 March 24, 2012 Murali Ramachandran Balance Sheet and Income Statement Commentary Balance sheets and income statements are a snapshot of a company’s stability and financial situation. Combined the statements show the income, expenses, and stockholder’s equity in the company. These statements are often analyzed by financial institutions when a company comes to them needing a loan. Stockholders and other investors also look...

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Balance Sheet and Income Statement Analysis

5 – BALANCE SHEET AND INCOME STATEMENT -Identify the different financial statements (BS*, IS, Statement of Stockholders’ Equity, and related notes) -Identify the different components of the BS (Assets: current and long term; Liabilities: current and long term; stockholders’ equity: preferred stock, common stock, PIC, treasury stock) -Identify the different component of the IS (Gross profit, earnings before interest and taxes, interest expense, income tax expense, income from continuing operations...

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Income Statements

The Income Statement This indicates financial performance over a period of time. It is usually done at the end of a financial year (30th June), but an income statement can be made up at other times, e.g., if a business wishes to apply for a loan, the bank may ask for a more recent income statement. The other names for this kind of statement are Revenue Statement and Profit and Loss Statement. Income Statement for Ima Mess, year ended 30.6.12 | ...

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financial statement

Analysis of Financial Statements After reading this chapter, students should be able to: Explain why ratio analysis is usually the first step in the analysis of a company’s financial statements. List the five groups of ratios, specify which ratios belong in each group, and explain what information each group gives us about the firm’s financial position. State what trend analysis is, and why it is important. Describe how the Du Pont chart is used, and how it may be modified to include...

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Introduction to Financial Statement

own words. Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX): This was a regulation passed by the government to prevent immoral corporate behavior. Balance sheet: A balance sheet is a financial statement that shows the assets, liabilities and stockholder’s equity. Income Statement: An income statement is a financial report that shows the net income or net loss by reporting the revenues and expenses. External user: External users of accounting information are investors or bankers that need accounting reports see whether...

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Elements of Financial Statements

Financial Statements are described as the language of business. These statements tell the condition and performance of a business historically, currently and prospectively. The main objective is to provide information about financial position, financial performance and cash flows of an entity used in making economic decisions. ELEMENTS OF FINANCIAL STATEMENTS Financial Statements portray the financial effects of transactions and other events by grouping them into broad classes according to their...

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Pro forma statement analysis

Pro forma statement analysis The outputs from the financial planning model are projected financial statements called pro forma financial statements. In finance and accounting, the term pro forma means forecasted or projected (Parrino, 2012). These statements are prepared on the basis of the inputs and assumptions that are fed into the financial model. This paper presents an analysis of the pro forma income statement and pro forma balance sheet of a fictitious company called XYZ Company inc. Appendix...

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Saks Fifth Avenue vs. Neiman Marcus - A Detailed Company Analysis Using Balance Sheets and Income Statements

writing to analyse the company's current balance sheet and income statement. Particularly, I will critique on the company's results, compare it to past years, compare it to competitors, and make recommendations on how to improve its financial position. Neiman Marcus department stores offer luxurious and high-quality men's and women's apparel and accessories. The Neiman Marcus Group operates 35 stores in nearly 20 states. The 2004 net income was an impressive $204 million and revenue was $3.5 billion...

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Overview of Financial Statements Analysis

1: Pierce Company reported net income of $200,000 for the current year. Depreciation recorded on buildings and equipment amounted to $80,000 for the year. Balances of the current asset and current liability accounts at the beginning and end of the year are as follows: End of Year Beginning of Year Cash $20,000 $15,000 Accounts receivable 24,000 32,000 Inventories 50,000 65,000 Prepaid expenses 7,500 5,000 Accounts payable 12,000 18,000 Income taxes payable 1,600 1,200 Instructions ...

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