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actual inflation rate was 10%. What real return did the investor earn during the year? [Ans: investor has lost almost 2% on the Treasury bill investment] 14. The equity stock of Rax Limited is currently selling for Rs 30 per share. The dividend expected next year is Rs 2.00. The investors’ required rate of return on this stock is 15 %. If the constant growth model applies to Rax Limited, what is the expected growth rate ? [Ans: 8.3 %] 15. XYZ limited’s earnings and dividends have been growing...

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Stock Monitoring

Stock Monitoring System July 13, 2013 To Mr. Santos , Good day! We have approved your project proposal. This project seems to be a very worthwhile line of research, and we hope to see an outcome with your project proposal. I am pleased to meet you on July 15, 2013, Monday at 10:00 Am. We would like you to attend. Please inform me if this is not a good time, so we can reschedule the meeting. Please submit progress reports as outlined in your proposal. Best wishes with the project. ...

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Stock performance

report to me wud@strose.edu : Post it on Blackboard in your group space. 1. General Instructions: You must plan in advance for your portfolio report. a. The weekend or Monday two weeks prior to your report, record the prices of all of the stocks you hold in each of your sectors, the S&P 500 and the appropriate sector ETF. b. The weekend or Monday two weeks prior to your report, go to http://www.smartmoney.com/sectortracker/.  Select the 5 day time period, select your sectors.  The site...

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Stock Trak

I N 4600 ST O C K -T R A K Project Stock-Trak, Inc. provides students with an inexpensive, and reasonably realistic market simulation. Using real-time quotes, students may trade various securities in a hypothetical portfolio. Stock-Trak, Inc. maintains accounts, accepts trades, and sends out weekly summary reports. This document summarizes the rules that are specific to Dr. Mayes' FIN 4600 class for the Fall 2010 semester. Students should also consult the Stock-Trak site for their rules. Each student...

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Stock and Cherry

that the two parties cannot reach an agreement on an issue requiring a board vote, an independent arbitrator will be used to resolve the conflict. • Embedded in its equity interest, Berry has an option to put its investment in Cherry common stock back to Cherry for the greater of $20 million or appraised value after two years. The option expires after year five. • In the event that either joint venture member chooses to sell a portion, or all, of its ownership interest, the other member...

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Option vs Stock Investments

20-14 International Capital Market (3IM) Lecture 9 Option versus Stock Investments • Could a call option strategy be preferable to a direct stock purchase? • Suppose you think a stock, currently selling for $100, will appreciate. • A 6-month call costs $10 (contract size is 100 shares). • You have $10,000 to invest. • Strategy A: Invest entirely in stock. Buy 100 shares, each selling for $100. • Strategy B: Invest entirely in at-the-money call options. Buy 1,000 calls, each selling for $10...

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Value Stock vs. Growth Stock

Value Stock vs. Growth Stock September 14, 2013 Growth and value are styles of investing in stocks (Emerald, 2013). Analysts commonly classify companies with low market-to-book ratios as value stocks, and firms with high market-to-book ratios as growth stocks (Berk & DeMarzo, 2011). Neither approach is certain to give appreciation in stock market value; both carry the possibility...

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Stocks: Bond and Preferred Stock

yield on junk bonds is lower than the yield on AAA-rated bonds because of the higher default risk associated with junk bonds. Answer True False 1 points   Question 4   In general, interest on bonds, like dividends on preferred stock, may be deferred until a later date at the discretion of management, making debt financing more appealing to corporate managers. Answer True False 1 points   Question 5   Restrictive provisions in bond indenture agreements are designed...

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Call Option and Stock

The price of a stock is $50. The stock pays a dividend of $5 in 3 months. A 6-month European put option on the stock has a strike price of $48 and a premium of $4.38. The continuously compounded interest rate is 8%. Calculate the premium for a 6-month European call option on the stock with a strike price of $48. *  A 1.02  *  B 3.36  *  C 3.46  *  D 4.38  *  E 5.40 2 1. An "exchange call option" gives the owner of the option the right to give up one share of Stock A in exchange...

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Call Option and Lotus S Stock

put options on Lotus’s common stock that mature in February 1994 and that have an exercise price of $55 per share. a. Compute net profits and losses per share (actual dollar profit and losses, not rates of return) at expiration (February 19, 1994) for the following investment strategies: Buying a call option on Lotus’s stock; Writing a call option on Lotus’s common stock; Buying a put option on Lotus’s common stock; Writing a put option on Lotus’s common stock. Hint: Start by calculating the...

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