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This research is going to identify the main features of Office Automation System (OAS) and evaluate their impact on personnel’s daily office work in a power supply company. The key purpose of this study will explore that the usage of main features or functions OAS can actually enhance personnel’s working efficiency and working performance. The key features of OAS identified in this study which might positively influence the working process include usage of central database, telecommunication, network, word processing, electronic spreadsheet and staff payroll management. The main objectives of this research are: to estimate the influence of central database on data management; to assess the impact of network on personnel’s intercommunication; to evaluate the effect of word processing on personnel’s daily textual documents; to determine how usage of electronic spreadsheet affect the accounting and financial process; to find out how payroll system affect the staff’s paycheck procedure.

Author will refer to more than 15 previous literary works to deduce data. Base on the previous study on the OAS, it is information system used in office to automate the repetitive office working in order to enhance the officer’s working efficiency. And various functional features that OAS provided indeed influence the staff’s daily office activities, like dataset management, telecommunication via network and etc. In this research, author like the previous findings on main features of OAS, main features of information technology that affect the working efficiency and performance, the benefits and problems to adopt OAS, and etc.

The questionnaires survey will be conducted with 30 staffs in electronic company who have experience of usage of the OAS. The main purpose of this survey is to collect the user’s assessments towards the usage of OAS, in order to determine whether the adoption of OAS can positively influence the personnel’s office work. And these four things, speed, convenience, accuracy, and innovation will be considered as main evaluation factors of working efficiency and working performance.

Article Type: Conceptual Paper
Keywords: OAS, office working, word processing, spreadsheets, database systems, payroll system and communications networks


Office automation (OA) is a combination of word processing, spreadsheets, database systems, and communications networks

The system in place at Electronic Supply Company is an example. It comprises more than 500 personnel and 80 offices in the company. Managers and employees in all offices can get direct access to one another instantly. They can send and receive electronic mail memos.

OAS are widely used in office which is aimed to make all official work proceed smoothly at a faster speed without the attendant confusion that would have ordinarily resulted from such an increased pace of activity

OAS is going to mechanized previously manual tasks

OAS can effectively help to decrease manual work and also save time by using functional features.

OAS generally enhanced office productivity and ensured that office procedures are effectively managed with minimum energy dissipation

OAS connected via the networked (LAN) so that information can be easily shared and communication effectively carried out with minimum movement within the office environment.

Data can now store, update and retrieve information very easily without using a lot of time which highly increases efficiency

Goals of Office Automation
The goals of office automation may be expressed in terms of  Greater efficiency
 Better service
 Better accuracy
 Demanding for timeliness
 Facility in control
 Standardization of office routine
 Relieves of monotony
 Prevention of fraud
 Better information retrieval
 Lower operation cost
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