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Deadline: ( ), General Questions - General General Questions 1. (TCO 1) You work for a local construction firm, "DeVry Engineering Group" and your supervisor wants to test your knowledge and skills with Microsoft Excel and has instructed you to develop a spreadsheet to calculate weekly payroll for “15” employees with the following assumptions:

Note: This is a one part question.

• Each employee could have a standard hourly rate between $10.00 and $30.00 per hour. • Each employee qualifies to earn overtime at a rate of 1.5 of his or her hourly rate for every hour greater than 40 hours.  • Each employee will have a standard 7.65% deduction for social security • Each employee will have a standard 14.00% deduction for Federal Taxes • Each employee will have a standard 5.33% deduction for State Taxes Explain how you will structure and format your worksheet, including titles, column headings, and formulas to calculate payroll variables for each employee to determine "Net Pay" including and not limited to Total Hours, Gross Pay, Social Security Tax, Federal Withholding Tax, and Sate Withholding Tax.  In addition, determine how you would extract overtime hours from a calculated value of "Total Hours" using a conditional formula. 

In addition, your supervisor will need this weekly payroll report on a weekly basis and instructed you to keep the payroll history of all weeks within "1" workbook but has allowed y...

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