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  • Profession of Arms

    What does it mean to be a Profession? Professions produce uniquely expert work‚ not routine or repetitive work. Medicine‚ theology‚ law‚ and the military are ―social trustee forms of professions. 1 Effectiveness‚ rather than pure efficiency‚ is the key to the work of professionals—the sick want a cure‚ the sinner wants absolution‚ the accused want exoneration‚ and the defenseless seek security. Professionals require years of study and practice before they are capable of expert work. Society is

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  • Librarianship as a profession

    Q.3 Define profession? Justify librarianship as a profession? 6+14 Ans. A profession refers to an occupation that requires specialized education‚ knowledge‚ training and ethics and the purpose of which is generally to provide skilled services and guidance in lieu of a definite fee or remuneration. Although professionals make their living in what they do‚ this paid work is often more than just a job or occupation alone. Whether the occupation is law‚ medicine‚ engineering‚ plumbing‚ writing or cricket

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  • Criteria of a Profession

    CRITERIA OF A PROFESSION Nursing is gaining recognition as a profession. Profession has been defined as an occupation that requires extensive education or a calling that requires special knowledge‚ skill‚ and preparation. A profession is generally distinguished from other kinds of occupations by: a. its requirement of prolonged‚ specialized training to acquire a body of knowledge pertinent to the role to be performed - specialized education is an important aspect of professional status

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  • The Profession Of Arms

    The Profession of Arms By PFC Sean Platts If one spends enough time in the Army they will hear the term “Profession of Arms” at some point. This is a term that is commonly used to describe the work that is required of soldiers in the US Army. All who serve are considered to be part of the profession whether they are enlisted‚ commissioned‚ or even a civilian contractor. It means many things to those who serve‚ but this is what it means to me. The first thing I notice about the term is the word

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  • The Army is a Profession

    THE ARMY AS A PROFESSION Argumentative Essay February 24‚ 2014 Is the Army a profession? Today‚ the Army is composed of brave men and women who have volunteered to serve our country. American citizens accept the Army’s code of ethics during their process of becoming an American soldier. The Army promotes professional development through military occupation specialties‚ education‚ and expertise. The Army develops soldiers into experts‚

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  • Accounting Professions

    Accounting Professions Report In the field of accounting‚ there are three main professions that are highly in demand. The professions are 1) Chartered Accountants (CA) 2) Certified General Accountants (CGA) 3) Certified Management Accountants (CMA) Each of these professions requires special practice sessions‚ education‚ training‚ and loads of experience. Nationally and internationally these jobs are highly in demand for its standards and for its stature. Overall‚ this report will inform

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  • Is Teaching a Profession?

    "All professions have an identifiable knowledge base. Teaching has no such knowledge base‚ therefore‚ it is not a profession" Discuss this statement. There are different characteristics of what a profession entails of. Some characteristics‚ such as full graduate training are based on the more known professional modes such as law‚ medicine and engineering. The majority of critics have agreed on the similar aspects of an occupational group acquiring: a knowledge base‚ expertise in their field‚ a sense

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  • Teaching profession

    The teacher as a person cannot be detached from the teacher as a professional. You are this person. Before you become a professional‚ you must possess and develop characteristics which are attuned to the teaching profession. In other words‚ aptitude towards teaching is a significant factor to one’s success as teacher. A good teacher is a humane person looked up to and highly regarded by others. Like you and me‚ a teacher is a breathing‚ feeling and loving person with inborn qualities as well as

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  • Is teaching a profession?

    Beginning the essay it may be mentioned that a profession is always considered as an occupation that needs wide-ranging training and the study and mastery and excellence of specialized knowledge‚ and usually has a professional association‚ ethical code and process of certification or licensing. Quoting the examples it may be mentioned that examples are librarianship‚ diplomacy‚ accounting‚ engineering‚ law‚ architecture‚ aviation‚ medicine‚ social work‚ pharmacy‚ finance‚ the military‚ the clergy

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  • Nursing as a Profession of Choice

    Nursing is a noble profession pursued by people having passion to serve humanity. It has evolved into one of the most respected professions in the healthcare industry worldwide. As far as a hospitalized patient is concerned‚ a nurse is more involved in his service than any other medical or allied health professional. A nurse is delegated the most crucial responsibility of the physical‚ psychological and emotional care of the patient. Healthcare industry depends heavily on the nursing force for its

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