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The teacher as a person cannot be detached from the teacher as a professional. You are this person. Before you become a professional, you must possess and develop characteristics which are attuned to the teaching profession. In other words, aptitude towards teaching is a significant factor to one’s success as teacher. A good teacher is a humane person looked up to and highly regarded by others. Like you and me, a teacher is a breathing, feeling and loving person with inborn qualities as well as acquired traits. The hereditary traits are nurtured by the environment and the training provided by home, school and community. However, if you wish to become a great teacher, you must possess character traits which are compatible with the teaching profession. Some of these outstanding traits include being caring, compassionate, objective, fair, reflective, and above all intellectually superior. Personal Attributes of Good Teachers

1. Intelligence
Of course everybody has intelligence, be it high, average or low. Perhaps, teachers must develop one of Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences. Good teachers are those who possess average to high intelligence. The better teachers are those with high intelligence quotient (IQ) and must exhibit one or more of the multiple intelligences identified by Gardner.

Being intelligent means that one has foresight, a high level of understanding and mental capacity and a lot of common sense. 2. Emotional Stability
Aside from having a high intelligence quotient (IQ), a person who will make a good teacher must also have high emotional quotient (EQ). Are you easily upset by petty things? Do you worry a lot? Do you find difficulty in adjusting to new situations? Do you panic when pressured? If your answers to the above questions are NO, then, you must be calm and composed, and sure of yourself. You must be cheerful and optimistic, self-controlled, patient and level headed. You will make a good teacher! 3. Resourcefulness

A resourceful person is one who is imaginative, creative and makes original products. He or she can easily find ways to solve a problem by making do with what is at hand, and can stimulate others to make use of available materials, time and resources. The words “inadequate” and “lacking” are never in this person’s vocabulary. He or she can always be depended upon in times of difficulty and hardship and can make big things happen using limited resources.

4. Considerateness and Compassion
A person who is kind, friendly, courteous, helpful, thoughtful and tolerant is liked by many. This is the person who looks beyond oneself and is aware that no one is an island. This person feels what others feel. He/She is patient, polite, good-natured and tactful in his/her dealings. 5. Buoyancy

A buoyant person survives difficulties, knows how to balance life amidst adversities and always looks at the positive side of life. This person has high interpersonal intelligence and a good sense of humor; is cheerful and very popular. Alert, carefree and gregarious, such a person loves the company of other people. Indeed, this person makes a good teacher! 6. Objectiveness

An objective person does not make judgment unless sufficient evidence is presented. This person puts aside personal considerations in the search for truth, constantly looks for explanations and gives equal chance for all to be heard.

When confronted with a critical situation, do you always think that your suggestion is correct? Do you see other suggestions as different and inferior to yours? Do you find yourself giving extra favor to others who are close to you? 7. Self-Motivation and drive

Individuals who succeed in life and in their chosen career are those who are self-driven and self-motivated. They have the physical vigor to do their job. They never leave any assigned task unfinished and they perform at their best. They do their work without being supervised. They are goal-oriented and they seek various...
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