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Teaching as a Professional Career

By alisanibor678 Aug 22, 2010 253 Words
Teaching as a Professional Career
Robin Cooke
August 6, 2010
Heather Coldani

Teaching as a Professional Career
There are five factors to define teaching as a professional career, and they are: A specialized body of knowledge, Emphasis on decision making, Reflection, Autonomy, and Ethical standards of conduct (Ingersoll, 1997; Libaree, 1992). The first factor to define teaching as a professional career that I chose to elaborate on is the Emphasis on decision making. The educational system is a very important part of the complicated society of today. It is very necessary that teachers have the ability to make successful decisions at any given time based on their experience and understanding of the teaching profession. On a daily basis teachers are faced with decisions that need to be made. The second factor that I want to discuss is teachers having a specialized body of knowledge, which includes an understanding of the social, historical, philosophical, organizational, and legal aspects of teaching. The third factor I would like to discuss is teacher autonomy. Teacher autonomy can lead to either exciting or vacuous learning experiences for students. Therefore, it is of the most importance that school leaders understand the difficulties associated with teacher autonomy.

Kauchak, D., Eggen, P. (2005). Introduction to Teaching: Becoming a Professional, Second Edition. pp. 14 – 25. LaCoe, CS. (2009). Decomposing teacher autonomy: A study investigating types of teacher autonomy and how current public school climate affects teacher autonomy. Retrieved August 6, 2010 from:

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