Assessing the Iq, Eq and Teaching Performance as an Input to Faculty Development Program

Topics: Intelligence, Education, Intelligence quotient Pages: 3 (1078 words) Published: August 25, 2013

The field of education is loaded with rhetoric and blather, but most teachers have little time, patience or energy to take on new burdens that are ill-defined and impractical. In many respects, teaching is a game of survival, but those who argue for increased quality are often remote from the concerns and realities of the classroom. Many of their strategies, prescriptions and models fail when the school bell rings the start of day. Over the decades, quality achievement and performance against standards has become important words for educators looking to improve practice, make their schools more effective learning organizations. The education system has rallied around a unified set of standards, teachers have come to realize that their classrooms are more heterogeneous than ever. The great diversity of students' needs, interests, and learning styles renders one-size-fits-all approaches not only foolish, but outright damaging to student achievement. Thus, calls for differentiation have become nearly as loud as calls for uniform standards. The challenge for mentors today is to realize the dream of raising the levels of achievement for all students while still preserving the unique and precious gifts of each and every individual, that is not to leave the teachers behind. Although modern view of teaching suggests that students become the focal point, the support for teachers should not be overlooked for they are the core implementers of every curricular program. The success of such depends on how they discharge their functions, duties and responsibilities. The strategies that they use play a very crucial role in the attaining higher goals. Many components come into consideration when we take the role of the teacher closely. The teachers’ performance for a large part is determined by his/her personality. For this, Intelligence-that of IQ and Emotional- EQ are very useful sources of information. An intelligence quotient, or IQ, is a score derived from...
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