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Intelligence Quotient

Although it seems easily defined intelligence is a very broad subject. A vast amount of meanings are given to intelligence as a concept from various cultures and sciences. Intelligence can be classified in two ways one way is fluid intelligence and the other is crystalized intelligence. Fluid intelligence is closely tied to biology as well as nature and is responsible for our quick thinking abilities. An example of fluid intelligence would be thinking of an escape route to flee a burning...

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X Chromosome and Intelligence

explore whether or not intelligence is linked to the X chromosome in a person's genetic makeup. Perhaps this research will end the never ending battle of the sexes regarding which sex is smarter. X Rated summary Recent research regarding the X chromosome sequence may help to define the biological differences between men and women. Sexual differences in intelligence were once thought to arise primarily from hormones and the environment. Studies have not found intelligence to be attributed to a single...

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Intelligence: Learned or Inherited -Nature verses Nurture

INTELLIGENCE: INHERITED OR LEARNED Nature versus Nurture Every day, life provides many thought provoking questions and debates such as “Is God real?” or “How was the earth made?” From William Shakespeare in the early 1700’s there was “To be or not to be that is the question-”an internal dilemma “whether tis nobler in the mind (brain) to suffer...or to take arms against the Sea of troubles (environment)” (Shakespeare 4/23/2014). Some three hundred years later in the mid-19th Century...

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Individual Diffferences - How environmental factors affect Personality & Intelligence

Describe and evaluate the ways in which environmental factors can impact on the development of an individual’s personality and intelligence. The discussion in this essay entails the extent to which environmental factors impact an individual’s development of personality and intelligence. Development can be defined as ‘improvement in function’ which would imply that it occurs with the progression of age. Personality has been found to have a substantial genetic influence however economic and social...

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Mental Retardation

mental ability or intelligence and because of it they have limitations in all things that they want to do, such as communication, self care and getting along with social situations and in their school activities. Intellectual disability is also called a cognitive disability or simply means Mental Retardation. Children with Mental Retardation or intellectual disability can do or learn how to develop their skills, but they develop slowly unlike the average Children with average Intelligence. They are very...

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substantial source of non-shared environment. Considerations of the nature nurture debate: .    Both nature and nurture work together in producing intelligence. Having great genes alone is worth little if intelligence is not nurtured in healthy and stimulating environments. Sometimes people assume that they have great "native" intelligence ("good genes") and they think that they do not have to work hard at being smart. They may be hurt by their own assumption that nature alone is important...

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Mental Retardation

disability (traditionally called mental retardation) is a generalized disorder seen before adulthood, characterized by a deficit and cognitive dysfunction in two or more adaptive functioning. It is historically defined as having a score of 70 in intelligence quotients. Based almost entirely on cognition, the definition now includes mental functioning and functional capacity of an individual related to the environment. An individual with an IQ undervalued can be considered mentally retarded. The reasons...

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Examination Day

the moistness of his mother’s eyes, the scowl on his father’s face, spoiled the mood of fluttering expectation with which he had greeted the morning. ‘What exam?’ he asked. His mother looked at the tablecloth. ‘It’s just a sort of Government Intelligence test they give children at the age of twelve. You’ll be taking it next week. It’s nothing to worry about.’ ‘You mean a test like in school?’ ‘Something like that,’ his father said, getting up from the table. ‘Go and read your comics, Dickie.’...

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Alternative Aplia Assignement 2 Ch

18. Which of Sternberg's types of intelligence could be referred to as “street smarts”? a. practical b. creative c. analytic d. successful 19. In relation to the question of what determines intelligence, most psychologists agree that: a. intelligence is primarily inherited. b. intelligence is primarily determined by the environment. c. intelligence is determined by a single pair of genes. d. both heredity and environment are important in determining intelligence level. 20. Jonathan is a very bright...

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PSY 330 Week 2 Assignment final

Bennett PSY/330 Theories of Personality Maurita Hodge 04/20/2015 Psychology has not been able to explain why the intelligence in individuals is different. The only way to explain the differences is to look at the individuals lifestyle. Their morals, their social life, their ethics, their education, and other issues. "The topic of why differences occur in intelligence among different people is a great topic for discussion as it creates a lot of interest and debate giving rise to different...

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