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Topics: Intelligence quotient, Intelligence, Intellectual giftedness Pages: 2 (365 words) Published: April 18, 2013
An intelligence test is a test designed to determine the relative mental capacity of a person, standardized tests are used to establish an intelligence level rating by measuring a student’s ability to form concepts, solve problems, acquire information, reason, and perform other intellectual operations. “Although intelligence, like thinking, cannot be directly seen or touched, psychologists tie the concept to achievements such as school performance and occupational status” (Rathus, 174).

Intelligence test (IQ tests) don't measure all attributes that influence success. An average IQ test score does not mean that the child is not gifted. “Numbers alone, and especially IQ scores, cannot adequately define children's special abilities and talents” (Rathus, 179).

Some factors are not measured by IQ tests and greatly influence academic achievement. IQ test results do not reflect creative abilities, artistic talents, and motivation that are often the attributes of gifted and talented children. The child’s giftedness may be recognized through observing his or her behavior, class work, and social activity.

Labeling students as "gifted" or "slow" is a big problem, I have read about it before and in my opinion it can cause harm either way.

“Psychologists from Columbia University asked 128 students aged 10 and 11 to solve a number of math problems. Afterwards, some were told: “You did really well – you’re so clever.” Researchers told the other group, “You did really well – you must have tried really hard.” Both groups of children were then given more difficult questions and those who had been told they were clever did not do as well as the others .In fact, the researchers found they even tried to lie about their results when asked about the experiment.”

Praising your children can damage their confidence according to a leading psychoanalyst

“every label—“slow,” “bright,” “trouble-maker,” or “difficult”—entails a set of expectations that are associated with...
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