United States and Bob Herbert

Topics: United States, Education, Teacher Pages: 2 (420 words) Published: May 11, 2014

Alita Bermudez
In the article " Our Schools Must Do Better" by Bob Herbert basically telling readers our school system needs more improvements. Bob Herbert mentioned in the article "The first is teacher quality, a topic that gets talked about incessanlty." The first thing that came in my mind how teachers needs to also work hard with their students. All teachers from different levels of grades should b able to push their students to work harder. Some Schools has teachers who just let their students do what ever they want, and not even make to the next grade level. Bob Herbert also mentioned how " Studies have clearly shown that good teachers and the not-so-good ones can ususally be identified." Teachers should always want to show the parnets that thier children are in good hands. He basically wants to improve on the school environment.

Another article that disagree about the schools need to improve is called " An exchange teacher says U.S. schools are doing fine," by Gregory A. Patterson. This article is basically talking about how the united states and how china school system works. Both articles are talking about how the teachers are with their students. For example " In china, teachers are more strcit with about discipline and academic standards." I believe that china take their education real serious and work twice as hard than untied states does. The article also had mentioned "The students here don't study as hard as my students" This proves how students in the US dont work as much as the students in China. This atricle is basically comparing the United of States and China school works.

After reading the first two articles I found an article called " Some U.S. schools doing just fine" by Thomas L.Friedman. This article talks about how come the U.S not doing as well as other countries. There are questions many people would like to know the answers to. Such as the article mentiones " Why are we not doing as well as schools in...
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