Teaching Profession: Head and Tail

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Teaching Profession: Head and Tail



In present education system teacher has play an important role in transaction of curriculum. In the twenty first century, teacher has become the main focus of discussion, because teacher is the pivotal of all kind of knowledge transmission. It has been said beautifully that teacher is entitled to enter heaven. Not even this, those who accompany the teacher will also enter the heaven. The place where teacher and student meet is heaven. On the eve of the Teacher’s Day, President Smt. Pratibha Patil called on teachers to expand their role in keeping with the changing times and the advent of technology. She said that “The question may arise that in an age where there is so much information available in books, on television and myriads of vehicles of electronic transmission, what is the role of a teacher? In this environment their role has only expanded. They have to interpret the vast information, often guiding children in distinguishing between what is relevant and what is not….Moreover, teachers must inculcate in their students the approaches and principles that constitute civilized human behaviour. Even the best of technology of today cannot do this.”

It is said that teaching profession is the best profession among all. The respect and regard of teaching profession is very high. Teacher elsewhere have always commanded great respect and regard from the society, because teacher is rescuer of humanity. He prepares citizen and creates manpower for every sector of human activity. The quality of people, and their level of thinking, largely depends on the contribution made by the teacher. This view is also supported by the father of Nation Mahatma Gandhi. He says – “I have always felt that the true text book for the pupil is his teacher. I remember very little that my teachers...
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