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  • Non-commissioned Officer and Integrity

    his Soldiers to and from combat. Just as the Battalion Commander has to trust that the Company Commanders can do the same at their level. Company Commanders trust that their subordinate officers‚ Platoon Leaders and Executive Officers can accomplish the same mission. The same goes for the Non-Commissioner Officer Support Channel. If the trust is absent at any level‚ the unit’s cohesion and readiness are affected. Soldiers who don’t demonstrate

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  • Non-commissioned Officer and Army

    accomplishing the mission. A Soldier’s duty includes obeying orders. Duty and Responsibility is part of the Army values for a reason. I’m accordance with Army regulation Field Manual 7-22.7 covers the duties‚responsibilities and authorities of a Non Commissioned Officer. Duty is fulfilling your obligations. Doing your duty means more than carrying out your assigned tasks. Duty means being able to accomplish tasks as part of a team. The work of the U.S Army is a complex combination of missions‚ tasks

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  • The Creed of the Non Commissioned Officer

    The Creed of the Noncommissioned Officer is‚ to some‚ just words that must be uttered during ceremonies and those times when new sergeants earn their stripes. To others‚ there is no higher thought. These Soldiers live their time while in uniform trying their best to uphold everything written in those three paragraphs. Some choose what those words mean; others make little effort in deciding but let others decide for them. When I entered the service of my country 6 years ago‚ I had no clue that such

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  • Non-commissioned Officer and Respect

    you their upmost attention to every detail that is put out to the person. Obeying an order from a NCO or commissioned officers is highly respect in the military world the proper way to respect an NCO or commissioned officer is by standing at the proper position for an NCO it will be standing at parade rest for a commissioned officer the soldier or personnel addressing the officer will stand at attention if the soldier of personnel does not do the proper actions then there will be an on

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  • Non-commissioned Officer and United States

    The definition of disrespect is lack of respect‚ discourtesy‚ or rudeness. In the United States Military‚ there are rules and regulations you must follow‚ one of them being respect to a non commissioned officer. No matter the circumstance‚ whether you agree or not‚ you are not allowed to talk back‚ physically fight back‚ or question judgment. If this does happen‚ there are consequences and repercussions from the actions taken on your part. Uniformed Code of Military Justice states that you can ultimately

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  • Orders: Non-commissioned Officer and Order

    President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me‚ according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice.” Whether you’re black or white‚ woman or man‚ your first language learned was Spanish or English‚ if you enlist in the United States Military you swear this oath. National Guard enlistees swear a similar oath but with an addition that they “swear to obey the orders of the Governor of their state.” Officers have a different oath that they must swear when

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  • Responsibility and Leadership of a Non-Commissioned Officer

    The responsibilities and leadership roles of an NCO are outlined in The Non-Commissioned Officer Creed. But what is leadership and responsibilities? Leadership is the action of leading a group of people or an organization. Responsibility is answerable or accountable‚ as for something within one’s power‚ control‚ or management. As it states in The NCO Creed you as an (NCO) Noncommissioned Officer are a leader of Soldiers. It is your responsibility to accomplish the mission and take care of

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  • Staff Non Commissioned Officer Staff NCO

    Staff Non-Commissioned Officers are a vital part of any Commander or unit’s team. The staff is responsible for all aspects of a mission given to the unit. The staff can effectively plan and coordinate future missions and receive desired outcomes. Each member of the staff should be confident‚ technically‚ and tactically efficient with ability to lead it unit and accomplish the mission. Although most junior Non-Commissioned Officers do not hold staff positions‚ they still use the same processes of

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  • Disrespect: Non-commissioned Officer and Marine Corps

    Disrespect The Non-Commissioned Officers are the backbone of the United States Marine Corps. This is an punctual statement thats helps show the functioning of the Marine Corps today. NCOs keep order and discipline within the ranks‚ they are the example for all junior Marines. There is a matter of respect earned when promoted to a rank as such. This is what makes the orders given by an NCO a vital aspect of obedience. As well as regarding your leadership with respect is a fundamental attribute instilled

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  • Disrespect: Non-commissioned Officer and Soldiers Creed

    you learn in the Army. I guess that might be the reason why i didn’t want to do it. I have said it countless times so why do i have to do it? When you look at the bigger picture than you or in this case I should have realized that an Non Commissioned Officer was telling me to do something. In this case it was not against the law or immoral in any way. I should have just said it and i would’ve been on my way. In most cases NCOs are trying to help the younger soldiers and get them on the path to

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