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accounting as my career. Accounting require you to be careful because the accountants always work directly with the numbers and accounting books. They are important documents before the law, they show the financial situation of the company and accountants are persons who do them. Many jobs permit you have the mistakes, you can repair them but accounting is never. If you have a mistake, you can’t undo it. Accountants are honest persons and good at accounting knowledge. They usually work with...

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How to be a good accountant When someone asked me what you want to do when you grow up, I will always answer "scientists", but what is that, what to do, I have no idea. When I went to middle high school, I believed that a wide range of scientists, I need to have a specific selection, so I wanted to do a lot of career, such as journalists, actors, astronauts, and so on. I thought about everything, but I feel that it is not possible to achieve, my future is still very long. I also have lots of...

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The Role of an Accountant

The Role of an Accountant American InterContinental University Accounting Abstract Recently I was asked to give a speech at a high school career fair. The main focus of my speech is discussing my role as an account and what students should know. In this presentation I will present the students with the main objectives of accounting. I will also inform them of the terminology of the accounting process or financial reporting. Then I want to talk about how accounting...

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The Dilemma of an Accountant

The ethical dilemma in this case is one that Daniel Potter is faced with. Daniel is a staff accountant at a Big Eight accounting firm, Baker Greenleaf. He was given the duty of performing an audit on a wholly-owned real estate subsidiary (Sub) of a long-standing and important client of his firm. Oliver Freeman is Daniel’s project manager. Oliver is the one that gave Daniel the task of performing the audit, and he is expecting a clean opinion from Daniel on the analysis of the Sub in...

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Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants

duties of professional accountants Ethical principles of auditors Technical and ethical competence of auditors Essential disciplinary measures for auditors 2 Concept of a profession • Five attributes of a profession – a systematic body of theory – authority of professional bodies – community sanction for control over membership and accreditation – ethical codes – a professional culture 3 The duties, rights and values of a professional accountant • Duties to sustain a fiduciary...

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Memo: Hiring a Managerial Accountant

Memo To: From: Date: October 7, 2012 Re: Hiring a managerial accountant for internal accounting The purpose of hiring a managerial accountant is to focus on the internal accounting system. His or her goal will be to comply with the outside demand of bankers as well as summarize the data that will be used to manage and control the business better. He or she will be responsible for paying close attention to short-term goals on day to day basis and make sure that the long-term goals of the...

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Changes in the Role of the Management accountant

little change in the skills of the Management accountant but there has been massive changed in the business environment and this raised a lot of criticism. Although the skills of the management accountant have had to change in the past number of years, the traditional skills have become less central yet remain still important. A broader range of skills, not all purely accountancy related, have come into the skills portfolio of a management accountant. Yasin et Al 2005 presents the new skills...

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Why I Want To Become An Accountant

Why I want to become an accountant. Composing. Why I want to become an accountant? Have you ever been in the accounting department? I have been in the accounts. Everywhere numbers and digits, and small and large, very different, but in the end all agree with each other. Accounting! Surprisingly interesting. Mayakovsky Accountant - responsible profession. It requires a mathematical mind, here it is all very logical, exactly. The main principle of accounting - rigid logic. Some people believe that...

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The Role of Forensic Accountants in Corporate Governance

1 THE ROLE OF FORENSIC ACCOUNTANTS IN CORPORATE GOVERNANCE Corporate governance is defined as the formal mechanism of direction, supervision and control put in place within a company in order to monitor the decisions and actions of its senior managers and ensure these are compatible and consistent with the specific interest of shareholders and the various other interests of shareholders who contribute to the operations of the company. Forensic Accountants are experienced investigators of legal and financial...

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Explain How the Role of an Accountant Has Changed over Time.

role of an accountant has changed over time. Discuss the role of the accountant in modern business. I. Introduction. Thesis statement: Many changes have happened in Accounting in the last few years. Most of which are differences in styles and also ways to implement this knowledge in modern business. II. What are an older-style accountant and modern accountant? 1. Overview of the situation in the past. 2. Previous information about an older- style accountant. A. ...

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