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Certified Public Accountant

Certified Public Accountant As a Public Accountant you must have strong knowledge in accounting or at least work with the firm. Strong leadership and critical thinking, decision making is one of the responsibilities as an accountant. The word Public Accountant is to serve with the government and knowledge about Law’s making accurate financial statements; balance sheet, income statement, statements of cash flow including auditing, reporting, posting and balancing. An Accountant must be a positive...

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Certified Public Accountants

Assignment From the Text 1-23 (Organizations associated with the public accounting profession) Several private and public sector organizations are associated with the profession. Listed below are activities pertaining to these organizations. REQURIED: Indicate the organization or organizations associated with each activity 1. License individuals to practice as CPAs * State Boards of Accountancy - There are 54 boards of accountancy. Licensing, renewing, and suspending or revoking licenses...

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Deontological Ethics: American Institute Of Certified Public Accountants

good the consequences are of some actions, the choices cannot be justified, and they are morally prohibited. Thus, the accountant's actions rather than their consequences become the focus of the ethical reasoning process. Under this principle, an accountant is morally bound to act according to the requirements of a rule of conduct of the Code without regard to a concern for the effects of that action (Adams, Malone, James, 1994). Unlike utilitarianism, deontologists consider bribery to be ethically...

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How to be a good accountant When someone asked me what you want to do when you grow up, I will always answer "scientists", but what is that, what to do, I have no idea. When I went to middle high school, I believed that a wide range of scientists, I need to have a specific selection, so I wanted to do a lot of career, such as journalists, actors, astronauts, and so on. I thought about everything, but I feel that it is not possible to achieve, my future is still very long. I also have lots of...

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Competences of Becoming an Accountant

Accounting is more than just adding numbers and being good at math. Accountants have to “ensure that financial records are accurate and that taxes are paid properly on time.” (Bureau of Labor Statistics [BLS], 2012, para. 1). There are several different types of accounting. These types include, auditors, forensic, public, tax professional, financial advisor, and consultants. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to become an accountant. You have to go through years of school to earn your degree, already...

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Forensic Accountant

Abstract Forensic accountant have the important task of analyzing, investigating and determine and discrepancies with any form of financial report, earning, fraud and hinting asset. To perform such task the individual much be accurate, patience and have a love for number, also helping people to dispute, recover and discovery any financial wrongdoing. The top five important and essential skills a forensic accountant would need to be successful in their line...

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The Dilemma of an Accountant

The Dilemma of an Accountant Studying the ethic case the dilemma is whether Dan Potter, who was assigned to an audit assignment should go by the audit and guidelines or whether he should disregard the ethical standards and continue to follow the instructions of his immediate boss. Dan Potter is working as a staff accountant at Baker Greenleaf. Dan final had an opportunity on first major audit assignment. This assignment required him to work under the supervision of his senior, Oliver Freeman, on...

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Career Paper : Accountant

Accountant Career Project: Report Business 101   Career Overview Accountants carry the primary responsibility for bookkeeping services such as payroll, bank reconciliations, general ledger posting, along with managing financial statement compilations and oversee efficient use of funds and related tasks. Correspondingly, they provide some Human Resource functions such as Employee Handbook compilation, and benefits management. Another responsibility of accountant’s is taxes:...

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accounting as my career. Accounting require you to be careful because the accountants always work directly with the numbers and accounting books. They are important documents before the law, they show the financial situation of the company and accountants are persons who do them. Many jobs permit you have the mistakes, you can repair them but accounting is never. If you have a mistake, you can’t undo it. Accountants are honest persons and good at accounting knowledge. They usually work with...

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The Differences Between Public and Private Accounting

------------------------------------------------- The differences between public and private accounting In order to understand the difference between public and private accounting, we must first understand what accounting is. Accounting is simply an information system used to identify and communicate financial information to users of that information. Accurate, reliable and pertinent information is extremely important in evaluating a company’s financial position in order to attract investments...

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