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Financial Audit

5.30 (Medium) Sufficient appropriate audit evidence has not been obtained to support the conclusions. | | Procedures | General point | Quality (appropriate evidence) | Quantity (sufficient) | (a) | Observation of stock take - went according to instructionsInventory test counts and cut-off prove satisfactory. | To conclude that the ACCOUNT balance is fairly stated (i.e. in $$ terms), all material assertions must be verified. | Existence assertion (an overstatement test) has been tested from the...

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SEMESTER 1, 2013 SEMINAR 9 - PROBLEM QUESTIONS PROBLEM 9.1 While assessing the risk of material misstatement and determining the appropriate response with regard to the inventory of Ace Computers Ltd (Ace) for the year ended 30 June 2011 audit, you become aware of the following information: 1. The best-selling computer presentation package has been experiencing a high level of returns owing to suspected software problems. 2. Based on closing inventory, inventory turned over...

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Marketing Audit

marketing audit is not unlike a financial audit in that it helps the organisations to examine progress or lack of process towards the goals. A marketing audit is an evaluation of the marketing within an organisation to see if their strategies in place are effective within the marketing environment. There is an “internal and external” form of audits. The internal audit assists with considering the effectiveness of the marketing strategies in place at the time of the audit. The “external” audit considers...

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Case Study: Financial Audit

underrecorded income earned, we could consider this as a financial reporting fraud. The auditor would have identified the risk primarily through analysis of financial results and review of operational procedures. b) The auditor should pay close attention to the changes of company’s financial result and analyze those changes in time to see if they are reasonable. Most auditors should have detected this kind of material misstatement in company’s financial results, because this defalcation is caused by a personal...

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Auditing: Financial Audit and Inventory

of profit of loss for the financial year. b. Secondary objective – it is also called the incidental objective as it is incidental to the satisfaction of the main objective. The incidental objective of auditing are: i. Detection and prevention of Frauds, and ii. Detection and prevention of Errors. Detection of material frauds and errors as an incidental objective of independent financial auditing flows from the main objective of determining whether or not the financial statements give a true and...

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Standards Introduction Self-regulated: the standards governing audits were established by members of the profession themselves Sarbanes-Oxley Acct of 2002 Created: Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB) to provide external and independent oversight over the audits of public entities Responsible for registering public accounting firms, establishing standards for audit engagements, and inspecting the quality of audits conducted by public accounting firms ****Generally Accepted Auditing...

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Fundamental concepts of f/s audit Materiality misstatement of accounting information. is a matter of professional judgment Audit risk The auditor expresses an inappropriate audit opinion when the financial statements are materially misstated, Evidence (more than “per discussion with client) Major phrases of audit: Client acceptance/continuance; Preliminary engagement activities; Establish materiality and assess risks; Plan the audit ;Consider and audit internal control; Audit business processes and...

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collection of audit evidence? The risk assessment process happens at the very beginning of the engagement and is to determine the level of risk present in the company. The risk assessment phase is when the auditor assess the client’s situation, conducts an independence threat analysis and decides whether to accept the client or not. The risk assessment is influenced by various factors such as the degree to which external users will rely on the audited statements, the company’s financial position (liquidity)...

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1 Chapter 7: Audit Evidence I. Definition: Evidence – information used by the auditor to draw conclusions on the fair presentation of the financial statements. Audit objectives suggest the types of evidence to accumulate. II. Decisions on evidence accumulation A. Which audit procedures to use. General Objectives: Six TRAOs Eight BRAOs Four PDAOs Accounting Cycles: Five Management Assertions Specific Objectives: At least: Six TRAOs Eight BRAOs Four PDAOs Audit Procedures: At least one...

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The Audit

assertions and audit objectives - Define management assertions and the related audit objectives - Describe management assertions related to class of transactions, balances and presentation and disclosures - List out and describe general transaction related audit objectives, balance related audit objectives and presentation and disclosure audit objectives - Understand specific audit objectives and how they are linked to general audit objectives and management assertions Topic 4 – Audit evidence...

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* Subject Synopsis This course introduces the elements of auditing. It discusses the principles and procedures of auditing, types of audits, scope and objectives of auditing. It also covers professional ethics in auditing, audit evidences, audit planning and various other aspects of auditing. Moreover it gives knowledge about objectives of doing audit. The course also aims to explain the liability and responsibility of the auditor and how the computerised environment effects the business environment...

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balances Understand the audit planning implications of using analytical procedures as substantive tests of account balances Burlington Bees, an independent, minor league baseball team, competes in the North-west Coast League. The team finished in second place in 200X with an 87—57 record. The Bees' 200X cumulative season attendance of 434,348 spectators set a new record high for the team, up from 390,000 in 200W. Bank-loan covenants require the Bees to submit audited financial statements annually...

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theft. D. Expected effectiveness of controls. 13. The risk that an auditor’s procedures will lead to the conclusion that a material misstatement does not exist in an account balance when, in fact, such misstatement does exist is referred to as A. Audit risk B. Inherent risk C. Control risk D. Detection risk 14. Evidential matter concerning proper segregation of duties ordinarily is best obtained by A. Preparation of a flowchart of duties performed by available personnel. B. Inquiring whether...

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conduct marketing audit assessment task 2

great deal about the common attributes of our most prized and loyal customers. Sarto’s gourmet pasta will leverage this information to better understand who is served, their specific needs, and how sarto’s can better communicate with them. External audit External macro-environmental factors Economic factors: pasta sales are expected to grow by at least 10% for the next years. One of the reasons for this is the increase in number of hours people are working, which has resulted in more number of people...

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Pinnacle Manufacturing Part 2

 1. External users' reliance on financial statements External users rely heavily on the financial statement of Pinnacle Manufacturing. Although, Pinnacle manufacturing is a privately held company it incurs a large amount of debt. As a result potential users rely heavily on financial statements. Pinnacle is selling the machine tech division to focus on engine manufacturing, the company's core operations. This causes buyers to also rely heavily on financial statements. In No. 6 the board chooses...

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Starbucks Case Study

PRAISE EMERALD INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL FOUNDATION, INC 121-41 Rotary Drive, Pilot Area, NGC Compound, Brgy. Commonwealth, Q.C. NOTES TO CONSOLIDATED FINANCIAL STATEMENTS March 31, 2010 1. ORGANIZATION: Praise Emerald Int’l School Foundation, Inc (PEIS) is a non-stock, non-profit educational institution which started in 1988 as a Day Care Center in honor of Judge Lorenzo Veneracion’s late daughter who died in a plane crash in January 26, 1987. In 1994, this Day Care Center was...

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Auditing, Attestation, and Assurance Services Paper - Introduction

and who establishes those standards. Comparing and Contrasting Auditing, Attestation, and Assurance Services Auditing is the term used to describe the process of obtaining objective evidence regarding the reliability and integrity of financial information or statements (Elliott & Pallais, 1997).  It includes procedures such as testing systems and gathering evidence.  Inquiry is another important procedure in addition to analytical tests of records and systems. Attestation is...

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Sarbanes Oxely

controls to the SEC. It came as a result of the large corporate financial scandals involving Enron, WorldCom, Global Crossing and Arthur Andersen. Provisions of the Sarbanes Oxley Act (SOX) detail criminal and civil penalties for noncompliance, certification of internal auditing, and increased financial disclosure. It affects public U.S. companies and non-U.S. companies with a U.S. presence. SOX is all about corporate governance and financial disclosure. High-profile business failures culminating in...

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National Rural Health Mission

exposure to Internal Audit, Statutory audit and Concurrent Audit. | | | | | |PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE | | |Worked as a Senior Audit Assistant in L.Lal &...

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Alex Jewanram MU1 Assignment 2

Jewanram Assignment 2 Question 2 MEMORANDUM DATE: October 7, 20X4 TO:    John Jones, CEO FROM: Alex Jewanram, Chief Audit Executive RE:      Risks faced by CWTI As requested, I have identified the following risks and methods required by the company to reduce or mitigate these risks to an acceptable level. Please review this so that we can discuss the issues prior to circulating to the audit committee. a. Competition Risk: The risk of losing customers to competitors. (This risk can be mitigated by improving...

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Acca Per

management to support decision making Implement organisational policies and procedures in your area of responsibility Ensure compliance with legal, regulatory and social requirements in your area of responsibility | 3 Raise awareness of non-financial risk | Performing, or contributing to, risk assessments e.g. risks to health and safety, risks to achievement of work objectives etc Consulting with risk experts within your organisation Conducting full and proper client acceptance procedures ...

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Comprehensive Question

5-30 (Assertions) In planning the audit of a client’s financial statements, an auditor identified the following issues that need audit attention. 1. The allowance for doubtful accounts is fairly presented in amount. 2. All accounts payable owed as of the balance sheet date are included in the financial statements. 3. All purchase returns recorded in the general ledger are valid. 4. There is a risk that purchases made in the last week of the month might be recorded in the...

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The Auditing Case Study

Memo To : Watson & Partners Re : Audit of Moss Green Ltd. Company structure Moss Green Ltd. is a wine grower and producer of medium to high quality wines, located in Western Australia’s Margaret River region. Tickit Associates was Moss Green’s previous auditing company and we were engaged immediately after it listed on the Australian Stock Exchange to take over as auditors. The company is successful in exporting internationally, especially in the United Kingdom supermarket chain, Safebury...

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Chapter 1- Demand for Audit and Assurance Services Assurance Services- Are the independent professional services that improve the quality of information for decision makers. Individuals who are responsible for making business decisions seek assurance services to help improve the reliability and relevance of the information used as the basis for their decisions. Assurance services are valued because the assurance provider is independent and perceived as being unbiased with respect to the information...

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ACT 5733 Fall 2014 On Line HW 2

implementing and using the Balanced Scorecard at your organization. a) List and describe the four perspectives of the Balanced Scorecard. 1. learning and growth perspective 2. the business process perspective 3. The customer perspective 4. The financial perspective b) What steps would you encourage him or her to take in order to successfully implement and use the Scorecard to manage the organization? As part of your answer, be sure to describe any roadblocks to be avoided. Be specific in describing...

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Case 10 8 Ellie Enterprise

the majority (80 percent) of the fund is alternative in nature. As per AU 330-11, the audit evidence doesn’t seem appropriate because it is not reliable and relevant in terms of existence and valuation. Further, AU 330-04 defines confirmation as “the process of obtaining and evaluating a direct communication from a third party in response to a request for information about a particular item affecting financial statement assertions.” The process includes— Selecting items for which confirmations are...

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Substantive Procedures for Cash Outflow Irregularities

Shoes. An audit program will be designed according to the three cycles that will be outlined below. The first cycle that will be discussed is cash, then accounts payable and finally the payroll function. These cycles will be evaluated for substantive procedures for Apollo Shoes and detect irregularities for each section and an appropriate audit program will be designed for each department. Cash At Apollo Shoes irregularities or cash schemes, which could occur in the audit cycle of cash...

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Room 408, Extension 3024 l.weaver@aston.ac.uk Availability: Please see office hours on door or group administrator, Ms Rosaleen Shirley, ABS 404, Extension 3238 Pre-Requisite(s) for the Module: Module Objectives/Learning Outcomes: BF2211 Financial Accounting The purpose of this module is to explore the role of self-regulation and address some of the ethical issues faced by accountants and auditors, and to enable students to obtain a critical understanding of the practice and function of...

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Marketing Plan

The Marketing Audit The marketing audit has certain similarities to a financial audit in that it is a review or appraisal of your existing marketing activities. Carrying out the marketing audit provides the opportunity to review and appraise your whole marketing activity, enabling you to assess past and present performance as well as to provide the basis for evaluating possible future courses of action. Because the business environment is constantly changing, the marketing audit should be used...

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Sexfuck Boobs

Handled Tax audits for various partnership firms & proprietary concerns. o Handled computation of tax, advice in advance tax, preparation & filing of I.T. returns for individuals, HUF, partnership firms, private companies and charitable trust. o Prepared various statutory returns viz. VAT monthly returns, computation of TDS & filing of quarterly TDS returns. o Handled Bank branch audit at State Bank of India. o Involved in various Assessments under Income Tax Act. o Audit of charitable...

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Internship in Accounting Department Fin

Finance department in AUL has organization chart contains: 1. Director of Finance (report to the Vise President of Finance & Administration) a. Financial Planning officer b. Accounting officer i. Account payable ii. Cashier (treasury) c. Bursar i. Account receivable Finance department in AUL is responsible of the following duties: 1. Preparing the financial statement 2. Preparing monthly accounting report 3. Preparing monthly payroll report 4. Preparing annual budget 5. Preparing departmental...

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Chapter 8 Page 320 8.1 The short-term effect on the financial statements for improperly capitalizing expenditures is to increase net income since expensed items are included just like assets while the long-term effect is pretty much similar to short-term effect because the assets are charged to expense as depreciation. Page 324 8.3 A purchasing manager can direct purchases toward vendors who provide the manager kick-backs. This can be prevented by notifying suppliers that the company will not...

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Target: Mechanisms of Control

internal audits, profit and loss statements, and feedback control. Setting Performance Standards As stated on the Target Company web site (Target, 2012) target employs 355,000 employees worldwide. With a large group of employees Target must set standards that help the employees understand and achieve the mission of the company. (Bateman/Snell, 2009) As stated in the online text a standard is the expected performance of a given goal. Internal Audits In most organizations internal audits are conducted...

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A Study on Clientele Satisfaction Towards the Services of Chartered Accountants in Virudhunagar District

profitability. A professional commands respect in the society because his motto is ‘Pride of service in preference to personal gain’. He is described as one who places public good above his personal gain. This is the reason why Government, financial institutions and members of the public rely on a CA for his expert advice. The accounting professionals are the minds of any concern. The accountant is expected to act as conscience-keeper of the corporate vision and mission and devise the...

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case 12-07

by Thompson is reasonable. Finally, Company’s nine-year horizon assumption is reasonable. Issues: 1. Determine the appropriate accounting literature for Rossi’s recognition and measurement of the asbestos litigation liability. 2. What additional audit procedures, if any, should you suggest to the engagement partner in order to evaluate the appropriateness of the asbestos litigation liability as of December 31, 2009? 3. Considering the range of the estimated claims liabilities, do you believe that...

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Capitalbanc Corporation Case 2.4

accounts that should be presented in the financial statements are so included. *Rights and obligation is one of the account balance assertions According to AU 326, paragraph 6, assertions about rights and obligations address whether assets are the rights of the entity and liabilities are the obligations of the entity at a given date. * Presentation and disclosure, according to aU 326, paragraph 8, address whether particular components of the financial statements are properly classified, described...

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Duty of Care, Skill and Diligence: Case Study

Ong (CEO) Duty of care, skill and diligence: Ong failed to use reasonable diligence in discharging his duties. He did not inform the Audit Committee (“AC”) of the controversy surrounding the recognition of ISR revenue. For AIP, he made unwarranted assumption to consider ‘start of course’ as ‘start of course procedure’ without seeking professional advice. He had inappropriately recognized Franchise Revenue , contributed by flip pathfinders’ agreements, albeit knowing that these agreements were...

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Group Assurance of Learning Exercise 2

Group 4 Assurance of Learning Exercise 2 Questions 21, 22, 26, 29, & 31 21. Explain how to conduct an external strategic management audit External audits are conducted by gathering large amounts of competitive intelligence about various economic, social, and demographic trends. After the information has been gathered, it needs to be evaluated. Meetings should be held so that there can be conversations about the data. Once the data has been collected and reviewed, the company needs to...

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Chartered Accountancy Course

Introduction Chartered accountancy is the core of all business, be it big or small. A chartered accountant’s work involves auditing, taxation, accounting and financial planning. It can be a very challenging and rewarding job. Career prospects after doing chartered accountancy are exciting. Chartered accountancy can be the first step to other rewarding careers in finance, investment consultancy and fund management. The Chartered Accountancy course is conducted by the Institute of Chartered Accountants...

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Why the big fours and not the other small firms?

the number of partners, staff etc 2. What are the kind of clients – Are there more of domestic clients or international companies 3. Is there any division amongst the partners relating to work, i.e., someone takes care of tax, other takes care of audit. Or is everyone handling everything 4. What kind of stipend is offered.Although, at the time of articleship this question is not relevant, but sometimes one can make out the standing of the firm by the amount of stipend that firms pay to its trainees ...

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Auditing: Financial Audit and Auditors Reports Date

PRINCIPLES OF AUDITING Course: Auditing Title: Auditing Operations and Completing the Audit, Auditors’ Reports Date: March 25, 2014 Justin Kealey, CPA, is auditing Tustin Companies, Inc. Kealey has accumulated known and likely misstatements for the current year to evaluate whether there is a sufficiently low risk of material misstatement of the financial statements to issue an opinion. However, Kealey notes that there are several misstatements that have been carried...

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Roger Worsham Case

But then he found clear evidence of fraud, and encountered a sit¬uation that threatened his newly found security and employment. We were doing the annual audit for the machinery manufacturer. This company had not been doing well. Sales had been declining for four or five years, losses had been reported for each of those years, and the financial position of the company had steadily deteriorated. I was going through the notes payable, and found that they had a loan, and a large one, from the savings...

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audit homework

Safeguards Objective Assessment a) The lending of staff by the firm to an audit client may create a self-review threat. (APES110.290.142) Referring to APES110,290 142, it states that if the firm lend the staff to audit client, and it will create the self-review threat. The possible safeguards are as following: Pay more attention on the work done by the loaned staff while in audit engagement. Do not assign any audit responsibility to the task that is performed by that loaned staff. Remove...

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Strategic Management and Forces Competitive Forces

ASSESSMENT An External Audit focuses on identifying and evaluating trends and events beyond the control of a single firm, such as increased foreign competition, population shifts, an aging society, information technology, and the computer revolution. An external audit reveals key opportunities and threats confronting an organization so that managers can formulate strategies to take advantage of the opportunities and avoid or reduce the impact of threats. The Nature of an External Audit The purpose of...

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Corporate Fraud - Case Study on Informatio

Limited 2005). But here's the fact: Only 16 per cent of economic crimes in the region were detected by risk-management systems. In fact, the vast majority of incidences of economic crime were detected by accident, tip-off, and internal and external audit (PriceWaterhouse Coopers 2003). Here in the case study of Informatics Group (Singapore) Private Limited was the 84 per cent where the conspiracy was exposed. The company reported that its business entity owned, Computer Assisted Learning (CAL)...

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Substantive Procedures

Substantive Procedures to Evaluate Cash Irregularities Substantive procedures for detecting irregularities in the cash cycle follow normal audit procedures of testing internal controls over cash and by collecting and evaluating audit evidence are needed. Following instruction set forth by Joe Bootwell, Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Karina Ramirez, Director of Internal Audit, established the following procedures for testing cash irregularities (University of Phoenix, 2013). 1. Cash receipt procedures. ...

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Cover letter

HQ Pier 20 Port of Seattle 1111 Seattle way Seattle, WA 98121 RE: College Intern – Internal Audit, 1234, 4/5/2013 Dear Hiring Professional, You need an intern with a meticulous attention to detail and excellent organization skills. My experience as a Lead Price Audit Coordinator and status as a first year college student studying business makes me an ideal candidate for the Internal Audit position at the Port of Seattle HQ. My time as a price auditor has given me a solid foundation...

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controls at bellagio

blackjack dealers. They must wear uniforms and perform certain duties, such as accepting tips and doing cash and chip exchanges, exactly as procedure states. All dealers must be licensed and the Bellagio does background checks before hiring. Financial and accounting analyses ensure there are no statistical anomalies associated with any one dealer or shift. CCT is one of the best controls the Bellagio has. Employees do not always follow controls put in place but when they know they are being...

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Audit 1

letter is to confirm our understanding of the terms of our engagement as the auditors of Oceanview Marine Company for the year ended December 31, 2014. We will audit the company’s balance sheet for December 31, 2014, and the related statements of income, retained earnings, and cash flows for the year then ended. The purpose of our audit is to form an opinion as to whether these statements are fairly presented in accordance with accounting principles generally accepted in the United States of America...

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Professional Ethics

and Jack Bean work for is Green, Thresher & Co., CPAs. * Jack was a senior auditor, while Barbara had been an auditor for less than a year. * In February 2011, Barbara was on the team conducting an audit on Delancey Fabrics. * The CPA firm was already on a time crunch to complete its audit of Delancey. * In regards to Delancey’s property area, Barbara was to sample all items over $20,000, plus a judgmental sample of smaller items. * Barbara interpreted a judgmental sample to include...

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BMGT422 individual assignment 1

Score____/15 Grade_____ Gaining an Understanding of a Business and Industry: Goal: Expose you to databases that might help you understand your client’s business and industry in order to conduct your audit. The following must be performed using the databases described below. To earn the full grade you must do all of the following steps. You must have everything typed! The Assignment is due Thursday, September 18, 2014/Monday, September 22, 2014 at the official start time of your section. ...

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Audit Process

Audit Process Typically an audit flows through a series of logical steps culminating in the ‘Audit Report’. Background Research Preparation of the Audit Plan Accounting Systems review Internal Control System review Substantive Testing Analytical review techniques Analytical review of financial statements Preparation and signing of the Audit Report Background Research 1. Present condition and future prospects for the industry 2. History, present and future prospects...

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Audit: Auditing and Financial Report

must have the knowledge and expertise to assess the truth and fairness of the information being presented by the preparers. Auditors of financial reports need to be trained accountants with detailed knowledge about the complex technical accounting and disclosure issues required to assess the choices made by the financial report preparers. When undertaking an audit, the auditor should use professional scepticism, professional judgement and due care. Auditors should be independent of the client. Independent...

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Billy S Beats Inc

only focused on the valuation and allocation assertion towards its assumptions. However, the above procedures taken by auditors were not adequate to determine the appropriateness of the management’s estimates. First, Billy’s was a new client to the audit teams, which meant the engagement team should take some actions to obtain some understandings towards the new client. The engagement team should contact the predecessor auditors to obtain knowledge of Billy’s. If the engagement team failed to gather...

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Audit Planning

INTRODUCTION Audit Planning and reporting Auditing planning and reporting are two critical stages in whole audit Cycle.Audit planning is before beginning of field work and reporting is last Stage in bank audit Good planning leads to effective Reporting Planning (also called forethought) is the process of thinking about and organizing the desired activities required to achieve a desired goal. Planning involves the creation and maintenance of a PLAN. As such< planning is...

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The External Assessment

| | | |THE EXTERNAL ASSESSMENT | | |7 |The nature of an external audit | | |8 |Political, social, economic and technological forces | | ...

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Corporate Governance

theoretical risk, and by installing the best cost-efficient practices within the organization. Resources must be concentrated in areas that have the greatest potential benefit, such as improving the corporate culture and establishing an effective internal audit function. Creating an ethical, law-abiding culture provides the greatest benefit for the organization compared to the relatively minimal cost of establishing such a culture. The benefits of good corporate governance, by avoiding governmental investigations...

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Technology Acceptance Model

management system (QMS) enables organisations to define and manage processes that ensure delivery of product or services that meet customer requirements and needs. Some of the main requirements of the ISO 9001 standard are to plan and manage internal audits, control non conforming products, manage and implement corrective and preventative actions, and conduct management reviews. These above requirements are managed using the system called Transmission Action Management System (TAMS). The TAMS system...

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David Ppt

| | CASE CHAPTERS A. Case Abstract B. Vision Statement (proposed) C. Mission Statement (proposed) D. External Audit Opportunities Threats CPM – Competitive Profile Matrix External Factor Evaluation (EFE) Matrix E. Internal Audit Strengths Weaknesses Internal Factor Evaluation (IFE) Matrix F. SWOT Matrix G. Recommendations Strategy 1 Strategy 2 ...

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Confirmation Procedure of Account Receivable

needs to establish a mechanism for ensuring that responses mailed to the CPA firm are obtained and considered by the audit team in the field on a timely basis. Also, a firm needs to ensure that responses that relate to transaction terms and other complex matters (such as compliance with laws and regulations for a governmental entity) are considered by appropriately experienced audit team members.   Step-5. Summarize Confirmation Results Near the conclusion of the engagement, the auditor should...

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