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How to be a good accountant

When someone asked me what you want to do when you grow up, I will always answer "scientists", but what is that, what to do, I have no idea. When I went to middle high school, I believed that a wide range of scientists, I need to have a specific selection, so I wanted to do a lot of career, such as journalists, actors, astronauts, and so on. I thought about everything, but I feel that it is not possible to achieve, my future is still very long. I also have lots of time to think about my future. When I was in high school, think all of this is very important to me, because I have to choose a college at the University, also is a selection of occupation, but at this point I am confused, what exactly suitable career for me? I also have no idea. What I want to be? I have no answer. Finally, my parents and I talked for a long time, decided to select accounting, I will be an accountant as my career aspirations. There are three options for accounting reasons: personal factors, family factors, and employment prospects.

First one is personal factor. Accounting is a certain accounting professional level, the assessment made certificate, can accept party entrusts, undertake the related auditing, accounting, consulting, tax staff etc., its objective request practitioners have careful and responsible and is more sensitive to digital, and I am a character rigorous, introvert, a strong sense of responsibility, patient, have a certain logic thinking ability, is good at loaded down with trivial details complex work, these are suitable for accounting, and I also have a strongly interest to professional accounting. Second is family factor. My parents and I participation have select professional of process, they also believes that I can be an accountant, they also think that I can competent this area of work, they are very confidence, my family also has engaged in accounting, in this area they give me many recommendations, let me have...
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