Succesful Certified Public Accountant

Topics: Accountant, Certified Public Accountant, Critical thinking Pages: 2 (558 words) Published: September 13, 2009
Certified Public Accountant
As a Public Accountant you must have strong knowledge in accounting or at least work with the firm. Strong leadership and critical thinking, decision making is one of the responsibilities as an accountant. The word Public Accountant is to serve with the government and knowledge about Law’s making accurate financial statements; balance sheet, income statement, statements of cash flow including auditing, reporting, posting and balancing. An Accountant must be a positive thinker and attitude, to create trust to your coworker or to your client. Highly strong decision making to do business; dealing with numbers and client are most likely accountants do; the ability to demonstrate and give instruction to your employee under the organization. Being a Certified Public accountant or as manager of the firm are to have power to meet expectation deadlines and takes complete responsibilities as a result. Most beginner Accountants and Auditors may work with the supervision of experienced Accountant that will enhance their knowledge. Accountants start with junior to senior accountants. Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and Public Accountant (PA) are required to continuing education in order to be eligible to practice accounting. Continuing your education is formal program of learning that contributes to profession. To be a Certified Public Accountant you must be registered and pass the board exam to get a license. According to the Board of California Accountancy regulations section 5018 business and profession codes, licenses are required. The American Institute of certified Public Accountant ( AICPA), one of the organizations that help your skills and keep them up date regarding current legislative issues effecting their profession as a Certified Public accountant. These are also including having a bachelor degree in accounting, finance and administration and a minimum experience of two years. Applicants must have two years in managerial in...
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