Types of Accountants

Topics: Mergers and acquisitions, Accountant, Tax Pages: 2 (398 words) Published: December 11, 2005
In the career of accounting there is multiple skills that you must have to prepare yourself for this career. The basic overview of this job is how businesses keep control of their incomes and assets over periods of time. Accountants interact in variations of activities besides recording transaction for business and readying financial statements which include computing costs and the efficient gains from new technologies that businesses use. Accountants participate in game plans for consolidations and acquisitions, quality management, creating and using information to track financial change, tax strategy, and management benefits for people with heathcare. (http://www.careers-in-accounting.com/ac.htm)

There are many different types of accountants. There are Audit accountants are people who check accounting ledgers and financial statements for many corporations and for the government. Budget analysis accountants are responsible for creating and having management of organizations financial plans. Financial accountants create financial statements based on general ledgers and experience important financial decisions which involove mergers & acquisitions, planning for benefits and financial projections that are long-term. Management accountants work for companies and participate in coming up with resolutions about capital budgeting and business analysis. Tax accountants create corporate and personal income tax statements and concoct tax plans that involve ideas such as financial choice, how to give merger or acquisition the best treatment, deferral of taxes, when to make things seem more expensive. However, each of these separate accounting jobs relate to the basic overview of the accounting in general. (http://www.careers-in-accounting.com/acoptions.htm)

Most accountants must have a bachelors degree in accounting or a very similar field. The more experience you have in doing a specific thing the higher your chance become in getting the job that you wish you have....
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