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Demonstrate the application of professional ethics, value and judgment

My General Manager wanted to conceal increased cost of sales by 2.3% from Head office in the financial accounts for 6 Months. He asked me to hide it and then divide and absorb it in next few months to hide the impact. I did not agree on this and showed the true and fair picture in Financial Reports.

What did you learn from this experience and how will it influence your future behavior in the workplace?

If I would have acted upon on the order of General Manager and decreased the cost of sale by 2.3%, it would be against my professional ethics. This act would have built my false image and expectation of others from me of doing such things in future as well. To act ethically means choosing to do the things that you know are right or good and avoiding those behaviors that are wrong or bad in professional context.

What would have been the impact had you not behaved ethically in this situation?

If I had not behaved ethically in this situation, this would be against my professional ethics. This would be against the objectivity, integrity and professional behavior, which I suppose to follow in all situations. If I acted unethically it showed that I am a person who does not have moral values and is not capable to work in professional environment.

Professional Objective 2

Describe how in your role you have contributed toward effective governance, provide at least two examples.

Establishing policies, to make significant and strategic decisions and to oversee the organization activity, makes contribution towards effective governance. As a professional Accountant my involvement was toward evaluating and improving governance, risk management, and internal control, which represent core competences/capabilities of professional accountants. Organizations can be assured that professional accountants are able to contribute strongly in meeting organizational objectives in these...
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