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Member Of Parliament

membership of Parliament who – (a) holds office of President of the Republic; (b) holds office of judge or magistrate; (c) is a member of the police force; (d) is a member of the National Council of Chiefs; (e) is a public servant; (f) is a member of the teaching service. 2. Vacation of seats of members A member of Parliament shall vacate his seat therein – (a) upon the dissolution of Parliament; (b) if he becomes disqualified by section 1 for membership of Parliament; (c) if he ceases...

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Nursing: Member of Parliament and Team

team members spent a lot of time and effort working together. In the beginning, the team was very disorderly and chaotic; the members were confused about what they should do and how they should do it. During the first two meetings, we were always in disagreement and each team member insisted that their own opinion was the way to go. After two group meetings, we gradually came to consensus in some aspects including deciding our sub-tasks and allocating them to each member, deciding each members’ deadline...

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British Parliament

and dissolves Parliament and laws are passed in her name, the Queen herself plays no part in decisions made in Parliament. She has only little direct power and she generally acts on the advice of the Prime Minister with whom she has weekly business meetings. Unlike many contries Britain has an unwritten constitution, not being contained in a single legal document. It is based on statutes and important documents, customs and conventions, and can be changed by a simple Act of Parliament like any other...

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Indian Parliament

PARLIAMENT IN INDIA AND SHORT NOTES ON OTHER PARLIAMENTS By, T.Vishnu, IX A. The Parliament of India is the supreme legislative body in India. The parliament house originally known as 'Council House ', founded in 1919, the Parliament alone possesses legislative supremacy and...

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The British Parliament

The British Parliament is the oldest in the world. It originated in th 12th century as Witenagemot, the body of wise counselors whom the King needed to consult pursuing his policy. The British Parliament consists of the House of Lords and the House of Commons and the Queen as its head. The House of Commons plays the major role in law-making. It consists of Members of Parliament (called MPs for short). Each of them represents an area in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. MPs are elected...

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role of parliament

Parliament examines what the Government is doing, makes new laws, holds the power to set taxes and debates the issues of the day. The House of Commons and House of Lords each play an important role in Parliament's work and it make parliament what it is. Both parties have a role in keeping the executive into check by scrutinising them, also making them accountable is such things as question time and taking some of the power away from the executive to stop any possible coercive power and to Firstly...

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Structure and Function of the British Parliament

What are the main functions of parliament and how do MP’s check the executives? This essay will talk about what are the main functions of parliament and how do MP’s check the executives. Parliament’s the source of constitutional legitimacy in Britain. Parliament has four main functions: Formation of government Representation Legalisation Scrutiny The British Parliament is a bicameral (e.g. two chamber) legislature consisting of the elected House of Commons, the Monarch...

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The Uk Parliament Is Increasingly Dominated by the Executive

Parliament is increasingly dominated by the executive’. Discuss [16] The word parliament derives from a word loosely translated as ‘to talk’ or ‘to deliberate’. The UK Parliament consists officially of the two Houses of Parliament: the Lords and the Commons and the monarch, which by convention, delegates his or her authority to a group of ministers known as the executive. The role of parliament is mainly to legislate and to govern the United Kingdom through elected representatives. However the...

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Strengths and Weaknesses of the Parliament

STENTHGS AND WEAKNESSES OF PARLIAMENT ------------------------------------------------- 2008 Question 9 ------------------------------------------------- ‘Two strengths of parliament as a law-maker are that it makes laws which reflect the views of the community and can make laws whenever the need arises.’ ------------------------------------------------- Critically examine these two strengths. (6 marks) The following points could have been used to develop an evaluation of the strengths noted...

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How Does a Bill Become an Act in the Indian Parliament?

How does a bill become an Act in the Indian Parliament? Parliament frames laws for the country. Any member of the House can introduce a resolution for the purpose of making law. That resolution is to be introduced in the House in a special form & the resolution which is placed before the House in a special form is called Bill. Hence, the resolutions which are introduced in the Parliament for the purpose of ranking laws or changing old laws of amending the constitution are called Bills. The Bill...

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