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  • Canada

    Canada: Top Festivals And Events Canada is festival HQ. Across the length and breadth of the country‚ if there is an opportunity for a festival or an event‚ you can count on a city‚ town or village to arrange one. Festivals range from the internationally acclaimed Montreal Jazz Festival in Quebec to the lesser known Moose Jaw Kinsmen International Band & Choral Festival in Saskatchewan... and everything in between. The change of seasons‚ rural fairs‚ agricultural displays‚ rodeos‚ comedy festivals

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  • The Autonomy of Canada

    The significant twentieth century has made CanadaCanada. Several events in the 1900s have had a huge impact on the creation of Canada and Canadian autonomy. These events have put Canada through many stages and have created this great nation that exists today. A strong sense of Canadian nationalism has also become present in Canadians overtime (Marked‚ 2004)‚ and the desire to become independent from Britain has only grown. For the most part of the century‚ Canadians felt proud to be British subjects

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  • Multiculturalism In Canada

    this would come from the Quebec Act of 1774 which recognized the French language‚ Roman Catholic faith‚ and the French civil law in Quebec . However‚ Aboriginal peoples did not enjoy the same rights. What helped settle the West and build the trans-Canada railway‚ were our immigrants; but we can’t ignore the fact that they were subjected to prejudicial treatment. Unfortunately‚ diversity issues will continue to be a situation

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  • Refugees in Canada

    applications for asylum were made by paper‚ and there was no possibility for an oral hearing. In 1985‚ however‚ the Supreme Court of Canada decided that not allowing applicants an oral hearing violated the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Upon introduction of oral hearings as part of the claim process there was a subsequent increase in the amount of refugees admitted to Canada. While in 1981 there were approximately 14‚000 refugees admitted out of a total of approximately 129‚000 immigrants‚ in 1986

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  • Constitution of Canada

    Which province is the only officially bilingual province? a. New Brunswick.b. Quebec.c. Ontario.d. Prince Edward Island. | Which three countries are signatories to NAFTA? a. Canada‚ the United Kingdom and the United States.b. Canada‚ the United States and Japan.c. Canada‚ Mexico and the United States.d. Canada‚ Denmark and Andorra. | Who are the Métis? a. The distinct aboriginal people of Atlantic Canada.b. A people of mixed Inuit/First Nations ancestry most of whom live on the Prairies

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  • Ifrs in Canada

    Question 1 – a) Putting Canada on a continuum between fully converging or partially converging with the international financial reporting standards (IFRS) with their “Made in Canada” (Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants [CICA]‚ 2006) generally accepted accounting practice (GAAP)‚ Canada would lie very close‚ if not on the line of convergence. Over the past few years‚ before the consideration of IFRS and leading up to the full convergence of it‚ Canada’s GAAP has been a ‘no mans land’

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  • Diversity In Canada

    Canada is often referred to as a land of immigrants because millions of newcomers have settled here and helped to build and defend our way of life‚ starting with settlers from France and England.” ( ) When Canada became a country in 1867 Sir John Alexander McDonald‚ our first Prime Minister‚ was an immigrant from Scotland. The first legislation regarding immigration was in 1869. Canada received many immigrants from Germany‚ Hungary‚ Norway‚ Poland‚ Sweden and France

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  • The GDP of Canada

    Gross Investment‚ pushing GDP upward. Besides‚ from 2008 to 2009‚ they both decreased‚ because at that time‚ there was a global economic crisis‚ Canada had revenue of 521.6 billion dollars‚ expense of 578.7 billion dollar and deficit of 57.1billion dollars. (The Economics and Commercial Counselor’s Office of the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Canada) At that time‚ people were not willing

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  • Canada food

    country has its own unique food culture and I’m curious about the food of Canada since I am studying here. I want to know the diet custom of Canada when I finished writing the report. My topic name is The diet custom of Canada‚ I feel a little difficult to search the information besides the Canadian diet history because there are so many repetitive information in the internet. The scope of my report are the food of Canada which include the traditional and provincial food‚ the history of Canadian

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  • Multiculturalism Canada

    take precedence over any other” Trudeau established that multiculturalism in Canada needed to be recognized as part of the heritage of the Canadian culture and at the same time accept the fact that immigration has broaden the diversity of cultures in Canada. Canadian Heritage‚ The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom‚ Ottawa. Accessed January 27‚ 2011 on the Canadian Heritage website. http://www.pch.gc.ca/pgm/pdp-hrp/canada/frdm-eng.cfm The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms “recognizes the

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