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Canada: Top Festivals And Events Canada is festival HQ. Across the length and breadth of the country, if there is an opportunity for a festival or an event, you can count on a city, town or village to arrange one. Festivals range from the internationally acclaimed Montreal Jazz Festival in Quebec to the lesser known Moose Jaw Kinsmen International Band & Choral Festival in Saskatchewan... and everything in between. The change of seasons, rural fairs, agricultural displays, rodeos, comedy festivals...

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Multiculturalism in Canada

I would define Canadian culture as multicultural. Canada is a nation of various cultures blended together to form something unique and couldn’t be measured. I feel that every time different countries come to Canada it’s like we adopt the differences and intergrade them into our society and then it becoming normal to us. For example if you go to school and hear unusual music or see different clothes that person wouldn’t be ostracized because were most likely already familiar...

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Nunavut In Canada

more than the name of our province. The word means ‘our land’ in Inuktitut, and it is a reflection of Canada, from its distinctive culture and way of life, to its vast and beautiful expansiveness. Its greatest assets are the welcoming communities that have banded together to conquer the simultaneously awe-inspiring and often harsh northern landscape. Nunavut is the youngest territory in Canada, becoming recognized through the Nunavut Act and the Nunavut Land Claims Agreement Act in 1999, yet its...

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Globalization in Canada

Globalization in Canada Canada is considered to be one of the biggest countries worldwide, yet as far as it gets from other countries, globalization seems to have a strong impact on the people regardless of what it offers from products and/or services from abroad, it may seem to have taken some of Canada away to the rest of the world too. Globalization is affecting most of the aspects that control life in Canada, from social aspects, to economical aspects, also reaching to as far as to political...

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Americanization In Canada

Name of Student Name of Professor Name of Course Date of Submission Americanization in Canada Americanization is the influence of the United States on the culture of another country. The influence extends on another countries cuisine, popular culture, technology, political techniques and business practices. Americanization refers to a process of acculturation by populations to American values and cultures. Canada and the United States are allies and trading partners (Timothy, 135). The two countries...

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Canada and Nato

Book Report In the book entitled Canada, NATO and The Bomb: The Western Alliance in Crisis by Tom Keating and Larry Pratt the main issue discussed was Canada's position in Europe, North America and their view on the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. It went into specific issues dealing with political tension within Canada and tension outside Canada with other countries. It went through the years of different political parties and how they dealt with the matters of NATO. It states Canada's...

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Unions in Canada

workers. History of Unions in Canada and their Effects on the Economy Unions have been apart of Canadian history since the early 1800’s. Records show tradesmen in the Maritimes having unions during the war of 1812 despite such organizations not being legalized in Canada until 1872 (Maple Leaf Web). Approximately 31% of all workers in Canada belong to unions (United Food and Commercial Workers Canada)(Canadian Labour Congress). The public sector – including schools...

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Canada food

country has its own unique food culture and I’m curious about the food of Canada since I am studying here. I want to know the diet custom of Canada when I finished writing the report. My topic name is The diet custom of Canada, I feel a little difficult to search the information besides the Canadian diet history because there are so many repetitive information in the internet. The scope of my report are the food of Canada which include the traditional and provincial food, the history of Canadian...

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Atlantic Canada

Atlantic Canada - located on the eastern edge of Canada, the first entry into the continent was by Europeans. - Its natural resources have been exploited for centuries, making it an 'old' resource hinterland. - Its small and highly dispersed population offers only small markets and few manufacturing opportunities. Distance from the markets of Central Canada has curtailed its trade within Canada and thus dampened its economic development. For that reason, its natural resources are exported...

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Inequality In Canada

In this aspect of “equal labour-market return”, many immigrants coming into Canada are often educated in very highly level international academic institutions, yet they are not considered valid in terms of gaining employment in Canada. In this way, the Canadian immigration labor policies do not acknowledge these academic credentials as a barrier to equal employment in Canada. Certainly, many of these immigrant come to Canada with the necessary education and skill requirements in the labour force, but...

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