Parliament member disqualified criteria

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A person is disqualified for membership of Parliament who – (a) holds office of President of the Republic;
(b) holds office of judge or magistrate;
(c) is a member of the police force;
(d) is a member of the National Council of Chiefs;
(e) is a public servant;
(f) is a member of the teaching service.

2. Vacation of seats of members

A member of Parliament shall vacate his seat therein –
(a) upon the dissolution of Parliament;
(b) if he becomes disqualified by section 1 for membership of Parliament; (c) if he ceases to be a citizen of Vanuatu;
(d) if he is absent from three consecutive sittings of Parliament without having obtained from the Speaker, or in his absence, the Deputy Speaker the permission to be or to remain absent; (e) if he is adjudged or declared an undischarged bankrupt by a competent court; (f) if having been a candidate of a party and elected to Parliament he resigns from that party; (g) if he resigns his seat therein by writing under his hand addressed to the Speaker or in his absence, to the Deputy Speaker.

3. Vacation of seat on sentence
(1) If a member of Parliament is convicted of an offence and is sentenced by a court to imprisonment for a term of not less than 2 years, he shall forthwith cease to perform his functions as a member of Parliament and his seat shall become vacant at the expiration of 30 days thereafter:

Provided that the Speaker, or in his absence, the Deputy Speaker, may at the request of the member from time to time extend that period for further periods of 30 days to enable the member to pursue any appeal in respect of his conviction, or sentence, so however that extensions of time exceeding in the aggregate 150 days shall not be granted without the approval of Parliament signified by resolution.

(2) If at any time before the member vacates his seat his conviction is set aside or a punishment other than imprisonment is substituted, his seat in Parliament shall not become vacant as provided by...
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