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Qualifications And Disqualifications Analysis

peoples act 1951 and further strengthened by the constitution of our country. Qualifications and disqualifications for becoming a member of the parliament and the state legislature is dealt in sections 3 to 11a of the representation of peoples act, 1951. As far as the constitution is concerned the Articles 84, 101, 102, 103 and 104 deal with regard to the member of the parliament. Membership of the state legislatures are regulated by articles 173, 190, 191 and 192 of the constitution of India. The primary...

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How Law Is Passed in Maldives

Article 70. “(a) The legislative authority of the Maldives shall be vested in the People’s Majlis.” In the Maldives there are 2 types of legislation considered by Parliament. These are: 1- Government Bills (Bills that are introduced by the Government) 2- Private Member Bills (Bills that are introduced by the Members whether individual or from a political party ) Government Bills Government Bills symbolize government policy and a Minister presents them. The bulk of Parliament’s...

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Mark Koding

MARK KODING v. PUBLIC PROSECUTOR 1. FACTS: a. A Member of the House of Representatives, Mark Koding made a speech in Parliament on the 11th of October 1978 which the Public Prosecutor thought was seditious. b. Mark Koding asked for closure of Chinese and Tamil schools in the process of implementing the national language, Bahasa Melayu. c. Mark Koding was charged with committing an offence contrary to Section 4(1) (b) of the Sedition Act 1948 (Revised 1969). 2. PROCEDURAL HISTORY: a. After...

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a really bad agnes macphail essay that i have to re-do

should be on the Canadian Walk of Fame because she was an active member of Parliament for 14 years. Agnes stood for many different issues regarding old age pensions and better working conditions however, her main focus was equality for women / women’s rights. In her years in Parliament, she managed to make some progress within these issues. Agnes was also a leading member of the formation of the Cooperative Commonwealth Federation and a member of the Ontario Legislature. She founded the Elizabeth Fry Foundation...

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Limiting the Extent of Party Discipline in Canada

Party solidarity and cohesion have always been an integral part of the Westminster Parliamentry system. The leaders of the political parties of the Canadian House of Commons , with the assistance of 'whips', very strongly discipline their party members to vote on issues as a single entity, especially in plenary sessions (Olson, 2003). Although, some degree of party discipline is essential for any political party to maintain their power as they require the confidence of the majority of the legislative...

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Charles I Was the Reason for His Downfall

Charles I was the reason for the downfall The reason why war broke out between Charles I Parliament, in 1642 and was due to many reasons which will be discussed. However Charles, belief in the divine right of kings was one of the factors that caused misunderstandings with the Parliament. Religion Many disagree that Charles was to blame, however his actions did add to this. Religion had been a problem for Charles’ father, James I. Perhaps, this would hinder Charles in his reign as this would...

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Edmund Burke: French Revolution

to gain approval by speaking to the egos of the members of Parliament. If the Colonists believe their civil rights are being honored, regardless if it is true or not, allegiance to the crown will remain solid. Liberty and freedom are the rights the Colonists want. If the Colonists believe England is providing liberty, the colonies will be freely bound to England forever. Burke implores that for the Colonists to have the freedom, Parliament must give up its interest. With this revenue will...

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Nursery Rhyme Origins and Meaning

George who began the fashion of wearing white powdered wigs and was consequently referred to as the old woman! The children were the members of parliament and the bed was the Houses of Parliament which he required them to have sessions in - even today the term 'whip' is used in the English Parliament to describe a member of Parliament who is tasked to ensure that all members 'toe the party line'. This could see social services getting involved or other agencies at today’s world, because of overcrowding...

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Women's Suffrage Movement in The Bahamas

through this movement the appeal of all men to vote was made. Next, in 1960 Doris Johnson, a dynamic trailblazer in the Women’s Suffrage Movement, made another request in the name of the Women’s Suffrage Movement to speak to the Members of Parliament, which was denied. However, Doris Johnson was allowed to make her address in the Magistrates court. We can clearly see that the Women’s Suffrage Movement was very proactive in their pursuit toward winning the franchise. In the following...

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House of commons

not last for more than five years. 2) The term "Member of Parliament" is normally used only to refer to Members of the House of Commons, even though the House of Lords is also a part of Parliament. Members of the House of Commons may use the post-nominal letters "MP". The annual salary of each Member is currently £63,291. Members may also receive additional salaries in right of other offices they hold (for instance, the Speakership). Most Members also claim between £100,000 and £150,000 for various...

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