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ContentsIntroductionCourt DetailsThe Subject Matter of the CaseLayout of the Court and Roles of Court ParticipantsInteresting ObservationsDegree of formality in the court proceedingHow the evidence was presentedUnderstanding the Happening of a Court Room8Understanding Court ProcessReflection of Court Experience9Reference ListIntroduction:This is a report describing an observation of a criminal court proceeding that I attended at Brisbane District Court, Queensland. In this report I will state the kind of hearing...

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Local Court and High Courts of Australia

Court hierarchy The Local Court is the lowest court in the hierarchy and deals with minor criminal and summary offences. It will also hear minor civil disputes with monetary value up to $60 000. The Local Court holds committal hearings, which are preliminary hearings where the magistrate determines if there is sufficient evidence against the defendant to warrant a trial in a higher court. The High Court of Australia is the highest court in Australia and was established in 1901. It deals with appeals...

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Court Observation

Observation of the Court Proceedings in Litigated Cases at District Court Report 20 Submitted to Pubanchal University Chakraworti HaBi College of Law For the Partial Fulfillment as Clinical Works Submitted by Sambal Chaulagain Role No:23 BALLB 1st years Table of Contents 1. Introduction 2. Objectives and Timeframe of Observation 3. Methods and Limitation 4. Observed Findings 1. Lodging...

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Court Issues

Court Issues JoyAnn Czudek CJA/394 June 24, 2013 Kevin Dzioba Court Issues The criminal justice system has changed tremendously over the decades and so has society. It is important that the court system make changes to keep up with the times. There are parts of the court system that need to be identified to have these changes occur. One of these areas is the way courts are managed including their problems and resolutions. A new trend that has emerged is victims’ rights. Victims can now...

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Court Report

LAWS1021: Court research report The basic division in the structure of criminal courts is between the lower criminal courts – the local courts, Children’s court and Coroner’s court – and the higher criminal courts – the District Court and the Supreme Court. In observing proceedings at the Local, District and Supreme Courts over a period of three days a number of aspects of the criminal justice system were made apparent. The administration, processes and practices of the criminal trial are extremely...

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Juvenile Court

confidential. For a juvenile to have there file sealed they have to request it from the court.  Most get probation with circumstances like community service, counseling or drug treatment. We have to look at juveniles differently than we do adults because of their developmental progress. Every juvenile officer who goes through training becomes knowledgeable about the juvenile developmental process. Research of court procedures in the state of Nevada for juveniles offenders who have not yet reached 18...

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Court Report

1. Which court did you attend and what was the date of your attendance? (e.g. Magistrates Court in Brisbane; Supreme Court in Sydney etc) 2. What kind of hearing did you attend?(e.g. sentence, summary trial, committal hearing, jury trial, mention, call-over etc.) I attended an appeal against sentence. This is when the accused feels the sentence they were given is too severe, in which case a request is put forth to a higher court for the review and rehearing of evidence to change the decision...

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Jury in court

different form what it is today. The very first jury had acted as witness and provides information to the court. Later, Henry II changed the function of jury to one who deliberates on evidence. Slowly, the jury system mold into the system we have today. [1] The system by which we are familiar with today, i.e. juries giving verdicts on the basis of what is related to them by witnesses at the court hearing was coming into prominence in trials of serious offences as early as the fifteenth centur The main...

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Court Assignment

Summary: Johal, Johal, and Deo are the defendants in this case who are being charge with kidnapping with the intent to transport a person against his/her will. The defendants later extorted the victim and the victim’s family. The issue before the court today is whether the charge of kidnapping subsumes the charge of extortion or if the charge of extortion is an independent act from that of kidnapping. Were the proceedings cooperative or adversarial? The cooperative nature of the trial was characterized...

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Court Report

Court Report 1. Which court did you attend and what was the date of your attendance? 2. What kind of hearing did you attend? I attended a sentencing in Beenleigh district court, before the sentencing there were a string of mentions that I also watched to deepen my understanding of the courtroom and the roles of the people there. 3. What were the charges against the defendant? Were these summary or indictable offences? How did you know this? The defendant was charged with three indictable...

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Teen Court

were referred to the Escambia county teen court. Only 25 of the teens reoffended. B. Teen court is a program designed to help teens learn accountability and responsibility after committing a crime. C. I became interested in this topic because I would like to learn what happens to teens that commit crimes, but don’t get incarcerated. D. It will help me learn about the court systems for when I become a lawyer in my later life. E. I believe that teen court is a very helpful program that gives juveniles...

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A Day In Court

Deonte Hill CJ 101 Intro To CJ Professor Brian D. Heffner 7 December 2012 A Day in Criminal Court This week I had the opportunity to sit in on criminal court proceedings. I chose to visit the Oakland County Court House for the day and noticed quite a few things through out the whole experience. I have been to a few courts in the past, criminal, traffic, and family, but never in the Oakland County building. There were many details of the proceedings, the image, and even the conditions of everything...

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Criminal Courts

University of phoenix Criminal Courts Criminal courts are a process. Most assume that all the action takes place when the trial starts, but this is not true for all proceedings. Most offenders will enter a guilty plea to comply with a prosecutors “deal” offered to the offender. What is considered to be a courtroom work group? A courtroom work group is a group of participates in a criminal trial. The participants can be divided into two categories: professionals and outsiders...

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Real Courts vs Fictional Courts

movies and television programs featuring fictional lawyers are all bad. The media can perform a useful educational function about the legal profession and how our system of justice works. What about televising real court cases? There are one or two cable channels devoted to televising court cases. (Voelkel, 1997). What about the Simpson trial? "It was "insignificant, legally speaking," Papke says. He thinks the racial dimension‹the fact that as group’s whites and blacks reached different conclusions...

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court observation

Court Observation October 30, 2012 On September 27th I went to Branch 6 to watch the criminal trial of the defendant Lord Wilson. It was making out to be a weeklong trial and I made it on the second to last day. All I knew was that it was a case involving drugs and had been in the making for a while. When I arrived at the public safety building to listen to the criminal trial taking place I learned firsthand that things never seem to stay on schedule. A recess was taking place when I walked...

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Court Observation

The first court I decided to visit was at 393 University Av. on September 11th after my classes and got there on time for a court session at 12:00 pm. The security was very strict. They looked through my backpack and made me take everything out of my pockets. After the security check we started looking for courtrooms with trials going on and I discovered that not much was happening at that time. A very nice woman told me that there was an interesting case happening in room 702 so I headed down to...

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Court Experience

 The People of the State of Michigan vs. Mateos Trial 18th Judicial Circuit Court, Bay City, MI Presiding Judge: The Honorable Harry Gill November 19, 2013 @ 9:12 a.m. Submitted by November 20, 2013 I met outside of 18th Judicial Circuit Court at approximately 7:55 a.m. on November 19, 2013. The trial that we watched was supposed to start at 8:30; we got there a little early to be safe. The trial did not end up starting until 9:16 because some...

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Criminal and Civil Court Structures

Criminal and Civil Court Structures and Legal Personnel This assignment contains ..............................words Introduction This assignment will discuss and compare the court structure, legal personnel and their functions and the type of cases that are brought before criminal and civil courts. Criminal courts The criminal court system has many levels of superiority (refer to diagram 1.1 in Appendices). Lower courts are bound by all...

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Court System Visuals

Court System Visuals Team B- David Bruner, Kadeesha Dixon, Robert Holben, and Tyleshia Gilbert June 16, 2014 CJA/204, Introduction to Criminal Justice Linda Fisher-Lewis  Major historical developments of the U.S. courts • Probation Act of 1925 • Pretrial Service as an experiment in 1974 • Pretrial Services Act of 1982 Dual Court System • Federal versus State Court Systems • Federal based on United Sates Constitution • State based on State legislature Steps of the Pretrial Process • • • •...

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Juvenile and Adult Courts

Juvenile and Adult Courts The juvenile justice system shares many of the same components of the adult justice system. Historically both adults and juveniles were tried in the same courts and if convicted they both served out their sentences in the very same facilities. Over time, the system changed for youths however; there remain as many similarities as there are differences between...

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Courts: Fiction vs. Reality

know what to do in a medical emergency because they have seen it done on television. The same goes for Americans’ knowledge about Court hearings and the judicial system. Many things are done on television by actors playing lawyers or judges that are done just for the purpose of entertainment. “Reality-based” Court shows such as Judge Judy, People’s Court and Divorce Court dominate television ratings every day. Because the judicial system is not well understood by most people or learned in school or...

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Inherent Power of Courts

Inherent Power Of Courts 1.The Court in the case of Kurukshetra University v. State of Haryana, again stated the principle regarding the exercise of the inherent powers conferred by Sec. 482, Cr. P. C : “It ought to be realised that inherent powers do not confer an arbitrary jurisdiction on the High Court to act according to whim or caprice. That statutory power has to be exercised sparingly, with circumspection and in the rarest of rare cases.” 2.In the case of Raj Kapoor and ors v. State...

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Court Visit Report

Court Visit Report Case CIV499511 - MANUEL E DELGADO JR VS SEQUOIA UNION SCHOOL DIST1 1. Judge V, Raymond Swope, clerk, court reporter, sheriff, defendant - SEQUOIA UNION SCHOOL DISTRICT PRESENT WITH COUNSEL JOHN SHUPE, Plaintiff - MANUEL E DELGADO JR PRESENT WITH COUNSEL DAVID SECREST, MATTHEW ZITO, PRINCIPAL FOR MENLO ATHERTON HIGH, WITNESS KAREN ANN BRESLOW, WITNESS CLAUDIA KISPERSKY1 and 16 jurors were present in the court. 2. Sketch TBD 3. Plaintiff, Mr. Delgado lost employment...

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Court Issue Analysis

Court Issues Analysis CJA/394 January 3, 2013 Court Issues Analysis As society changes, the criminal justice system must also change. As the criminal justice system changes it is important to identify areas of the court system that needs changes. Portions of the court system facing changes are the way courts are managed including their problems and resolutions. Victim’s rights have emerged as a new trend in the courts as victims are given the rights to...

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Juvenile and Adult Courts

 Juvenile and Adult Courts: A Comparative Analysis Paper Nancy Vang CJS/245 April 27, 2015 William O’Neil Juvenile and Adult Courts: A Comparative Analysis Paper The juvenile court system today resembles the adult court system in many ways. Although they have their similarities the fundamental foundations of each system clearly display two different outcomes. While the adult court looks to punish criminals, the juvenile court system looks to rehabilitate the individual. Overview of the Juvenile...

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Tribunals and Court System

 The purpose of employment law and how it is enforced. Role played by the tribunal and courts system in enforcing employment law. How the cases are settled before and during formal legal procedures. Purpose of the Employment Law The purpose of employment law is to provide legal protection to employees and employers, and to promote a productive, safe workplace. The aim is to promote consistency, fairness and justice for the employees. Before the Employment law was introduced, workplaces...

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Criminal Court Visit Essay

Criminal Court Visit Essay Abstract The purpose of this paper is to highlight the different aspect of the Criminal Justice after visiting the criminal justice office(s). The visit is done during the last week of September 2010 and the visiting point was the United States District First Court of Appeal, the court located at 301 S. ML King Blvd. Tallahassee, Florida. In this paper the findings will be discussed that what factors (selected) are involved that affect the process of administration...

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Juvenile Court Proceedings

back to the separation of juvenile courts from criminal courts in 1899. The first juvenile court was established in Chicago, IL in 1899. (Clapp 1995). It was designed to spare juveniles from harsh proceeding of adult court, conditions of adult jails and penitentiaries, and the label of criminal. That is still the goal of juvenile court today. In the following pages I will discuss the juvenile court process in South Carolina and how it compares to the adult court process. I will also discuss the...

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Courts Real vs Fiction

things that fictional accounts of lawyers, judges, and courts confuse or create simply to meet the needs of the fiction or make a specific point. Because the intricacies of the legal profession are not well known or explained in school or by the media, unfortunately, people often only have fictional accounts of the law to educate them. The result, unfortunately, is that the majority of Americans have incorrect beliefs of the law, judges, courts, and the persons that interact with them. One of the main...

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Moot Court Outline

General Outline of a Moot Court Argument INTRO May it please the court, my name is _____ and I represent the Petitioner/Respondent __(name)___. [REBUTTAL REQUEST & PROCEDURAL BLURB (for Petitioner ONLY)] With the court’s permission, I would like to reserve 2 minutes for rebuttal. Thank you. This case is on appeal from the District/Circuit Court (name of court). The District/Circuit Court denied Petitioner’s request for _____, holding _____. ROADMAP Your honors, _______ is a...

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Courts in Today’s Pop Culture

fictional accounts of lawyers, judges, and courts confuse, muddle or simply make-up to meet the needs of their fictional account. Because the intricacies of the legal profession are not well known or explained in school or by the media, people often only have these fantastic accounts of the law to educate them to how it works “in the real world”. Consequently, the result is that the majority of Americans have incorrect beliefs of the law, judges, courts, and the persons that comprise our system....

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Court Observation Paper

Court Observation The courts have the function of giving the public a chance to present themselves whether to prosecute or defend themselves if any dispute against them rises. It is known to everyone that a court is a place where disputes can be settled while using the right and proper procedures. The court is also the place where a just, fair and unbiased trial can be heard so that it would not cause any disadvantage to either of the party involved in the dispute. The parties are given a chance...

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Research Paper on Juvenile Court

(Britannica 1). Juveniles are usually tried in Juvenile Courts or also known as Family courts. The purpose of juvenile courts is to rehabilitate a delinquent and prevent from repeating behavior, instead of sentencing them to jail. “The systems rooted in the belief” that children have not matured entirely to be aware of their mistakes/actions ( Leora). However juvenile courts didn’t always exist. It wasn’t until in Chicago 1899 the juvenile court of law was started. Before this new system, children...

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Court Observation Paper

Observation paper Magistrate& District court Karen Rivera Cj 205 The first court that I attend was district court, the judge was Fernando r. macias I went to the court on October 13, around 10:30. When I first walked in there were a lot of people there I wasn’t expecting that at all. Security was higher than at the magistrate court. There were attorneys there but they stand next to there defendants at all times since it was still assembly justice so the trials didn’t go...

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DEPARTMENT OF LAW " MOOT COURT MEMORIAL" written submission on behalf of counsel for prosecution MOOT COURT MEMORIAL Submitted by : XXX Class :LLB xxx Sem Roll No:XXX Teacher Incharge XXXXXXXXXXX ...

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Drug Court vs. Incarceration

ENGL 112 Argumentative Paper September 2, 2012 Drug Court vs. Incarceration Drug addiction has increased drastically across America in the last fifty years. Non-violent drug offenders fill our jails and prisons. Taxpayer dollars are put into a prison system that is proving to be counter-productive. Recidivism rates are high. Drug Court is an alternative to incarceration that offers rehabilitation to criminal offenders. In drug court, the traditional functions of the U.S. justice system are...

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Courts in Malaysia

Introduction to Courts in Malaysia Summary There are generally two types of trials, criminal and civil. The hierarchy of courts begins from the Magistrates’ Court, Sessions Court, High Court, Court of Appeal, and finally, the Federal Court. The jurisdiction of the courts in civil or criminal matters are contained in theSubordinate Courts Act 1948 and the Courts of Judicature Act 1964. Article 121 of the Constitution provides for two High Courts of coordinate jurisdiction, the High Court in Malaya, and...

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Court Issues And Victims

 Court Issues and Victims’ Rights Kimberly Smith CJA/394 Instructor: Roy Diaz April 6, 2015 Court Issues Analysis According to Muraskin and Roberts (2009), one strong current that arose throughout the concluding part of the twentieth century was the mission for individual protection, stability, and hazard lessening in a then randomly unsafe biosphere. Crime deterrence curriculums on a social level challenge the communal origins or communal circumstances that breed chaos. Victimization...

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Court Observation Assignment

Jessica Chiang Student ID #1361045 Management 200 B: Ken Myer Court Observation Assignment On May 7th, 2014 Wednesday, I visited the King County Superior Court in the afternoon. Although criminal trials sound a lot more interesting, the basic law I learned is based on civil law more, therefore I decided to observe the one and only civil trial on that day: “Chism v. Tri-State Construction” trialed by Judge Ken Schubert. The plaintiff, Geoffrey Chism, represented by attorneys Lindsay Halm and Thomas...

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Court Room Visit Report

Alberto Zaragoza !0/30/2012 AOJ-204 Mr. Martins In Central Criminal Divisions San Diego Superior Court, at Wednesday, October 23, 2012, I have observed my very first criminal jury trial. Court case SCD229101, in department 50. is a first degree murder trial that has occurred on the night of August 11, 2012 (PC187A).The Defendant, Quang Dang, 37, Stabbed his 27-Year old girlfriend, Myra Supiping, who was asleep alongside her children. The defense attorney says he killed out of raged and...

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contempt of court

CONTEMPT OF COURT Introduction: In a democracy people should have right to criticize judges. The purpose of should not be to upheld the majesty and dignity of the court but only to enable it to function. Anything that curtails or impairs the freedom of limits of the judicial proceedings must of necessity result in hampering of the administration of Law and in interfering with the due course of justice. This necessarily constitutes contempt of court. Oswald defines contempt to be...

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Example of Court Case Paper

Criminal Court Cases What makes this country so great? Most people disagree on the answer to that question. Some say it’s the freedom of speech that we have. Others will say that it’s our ability to vote and elect who we want to lead us. This is all well and good, but what really sets our country apart from many others is our right to a speedy and public trial of our peers. Some governments in other parts of the world reserve the right to take any citizen right off of the street and place him...

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Superior Court Observation

Business Law 115 Superior Court Observation The Superior Court session I observed was an alcohol impairment case. The defendant in this case, had been found guilty in District Court, but had filed an appeal to the District Court’s decision. The morning began with the juryselection process. The potential juror pool began with approximately 30 people. The Clerk of Court, Wendy Williams,drew twelve names at random form a bowl to begin the selection process. Once the initial twelve names were...

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Juvenile and Adult Courts - A Comparative Analysis

punishment for it. Depending on the severity of the crime that juvenile may be brought to a juvenile court and if the crime is more severe, an adult court may be more appropriate. The author will discuss the differences between adult and juvenile courts. Finally, it will discuss what can happen if juvenile courts are abolished and implications for young offenders. Compare and ContrastThe juvenile court system has been in existence since 1899 (Kerbs, n.d.). Although this does not show how long juvenile...

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Juvenile and Adult Courts: A Comparative Analysis.

that have been committed by juveniles. The Juvenile Court with Adult Court is different and similar in the criminal justice system. A look at the juvenile history in 1643 a sixteen year old boy was put to death for sodomizing a cow. Today many states disagree in the execution of juveniles. In the present day the increasing violence, both juvenile and adult system has changed over the years (Simmons 2002). The juvenile philosophy in juvenile courts was to offer the youth an individualized justice and...

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The Labour Relations Commission and the Labour Court

Compare and Contrast; The Labour Relations Commission And The Labour Court The Labour relations committee and the Labour court both have specific underlying functions; yet as two separate organisations they do perform similar roles. The main differences between them lying in varying jurisdictions and formalities. My findings on both are as follows; Labour Relations Commission; Mission Statement – “To promote the development and improvement of Irish industrial relations policies,...

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Court Systems

Court System Shukeyla Jones CJA/204 November 01, 2010 Maxine Craig Court System The modern dual system of courts incorporates both federal and state or local courts. This system is the product of many years of gradual development. Outside this formally established structure, however, personal relationships between key court participants can guide court proceedings and procedures. This paper will examine the history of the criminal courts, the dual system of the United States and modify the...

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Article 6 of the European Courts of Human Right

Article 6 of the European Courts of Human Rights “The common law always contained due process principles. Article 6 of ECHR merely provides a new way of thinking about them as human rights.” Discuss.. Article 6 of the ECHR builds up a body of principles that relate to fair trial rights in regular courts. Nevertheless, an essential question which applies to both special tribunals and courts still remains whether they operate with sufficient fair trial guarantees. The term ‘due process’ refers to...

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Hierarchy Court

CHAPTER 1 THE COURT STRUCTURE - The present court structure has been in effect since June 1994 following the Constitution (Amendment) Act 1994. - The judicial powers are exercised by the Subordinate Courts and the superior courts organised in a hierarchy where the Subordinate Courts are at the lower level and the superior courts at the higher level. THE SUBORDINATE COURTS (The Subordinate Courts Act 1948) THE PENGHULU’S COURT - The Penghulu’s Court is presided over by a Penghulu who has...

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Should Illegally Obtained Evidence Then Be Admissible in Court

obtained through private entrapment is admissible in courts; as long as it not admitted “unfairly against the accused”. However, the phrase “unfairly against the accused” is very ambiguous in nature as it is hard define what unfairly means. In the paper entitled “Whether a Singapore Court has a Discretion to Exclude Evidence Admissible in Criminal Proceedings, “unfairly” was _____. Should illegally obtained evidence then be admissible in court? We proposed that they should not. If we study the...

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Should Eye Witness Testimony Be Banned from Court?

Should eyewitness testimony be used as evidence in a court of law? Discuss using research and/ or psychological theory to support your views. By: Megan Hong Word Count = 799 (Not including headings and bibliography) Eyewitness testimony is the account a bystander gives in the courtroom, describing what they perceived happened during the specific incident under investigation. Ideally this recollection of events is detailed; however this is not always the case. This recollection is used as...

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Court Visit

aim of the court report is to get you out of the classroom and into the courtroom to see how the law works in practice! We would like you to visit a court to observe proceedings for a couple of hours and then write a report on your visit. Planning your court visit It is important to have an understanding of the court system before you embark on your visit. Therefore, please complete the required reading for Week 1 and 2 before visiting a court. Your best chance of seeing a court case from...

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Legal Studies- Courts Role in the Criminal Justice System

Describe the role of courts in the criminal justice process: The main role of the courts is to interpret and apply the law. In terms of a criminal justice process the court serves as the place in which a trial is heard and a sentence decided. Evaluate the use of the adversary system as a means of achieving justice: The adversarial system is moderately effective in achieving just outcomes for the individual and society as well as attempting to protect their rights. One of the main features...

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Virtual Court Room

A Virtual Court System… Justice on the Web Learning Team A Web-based case management is a direct result of today’s advanced technology. A large number of the court system’s lawyers, judges, legal administrators, and administrative support personnel are using cutting-edge word processors, electronic legal research, time and billing programs, and increasingly, varying forms of case management software. Web-based case management is the...

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Court Systems

| The U.S. Constitution is supported by a dual court system in which the power is shared between the state and the federal governments. Most criminal cases are tried in state court, whereas, federal crimes are tried in federal courts. Both courts have jurisdiction, although federal courts are limited to the cases heard. The state offers a broad capability to encompass more cases and averages 30,000,000 cases filed, whereas, the federal courts see a mere 1,000,000 cases (findlaw). State and federal...

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Arbitration Is More Suited to Resolving Commercial Disputes Than the Courts?”

“Arbitration is more suited to resolving commercial disputes than the courts?” Arbitration is a method of settlement where a third party is brought in to analyse a dispute and impose a decision that is legally binding for both groups involved. Both sides put forth their problem and the arbitrator reviews all the circumstances and makes a decision based on all relevant information. It has been traced back and related to Brehon Law and stands...

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Court Cases: Goldberg V. Kelly and Mathews V. Eldridge

COURT CASES: Goldberg v. Kelly and Mathews v. Eldridge In this case of Goldberg v. Kelly we have an issue that discusses the termination of welfare to a recipient. Now what seems to be the issue here is that there used to be no federal or state law on how to regulate this and enforce this but only a procedure that the New York State's general Home Relief program adopted to use and follow. The sole issue of the problem is accepting the fact that a person with life depending needs could lose their...

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Court System

A court system is created to determine the innocent and the guilty when a conflict arises. In many cases it is convicting a criminal for a crime that has been committed. The system entitles everyone to a fair trial no matter what the case and in each trial it is the team that is prosecuting that most prove that if the accused is guilty. Not the accused having to prove their innocence. The victim in most cases looks to see that justice is served to the criminal. The accused looks to try and get another...

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Hierarchy of Courts

Explain the hierarchy of courts in Malaysia. Discuss in details. Law is defined as any system of regulations to govern the conduct of the people of a community, society or nation. It is the governmental response to society's need for both regularity, consistency and justice based upon collective human experience. A statute, ordinance, or regulation enacted by the legislative branch of a government and signed into law, or in some nations created by decree/judgement without any democratic process...

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What does the 'Trial of Verres' reveal about provincial malpractice and corruption in the Roman Courts.

Cicero's opening speech in the 'Trial of Verres' is focused on the failings of Gaius Verres as he rose up in the Roman political system to the level of governor, and his subsequent attempts to corrupt the court system in order to be acquitted and avoid a legitimate trial. Cicero doesn't attempt to portray Verres' situation as unique, and states that these acts of corruption and provincial malpractice are rampant throughout the Roman political system. Cicero systematically goes through Verres' misdoings...

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