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Tourism Development in Australia Introduction The tourism industry is exceptionally complex and is constantly growing in size and competitiveness. Tourism plays a key role in our export industry accounting for 10% of the total export earnings, making it Australia’s largest service export industry. These contributions to Australia’s Gross Domestic Profit (GDP) have grown significantly from $25.2 billion in 2002 to $34 billion in 2011 (Kumar Narayan, 2006; Department of Resources Energy and Tourism...

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Moving to Australia

Moving to Australia The past six week we have covered the likes of 3rd world living and the conditions that they provide to their people. The conditions of living have been focused on the geographic location of these countries, the social issues that take place, military status, economical well being and the technology that is possesses. Before I make the decision to uproot and move, I need to make certain of some things. I will most definitely not move somewhere where I will not...

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Racism in Australia

Synopsis Australia is known as a multicultural country. It is because there are lots of people from different country, racial and ethnics settled in Australia. They called themselves Australian and make Australia as their home. Although nowadays most people can easily accept the others from different races, racism still exists in Australia. Immigrants and Indigenous were the group of people being discriminated and excluded from the society in the past. Their human rights have been neglected. The...

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Discrimination in Australia

Racism in Australia Racism exists in Australia. This is a statement that most, if not all of you in this room believe is obvious. It is definitely indicated in this Report. However, it is not a truth that is readily acceptable by all Australians. As part of the consultations for the National Anti-Racism Strategy, which was launched in August this year, I heard from many Australians about their experience of racism. How did racism make people feel? This is what some recounted: It creates...

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Australia on Communism

History Essay: Australia on Communism How did Australian governments deal with the perceived threat of communism after 1950, both at home and abroad? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Communism was spreading during the 1950s. It seemed as though it had spread from the USSR to China and was still advancing, causing the Australian government to become fearful of communism eventually reaching Australia and the threat of communism existing within...

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Convict in Australia

group of convicts were transported to Australia. Convicts are the people who found guilty of crime. All the convicts were transported Australia by ship and fleets. After the first fleet arrived to Australia, there were a lot of fleets arrived to Australia as well. Consequently, The Australia’s government were kept for each convict and up till the mid-1800s they recorded names, date and place of trial and sentence. The convicts were transported to all over Australia such as New South Wales, Queensland...

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Export to Australia

Contents Introduction 3 1. Product & Company 3 1.1 Geely in Australia 4 2. Environment of Australian 4 2.1 Australia automobile market 5 2.2 China-Australia FTA 5 2.3 Opportunities and challenges 6 2.3.1 Opportunities 6 2.3.2 Challenges 7 2.4 Intermediary 7 2.5 Mode of transport 8 2.6 Regulatory Control & Documentation 9 2.7 Marketing Strategy 9 3. Conclusions 10 4. Reference 10 5. Appendix 10 Introduction The automotive trade is a major...

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Images Of Australia

concerning Australian national identity. Australia needs to alter its national identity and fast, so as to enable all inhabitants of Australia to feel at home with their identity. Currently, Australian national identity still entails an anti-authoritarian, patriarchal, predominantly white model that was instigated during the colonial times. This model includes the dominant representations of mates, bush, and beer – thus silencing the indigenous roots of Australia, women and the different ethnicities...

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Illiteracy in Australia

Peter Lucas ENG 1301 11/18/2014 Illiteracy in Australia In today’s world, knowledge is an important factor in the development of any country. And a low functional illiteracy rate is always a sign of a very humanly developed country as humans is what should be focused on by a government in order to advance in their country’s development. Australia is one of the developed countries, therefore, it should have a low functional illiteracy rate. However, Australia has an astonishing functional illiteracy rate...

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Destep Australia

DESTEP ANALYSIS: Australia Demographic Environment Australia is one of the biggest countries of the world: It has a total area of 7,686,850 square kilometers. There live about 22,015,576 people, a percentage 67,70 % of them is between 15 to 64 years old, the age which is important for our product Coebergh since it is an alcholic product that can only be consumed by people over 18 years. There are more men (7,469,092) than women (7,266,143) at this age which is very important to know since our...

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Australia animals

Australia is famous for it's strange animals. There are many kinds of animals living only there. We can also find there our typical animals. Sheep can be found on the West Coast and in the East. Cattle are bred on the Northwest coast and Southeast coast. We would like to introduce you some of not so common ones. Koalas Everyone knows these cute animals, looking like a teddy bear. Of course, they aren't really bears at all. True bears don't have pouches and their babies aren't as big as your thumbnail...

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Elitism in Australia

Therefore, the existence of government and corporate elites in Australia is highly reasonable considering Elite Theory and the decisions made surrounding the EMA. This essay will apply Elite theory (classical and Australian) to the decisions made leading up to granting the EMA for Roy Hill and assess that aftermath of the decision which will ultimately support the argument of an existing government and corporate elite in Australia. Furthermore, the strengths and limitations of Elite theory will...

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Racism in Australia

database for future plagiarism checking) Signature:______________________________________ Note: An examiner or lecturer/tutor has the right to not mark this assignment if the above declaration has not been signed Do you think racism persists in Australia? While racism seems to persist, it is driven into a darker light by the politicians and the media. It seems that our perceptions and views of foreigners have been manipulated and exaggerated by politicians, in turn the media. We can see the following...

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The Effects of Italian Immigrants on Australia

broadened by Italian culture, and Italy’s cultural identity is highly integrated into Australian society, as I will explain more in depth later. But before that, I will summarise the activity of Italian interaction with Australia throughout time. The birth of Italian contact with Australia initiated with James Matra and Antonio Ponto, who were aboard the ship ‘Endeavour’ with Captain James Cook on his discovery voyage in 1770. Later, Italian- Alessandro Malaspina, led a scientific voyage to the South...

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Australia Political Links

eventually turn into a organization that consist of certain rules and agreements that usually countries can’t argue about due to the sophisticated relations between these countries. An example of political link between countries is the relationship that Australia and America have. Examples of international organizations that involve a huge number of countries: United Nations (UN) and European Union (EU). Countries that tend to establish political links usually look for countries that they share common grounds...

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Biomes of Australia

with the physical environment that sustains them developing the ability to identify ecosystems at all scales, from a small patch of vegetation to the earth's biosphere developing the capacity to identify and describe the major biomes of Australia and the world, and explaine their spatial distribution understanding the relationship between climate soils and vegetation. Geographical understanding and context Biomes are major world ecosystems characterised by distinctive climates...

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Exports Important to Australia

Question 1. Why are exports so important to Australia? The fundamental reason which underpins the importance of exports to Australia is economic growth. Exporting within Australia is important on both a macro and micro level. On a Macroeconomic level exports assist the success of imports within the nation and therefore help the expansion of the economy. Furthermore exports help Australia take advantage of economies of scale. Due to the fact that Australia is a small country, known in exporting mostly...

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Immigration from China to Australia

about the Chinese people and their decision to move to Australia and not any other country on the globe. So, why did so many Chinese people decide that they want to travel to that country? What does Australia have that attracts more Chinese newcomers every year? Australia is a beautiful and very promising but is it enough to convince new settlers? Here are some factors that persuaded the Chinese. 1. The news of gold discoveries in Australia captured the Chinese peoples attention and sparked a...

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Adoption of Ifrs in Australia

including all EU countries and major Asian countries such as Hong Kong and Singapore which have adopted IFRS almost in their entirety. (KPMG, 2006, pp.11) The adoption of IFRS in Australia through the Australian equivalents of International Financial Reporting Standards (AIFRS) since the beginning of 2005 has reflected how Australia is also part of global momentum for consistency and high quality of financial reporting. Since the formation of International Accounting Standards Committee (IASC) in 1973,...

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The Great Depression in Australia

The Great Depression In Australia History Essay The Great Depression had a significant impact on Australia. The Great Depression affected Australia in a variety of ways these included unemployment, inability to support family, evictions, growth of shanty towns and impact on the economy. The Australian government responded to The Great Depression in a range of ways such as sustenance or susso for short, asking Sir Otto Niemeyer to come, deflation, Melbourne Agreement, inflation, Jack Lang's Plan...

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Cultural Speech Outline: Australia

Cultural Speech Outline: Australia Purpose: At the end of our speech, the audience will know about Australia Introduction: Grabber: G'day Mates! Preview: Today we are going to talk about Australia’s wildlife, sports, celebrities, cuisine, history, and attractions. Body: I. Australia has a number of different mammals but does not have any large predatory animals. A. Mammals are warm blooded animals that give live birth. B. Their biggest carnivorous animal is called the dingo, or wild...

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Asylum Seekers in Australia

Asylum Seekers In Australia Australias mandatory detention of asylum seekers are of a serious concern. There has been aroused intense national and international debate. In the past few years we have been bombarded with images of detainees suffering from depression, mental anguish, trauma and psychological damage. Australia has a policy of mandatory detention for all refugees and asylum seekers who arrive by boat to Australian shores (http//www.westnet.com.au/jackhsmit/detention.htm). Those...

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Motor vehicle accidents in Australia

speeding (36%), drink driving (20%), and fatigue (16%). Speeding is a major cause of motor vehicle accidents and remains the biggest killer on our roads. In Australia speeding contributes in about 36% of fatal road accidents. This means on average, around 465 people die each year due to speed-related crashes in Australia (Road Deaths Australia 2011 Statistical Summary, 2011). In NSW alone, speeding is a factor in about 40% of road deaths. This means around 177 people die each year in speed-related...

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The Effects of the Vietnam War on Australia

The Effect of the Vietnam War on Australia The controversial Vietnam War had a huge impact on Australian society in the 1960's/1970's. Australia’s involvement in the key international Cold War conflict of the Vietnam War created instability and a significant shift in the nation’s military, social, political and economic status. Vietnam was known as a 'TV War'. A great deal of shocking and violent footage of the war was broadcasted right into people's homes. This caused a lot of social involvement...

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The Australia Legal System

legislation, case law and public opinion. And the major historical sources of law in Australia are the common law, the law of equity, statute based law and the law concerning native title.[i] Australia is a federation with seven constitutions; one for each of the six States and one for the Commonwealth. These constitutions provide for a parliament for each of the States and a parliament for the Commonwealth of Australia.[ii] The Australian Constitution of 1901 established a federal system of government...

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Captain Cook Discovered Australia

Subject: Effective Writing (EL1010) Topic: “Captain James Cook discovered Australia”. Discuss Grade Awarded: Distinction Lecturer’s Comments: A thoughtful, well-structured essay. The introduction is perhaps a little long in comparison with the overall length of the essay. (Note: This sample is provided in the exact form it was submitted and corrections and comments made in the text by the lecturer are not included. A Reference List was submitted by the student but this has not been included...

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Australia as a Global Citizen

Australia as a global citizen: Historically Australia and its political leaders have known their role in the global community being a part of many organizations designed to make the world a better place, and uphold the rights of humanity. Australia has been an integral part of the formation of the UN, and is one its most active members. The United Nations is an international organization with over 190 member states, its goal to avoid the recurrence of violent conflicts; to affirm fundamental human...

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Vietnamese Migration to Australia

mass migrations of many Vietnamese people to Australia. According to Ashley Carruthers (2008), the only Vietnamese to previously arrive in Australia were generally tertiary students, wives of Australian soldiers or orphans from the war. Following the 1975 surrender of South Vietnam however, the Vietnamese were forced to flee their homes in a desperate attempt to escape the newly-communist rule of the North. Due to the economic prosperity of Australia and the close ties it had with South Vietnam,...

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Rabbit Infestation in Australia

Rabbit Infestation in Australia Rabbits have been the worst invasive species that have been reported in Australia. They have widely spread in Australia leading to a massive destruction of the Australian environment. Rabbits have caused devastating effects on the ecosystem since they are believed to be the main factor in species loss in Australia. They have caused a lot of damages on crops and also destroyed and killed young trees and plants. In addition, rabbits cause serious problems on soil...

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Report on Refugee Rights in Australia

Background of Refugee Rights Political Movement Since 2000, both the refugee rights political movement in Australia as a whole as well as the Australian National Committee on Refugee Women (ANCORW) have primarily been focused on key issues such as the differential treatment of asylum seekers based on how they arrived in Australia or apply for protection, the Pacific and Malaysian solution, the detention of asylum seekers and combating the view that boat arrivals are not ‘genuine refugees’...

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Aboriginal Ceremonies in Australia

Aboriginal Ceremonies in Australia Aboriginal people in Australia are indigenous. The earliest known is meaning of the word “aboriginal”. Actually, the Australian aboriginal is not coming from Australian it self. They came from Asia about 30.000 years ago. They have 500-600 distinct groups. No matter they live in different groups, they still an inherent part of the culture of aboriginal. Their culture is unique. Not only unique, they also rich in cultures. One of their unique cultures is ceremony...

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Food Safety Australia 2010,

24759  Research Proposal   2011  Skippy Skoop – Research Proposal    Due to the growing health food trend in Australia with consumers looking for healthier food options,  in particular “healthy snacking” (Food Safety Australia 2010), a number of frozen yoghurt companies  have begun to enter the Australian market. As this industry is set to become more competitive, the  new Australian company “Skippy Skoop” wishes to undertake market research to determine the best  product concepts to ensure its success into the future...

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Inequality to Aboriginal people in Australia

inequality to particular ethnic groups. For example, in Australia, since European people arrived there in 1788, they have discriminated against indigenous people, Aborigines (Kuhn, 1998: 30). The European invaders drove most of Aboriginal people out of the mainland, and furthermore, they took a lot of indigenous children from their families and forced them to work at white farms or stations. They did not even consider Aboriginal people the citizen of Australia until 1967, and this continued in some states...

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Aboriginal Warfare in Australia

Introduction From the time that Europeans landed in Australia ‘Pastoralists were pushing into Indigenous territory, robbing Aboriginal people of the land they had lived on and nurtured for thousands of years. ‘But Aboriginal communities did not just stand by as the land which they had formed rich bonds with, both spiritually and physically, was taken from their hands. Through a mixture of fear and hatred of the Aboriginals, European settlers engaged in many brutal clashes with them to attempt...

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Australia and the Great Depression

Why did Australia lead the world into Depression in the late 1920s and suffer its effects so gravely and for so long? Australia suffered significantly during the Great Depression of the late 1920s. Australia was one of the worst effected countries in the World. This essay will look at why Australia lead the world into Depression in the late 1920s and why it suffered from it's effects for so long. A depression is defined as "A period of drastic decline in a national or international economy, characterized...

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Afghan Asylum Seekers in Australia

threat to your safety. I don’t blame them for their desperation to leave. Their fear is so strong that people are paying up to $30 000 to people smugglers to come to Australia, (Amiri, 2012) only to be treated badly in a country that they thought would be the start to the life they deserve. For most asylum seekers, arriving in Australia is a major shock. They are met with hostility and mandatory detention. After arriving on Christmas Island, they are put on buses that drive to the detention centre...

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Ecumenical Developments in Australia

religious initiative towards unity within the Christian church. It is the promotion of co-operation and improved understanding between distinct religious groups or denominations within Christianity and other religions. NATIONAL COUNCIL OF CHURCHES IN AUSTRALIA (NCCA) The NCCA is an example of an ecumenical movement – it brings together a number of Australia's Christian churches in dialogue and practical support. It was also the first recognized coalition between the Catholic Church and other leading Christian...

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Emerging Fashion Trend in Australia

Emerging Fashion Retail business in Australia. Industry Overview Industry analysis of the Australian fashion retail sector. The world is getting wider and expanding globally, so as the fashion. Fashion world changes everyday and often it’s significantly necessary to get rid of old room for the new. There are numerous persuasive factors influencing changes or variation in trends and its infrequent occurrence, specifically in high fashion, while a trend can and does last forever. Eternal...

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Women in Australia in 1920s

Women The end of World War 1 showed a new age for Australia. During the 1920s the women of Australia changed before they were quiet, polite and modest. Primary sources indicated that Australian women of the 1920s had a cultural, political and social change. They worked in factories, smoke cigarettes in public, wore short skirts, started swearing, wore make-up, had short hairstyles and went dancing in the evenings. Unfortunately, women still remained largely excluded from most areas of public life...

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Cohesion and division in Australia 1920s

Summary of Australian History from 1788: 1788- Arrival of first white settlers in Australia on the assumption that Australia was “terra-nullius” (empty land) -1970s term the land was claimed to belong to the Crown (Queen of Britain) Aborigines were included in British law -British colony: British government & laws transferred to Australian soil -population: mostly British -dominant church: Anglican -convictism: affected our view of ourselves as part of the British Empire -Development of...

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Health Priorities in Australia

HSC Core 1 – Health Priorities in Australia 1. Using measures of epidemiology, investigate the health status of Australians. Health status is a holistic concept that is determined by more than the presence or absence of any disease. It is often summarised by life expectancy or self-assessed health status, and more broadly includes measures of functioning, physical illness, and mental wellbeing. Epidemiology is the study of disease in groups or populations through the collection of data and information...

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Local Court and High Courts of Australia

to $60 000. The Local Court holds committal hearings, which are preliminary hearings where the magistrate determines if there is sufficient evidence against the defendant to warrant a trial in a higher court. The High Court of Australia is the highest court in Australia and was established in 1901. It deals with appeals from the Federal Courts, Family Court and Supreme Court. It also deals with matters of interpreting the Australian Constitution and the constitutional validity of laws. In December...

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Human Impacts on Island Ecosystems. (Australia)

Human Impacts on island ecosystems. (Australia) There are few paleovegetation records in Australia before 18,000 years ago. To find out the history of the Australian fauna scientists used stable carbon isotopes from the emu eggshell (a flightless bird native to Australia). The samples were largely taken from Lake Eyre. The carbon composition of the eggshell tells us the composition of the bird's diet (over 3-5 days). The emus are mixed feeders herbivores, eating leaves, shoots, fruits, flowers...

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Changes in Freedom Rights for Aboriginals in Australia

Australia’s attitude towards the rights and freedoms of Aboriginals has changed drastically from 1920 to the present. It is evident that Australia has made a greater effort throughout the years, to bridge the gap between the rights and of Aboriginals and the rest of Australia. This has been improved by the implementation of different policies such as the Protection policy, Assimilation, Integration, Self Determination and Reconciliation. In the early 20th century it was believed that Aboriginals...

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Growing Up Asian in Australia

belongs to a certain group. Groups are formed on opinion and common interests, not feeling like a person shares any of these things with another can make a person feel like an outsider especially a migrant. Unfortunately, many migrants that come to Australia find themselves in this situation, struggling to feel included and comfortable with their changing identities. However, these differences make it harder to belong to one group; they can also strengthen bonds with one another. The most immediate and...

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Economy of Australia

Economy of Australia Globalization has largely benefited the Australian economy. Australia has an abundance of natural resources that their population of 23 million people can’t use, so they sell the surplus to other countries that have a demand for the resources, giving Australia a world market of over 6.5 billion people. The Australian economy has experienced continuous growth and low unemployment, contained inflation, very low public debt, and a strong and stable financial system. By 2012...

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How and Why Power Is Divided in Australia

power divided in Australia? Is a good and commonly asked question by looking at the Australian Constitution, and federalization it is possible to understand how power is divided within Australia. Through the ideas of the three arms of government following the Montesquieu view, the Washminster hybrid, Westminster and Washington systems of government which all influence Australia’s political system to shape it to what we know it as today. One demonstrates why power is divided in Australia. By doing this...

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Same Sex Relationship in Australia

that the majority of Australians support same-sex marriage in 2009. Today in Australia you are still not permitted to marry a person who is the same gender as yourself. The Australian government does not recognise marriage between the same gender so therefore the two people in the relationship, by law, cannot be legally married rather they are known as flatmates . This is plainly stated under the Marriage Act 1961 Australia, it defines marriage as “Marriage means the union of a man and a woman to the...

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Australia Pre-Primary Education Industry

Traction of Private Players to Foster Growth of Australia Pre-primary Education Industry: Ken Research The pre-primary education and childcare markets in Australia have showcased separate growth trajectory over the years. The pre-primary market in Australia is an emerging market characterized by the rising awareness about the quality early childhood education and care amongst parents. Although the public spending on the pre-primary education in Australia is amongst the lowest spending countries in the...

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Australia Short Stories

leather stilettos’ and ‘Candy Frost’ lipstick , she fights hard to save her husband who cannot fight off the kangaroo, which is another reversal of gender roles, the woman being stronger physically then the man. Although Zeen may not have been born in Australia she still represents the type of Australian identity that is in A Gentleman’s Agreement, an independent women who overcomes a struggle to do what is best for their family. Another short story with a strong sense of Australian identity is The...

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History of Australia

A Story of Australia Australia is a country known for its surf beaches, koalas, and kangaroos, the Great Barrier Reef, iconic laid back lifestyles and much more. But how did this unique country and continent down under begin, and become what it is today? Aboriginals themselves have existed in Australia on the land for an estimated 60,000 years. Recently, their diverse and complex history as truly been discovered. Dispersed throughout Australia, there were 600 tribes spread out, all living off the...

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Disadvantaged Groups in Australia

“As Australians we promulgate the value of a fair go. Yet there are individuals and groups in our society that experience extreme and persistent disadvantage that sets them apart from the rest of our society”. (Reference: Wise, S. (2011) “Advance Australia Fairly” Sydney Morning Herald. January 14, 2011) One of the most predominant values in Australian society is that of ‘mateship’ (Henslin, J., A. Possamai and A. Possamai-Inesedy 2010, pg 49). Such a value promotes equality of life amongst Australians...

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A letter from an exchange student in Australia

been in Australia for about 2 months now and I’m still speechless. It’s such a beautiful country! The land, the people, the climate, everything is amazing! I’ve gotten to experience the most remarkable/wonderful things, things I never could have imagined. As you know I went here as an exchange student and I’m living with a wonderful host family in Brisbane. They have been very welcoming and loving, the student exchange agency made such a good match. Brisbane is located in the east of Australia, in...

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Why Did Australia Become Involved in the Vietnam War

went from 1965 to 1975 involved America and its allies, including Australia, aiming to prevent South Vietnam from an invasion by the communist North Vietnaese. There were many key reasons for Australia’s involvement in the Vietnam War. The Americans provided valuable support when they arrived at our aid during the WWII so Australia felt a responsibility to return a favour to the US to maintain healthy foreign relations. Australia also became implicated in the war due to the threat posed by the expansion...

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Aboriginals in Australia

ANTH1150 - THE ABORIGINAL PEOPLE OF AUSTRALIA The Aboriginal people of Australia have been an ostracized ethnic group throughout their native land since being discovered by the English Captain James Cook on April 23 1770, which marked a dramatic turning point for the last significant land mass to be colonized by European settlers. The development of the Aborigines class status, welfare and rights have gradually evolved to a somewhat humane level over the past four decades, significant government...

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Obesity in Australia

Should Australian Government Take Actions On Reducing Obesity? By: Shane Gotama Obesity is one of the largest health issues that are often discussed in Australia. Australia has claimed the third spot for the country with the highest obesity rates in the world. This is proven by the drastic increase of obesity rates for both adult and children in the past few years. Health researchers found that the average BMI of Australian men rose from 24.9 in 1980 to 27.6 in 2008, while for women the numbers...

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Impact of the Vietnam War on Australia.

elections and would then withdraw the soldiers. When the Labor party was defeated, the protest movement had died down for a while. After the war, thousands of Vietnamese boat people have come to Australia. This was because the people had dissatisfaction with the Communist government and that Australia was within reach by boat. How and why Support for the War changed over time. --- At the beginning of the war, surveys found that the Australian public at first supported the idea of a small military...

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Sport and the Law (Australia)

ISSUE: SPORT AND THE LAW (Word Count: 1012) Sport is an important part of Australian culture with a long history dating back to the 1800’s. We have progressed immensely since then and we now have numerous of professional sporting leagues in Australia for example; the A-League, Rugby League and AFL. Sport has always been Australia’s pride and passion as we have competed in many international levels including the Olympics and the Commonwealth games. ‘Sport law’ is there to promote safety, provide...

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Australia Post

Master General Department was established in 1901 on the federation of Australia as part of Australia’s government. In the later years, Post Master General Department (PMG) was separated into two different sectors which consist of the Australian Telecommunications Commission which is to handle the telecommunication sectors and also Australian Postal Commission which handles all the postal services under the trading name of Australia Post in 1975. In addition to that later in 1989 the Australian Government...

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Australia, Bran Nue Dae and the Stolen Generation

Luhrmann’s Australia and Perkins’ Bran Nue Dae could be said to approach the apology to the Stolen Generations from different perspective. Discuss with reference to style. Director Baz Luhrmann and Director Rachel Perkins both addressed Australia’s cruel and racist history and the aboriginal’s Stolen Generation in Australia and Bran Nue Dae, respectively. Both films follow the lead of Australian government and made an effort to apologize the Stolen Generation. Unfortunately, neither Australia nor...

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