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Presentation of Bangladesh Tourism Coordinating By Samiul Hasan Sami ID: 1310 Tourism in Bangladesh The beautiful country of Bangladesh has tourist attractions including archaeological sites, historical mosques and monuments, rivers, tea gardens, beaches, forests, tribal people and wildlife of various species. Along with rich cultural heritage, it leaves an unforgettable impression on the mind of any visitor. SOME TOURIST SPOTS OF BANGLADESH  Dhaka: The capital city of Bangladesh sits on the...

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Climate of Bangladesh

Bangladesh has a subtropical monsoon climate characterized by wide seasonal variations in rainfall, moderately warm temperatures, and high humidity. Regional climatic differences in this flat country are minor. Three seasons are generally recognized: a hot, humid summer from March to June; a cool, rainy monsoon season from June to October; and a cool, dry winter from October to March. In general, maximum summer temperatures range between 32°C and 38°C. April is the warmest month in most parts of...

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Branding Bangladesh

Assignment On Branding Bangladesh Course Code: MKT 202 Course title: Introduction to Marketing Submitted To: Omar Nasif Abdullah BBA Program, North South University, Dhaka Submitted by Abrar Khan ID: 1330663630 Section: 7 Date: 06/04/2014 BANGLADESH A LAND OF NATURE Introduction: Bangladesh is a country of natural beauty. She is blessed with endowment of almighty. A paper by Majbritt (2010) argues that the six...

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Clothing of Bangladesh

Government and non-government organizations like  Bangla Academy, Nazrul Institute, Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy, Fine arts Institute, Chhayanat etc. play significant role to flourish Bangladeshi art and culture providing encouragement in music, drama, dance, recitation, art etc. Many other cultural organizations are also popularizing Bangladeshi art and culture.   Another important aspect of the culture of Bangladesh is clothing. Bangladeshi woman usually wear Saris, made of the world famous and...

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Democracy in Bangladesh

The cost of good intentions: “solidarity” in Bangladesh The cost of good intentions: “solidarity” in Bangladesh Naila Kabeer 24 June 2004 How can the lives and conditions of women garment workers in Bangladesh be improved? Naila Kabeer questions whether the workers themselves benefit from the campaigning approach of Anita Roddick and the National Labor Committee. Anita Roddick writes on openDemocracy with passionate anger about the conditions of women workers in the export garment sector based...

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Digital Bangladesh

Introduction: digital Bangladesh is a new world, a new concept, a new dream. Bangladesh is now resounding with the aim of achieving digital Bangladesh. Our present prime minister, Sheikh Hasina, in their election manifesto of 2008 declared to build up Bangladesh as a digital one by 2021. Since then this concept has become almost a lip-word with the people of Bangladesh. Meaning of digital Bangladesh: our life today is governed by the offshoots of science. Science has ushered in new era in the history...

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The Pakistan-Bangladesh Relations: The Relationship Between Pakistan And Bangladesh

faithfulness associate Pakistan and Bangladesh to each other. The people of the two countries shared a ‘common nationhood’ for almost twenty-five years and even after separation it has not been easy to sever the links rooted deep in their history. However, Pakistan-Bangladesh relations had a bad start primarily because of two reasons. First, Bangladesh was born out of a bloody conflict with a military regime ruling the country from Islamabad. Secondly, Bangladesh gained freedom with help from India...

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Changes in Bangladesh

Changes in Bangladesh Bangladesh came to today's shape through a long history of political evolution. Bengal was probably the wealthiest part of the subcontinent up till the 16th century. The area's early history featured a succession of Indian empires, internal squabbling, and a tussle between Hinduism and Buddhism for dominance. All of this was just a prelude to the unstoppable tide of Islam which washed over northern India at the end of the 12th century. Mohammed Bakhtiar Khalzhi from Turkistan...

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maritime resources of bangladesh

 1. Introduction. . This Bay Of Bengal is a huge resource for Bangladesh in aspects of fisheries and hydrocarbons. The People’s Republic of Bangladesh is a sovereign South Asian country. It is bordered by India in all sides except small border with Myanmar and a long coastal line with the Bay Of Bengal. The Bay Of Bengal is the largest bay in the world, forms the North-Eastern part of Indian Ocean. BIMSTEC or Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation (BIMSTEC)...

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bank and ngo in bangladesh

About The banking sector is one of the most important components of the financial system that mobilises resources for productive investments in a country which in turn contributes to economic development. The banking sector in Bangladesh has flourished during the last three decades or so as a result of increased demand of the growing economy. During this period, the banking sector has also undergone several reforms and fallen under the jurisdiction of a number of acts in a bid to improve the efficiency...

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