How Law Is Passed in Maldives

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How law is passed in Maldives.
In Maldives laws are made in People’s Majlis. It’s the supreme authority for law-making by the Article 70 of the constitution. Article 70. “(a) The legislative authority of the Maldives shall be vested in the People’s Majlis.”

In the Maldives there are 2 types of legislation considered by Parliament. These are: 1- Government Bills (Bills that are introduced by the Government) 2- Private Member Bills (Bills that are introduced by the Members whether individual or from a political party )

Government Bills
Government Bills symbolize government policy and a Minister presents them. The bulk of Parliament’s stage is taken up with these types of bills. As the present government does not hold such a large parliamentary majority, it is almost uncertain that all Government Bills will be passed into law (though some may be passed along the way). Private Member Bills

Individual Member of Parliaments (MP’s) from any political party (or a peer) can introduce a Private Members Bill. These hardly have any chance of becoming law as too much of Parliament’s time is occupied up with Government bills. As a consequence of this, Parliament gets little chance to discuss Private Members Bills, let alone vote on them.

Each legislative year, the Cabinet has to decide on what it needs to do regarding lawmaking that year. As such it has to arrange what it needs – though it has to be cautious of assurances made to the public at large. A lawmaking session does not last for one calendar year. With extended adjournments, Parliament actually sits for a lot less than twelve months. Lawmaking in Parliament is driven by what is said in the President Speech that usually opens Assembly in February. The government to introduce whatever form of legislation it needs, a possibly difficult process takes place before the bill becomes law. The first process is one of origination. This is actually deciding what is going to be contained in that bill. Both...
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