How State Laws Are Made

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How State Laws Are Made

Hello, my speech this evening is to inform you guys, my audience, how state laws are made. I Feel like this is an important subject because there might be people who dont understant what it actually takes and what a bill goes through to be actualy taking into consideration to becoming a staten law. well with that said. : Laws have existed since the biginning of civilization. In the U.S laws are made at different levels, usually connected with a govermental entity. Cities, counties and federal goverment all make laws. State laws are created by a states governing body. Bills that will be intorduced to be passed into law begin with an idea or recommendation given a number and carries the name os the lawmaker who filed the legislation.Every bill is assigned to a comitee taht oversees the area of law to which the bill refers. The bill must be read and passed out of commitee before it is sent to the House Of Representatives . House of represnatives are made up of people elected from each state based on population. For example california has the most because California is a bigger state. Thisis based soley on population. A commitee can ask to hear a testimony from agencies or individuals with a stake in legislation. Usually the lawmaker ho filed the bill will adress the committee about merits of the proposed law.A bill can be changed or "marked up" before it leaves committee. Depending on wether the bill was filed by a senator or House member-where bill orignated- the legislative body must accept the commitee report before the bill is read. The bill must then be placed on the offivila calendar for first readingof a vote of a legislative body. If the body votes aye, the bill is placed on the daily calendar. for its second reading. After the second reading a bill can be debated and amended on the floor. Any lawmaker can add an amendment to a bill. Most states have requirments that the amendment must pertain to the orginal intent of the...
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