How Does Australian Parliament Make Laws

Topics: Westminster system, United States House of Representatives, United States Congress Pages: 2 (592 words) Published: May 8, 2004
Parliament, as the sovereign lawmaking body is one source of law. It makes legislation via passing bills to make laws that abide by social cohesion and maintain social progress, such as sanctions imposed for murder under the Criminal Law Consolidation Act SA.

A political party affiliates it's self with specific views and moral and promises to initiate or support certain legislations to its supporters. When candidates become members of either the Senate or House of Representatives they are morally obliged to uphold these view but are not confined to them.

Pre-legislation stage consists of someone coming up with an idea for a bill which is presented to the cabinet, they must approve the principles of the bill for it to reach the next stage which is the drafting of the bill. This part consists of Parliamentary counsel drafting the bill. This is a government body of trained lawyers which job is to draft a bill whilst making sure that it is not contradicting to current legislation or the constitution. When a formal and legitimate bill is drafted it can then be initiated into the originating house. This involves the bill being tabled for the first reading along with a notification to the house of new proposal.

The first reading involves the bills title being read by the clerk of the house. There is no literal reading of the bill and the bill is approved on the basis of a voice call of members for approval.

Immediately usually after this the second reading commences. The intent of the legislation is discussed along with the broad principles by the ministers. The stage usually has no debate however the opposition can reply with approval or disapproval and can also make suggestions for amendments. Then there is a vote on voice, this consist of ‘Ayes'=yes or No's, if unclear members can ask for a division which is where members will physically move to left of the house for approval or right for disapproval. This is recorded in hamsard so if needed can be...
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