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  • Military

    WORKING OVERVIEW Jobs in the Military vary in type of work and responsibility‚ yet each is essential to accomplishing the overall mission of defending our country. In this section‚ explore the different types of career opportunities available to service members‚ learn about the compensation they can expect to receive‚ find out how to transfer careers to the civilian sector and more. Our Today’s Military overview pages show the various stages of a military career‚ from the joining process to training

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  • Military

    The average civilian or recruit coming into the Army often misunderstands the meaning of the words military discipline. He thinks of them as being connected with punishments or reprimands which may result from the violation of some military law or regulation. Actually‚ discipline should not be something new to you for you have been disciplined all of your life. You were being disciplined at home and in school when you were taught obedience to your parents and teachers‚ and respect for the rights

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  • Should the military reistitute a military draft?

    the U.S reinstitute a military draft? I do not agree with the reinstitution of a military draft. In 1973 the military draft was lifted in the United States and with good reason. The United States should not rely on a draft to fill military vacancies but rely on recruitment. It is true that the military offers incentives and luxuries that some civilians could not afford otherwise such as food‚ shelter‚ and medical care. However‚ they are just that‚ incentives. The military is an option and should

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  • Service In Military

    more than 180‚000 people enlist in the United States military and almost another 20‚000 commission as officers (Jordan‚ 2014). Some cited reasons include life skills and experience‚ money for college‚ steady employment‚ or service to their country. Although this number may seem high‚ in reality‚ more than 71 percent of America’s youth would not qualify for entry into the military (Fitzgerald‚ 2014). In fact‚ the quality of potential military recruits that are accepted for service is at the highest

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  • Military Bearing

    Military Bearing” and how it affects the Army as a whole Bearing‚ put simply‚ is the appearance and demeanor of a person throughout the activities and circumstances that an individual is seen or observed. An individual is largely judged by others through the bearing that the individual exudes as he goes about his daily affairs‚ and thus it is very important that the person shows a bearing of competence and professionalism at all times. Militaries since the beginning of recorded history have set

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  • Women in the Military

    Military Women Fighting on the Frontline COMM 215 May 6‚ 2013 Mary Lynn Cluff Military Women Fighting on the Frontline In the recent past‚ there has been controversy regarding the role women in the military. Historically‚ the role of women in the military has been reduced to simple roles such as cleaning and cooking

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  • Joining Military

    MILITARY 1 Joining the Military Brandon ENG 121 Instructor DEC 17‚ 2012 MILITARY 2 1. Medical Benefits * 100% Medical and Partial Dental * Use doctor of choice * All prescriptions are free for name brand 2. Guaranteed retirement after 20 years * Pay for rest of life * All injury’s paid for * Veteran benefits 3. Future life skills * Responsibilities * Leadership * Free college MILITARY

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  • Military Stereotypes

    wear military inspired uniforms to show solidarity with who they consider their heroes. At almost every sporting event‚ you will see a large American flag covering most of the field before the game begins. A famous or professional (depending on the event) singer performs the nation’s anthem. The military color guard (usually representing all branches of the armed service) is given most of the camera’s attention during the ceremony. The anthem usually culminates with a presentation of military aircraft

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  • Women in Military

    intriguing questions of integration has yet to be fully answered. Apart from all others is the battle to allow women the right‚ the honor‚ and the privilege of serving and defending their country as part of the United States Armed Forces. Being in the military means prestige‚ honor‚ pride‚ and the satisfaction that comes along with engaging what is considered one of the most valiant and traditionally revered professions in our country. However‚ there has always been and continues to be considerable debate

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  • Compulsory Military

    to thinking that military training should be given compulsorily to the citizen of India. The three attacks of China and Pakistan in 1962‚ 1965 and 1971 have compelled Indian leaders to give second though to this problem. Need of Compulsory Military Training: To get training in military service is important‚ significant and useful in many ways: First it makes the people disciplined. It inculcates the noble qualities of serve‚ sacrifice‚ devoting and dedication. Secondly‚ military training serves

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