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  • Ancient Rome

    In Ancient Rome there were festivals and events that might be named different but are still being held in our modern day. Feralia- February 21st ‚ The Romans would bring offerings to the Roman Gods and the souls of the deceased‚and put them in or outside of the tombs. Including wreaths and bread soaked in wine. There they sprinkled grain‚ salt and violet petals. Once the Romans ignored the festival‚ because they were to busy at war‚ it was said that dead ancestors roamed the streets as angry spirits

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  • ancient rome

    became the greatest city. 2. Greeks they colonized near Sicily and the closet colony to Rome was Napal. They had a huge influence on literacy but the influence was not direct 3. Etruscans had the largest influences on Rome but no one knows where they came from‚ much like Greeks they had city-states. Were superior in metal working‚ had great resources for trade and had great weapons. They grew to over come Rome for a time. They’re art was an represtation on their life. Much more opportunity for women

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  • Humanities in Ancient Rome

    Humanities in Ancient Rome 2-14-2013 T-TR 12:30-1:45 Mathis Ancient Rome was a turning point in history. It is considered by many to be one of the most important and influential societies to ever dominate Earth. At Rome’s peak in the history of civilization‚ one could not go anywhere from Spain to Saudi Arabia without being influenced in some way or another by the empire. Over the twelve centuries of Rome’s existence‚ it produced hundreds upon thousands of architects‚ musicians‚ playwrights

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  • The Census of Ancient Rome

    Angela Oakley Professor Deville Humanities 300 March 3rd‚ 2013 The Census of Ancient Rome The Census of Ancient Rome was of great importance to the Romans‚ molded the city into political and military community capable of collective action. First of all‚ the word census means “estimate.” Meaning the census is a way to estimate the number of people in the population Having this figure would provide the ancient Romans with an idea of how large or small‚ weak or strong their army would be. Every

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  • Slavery In Ancient Rome

    There is no doubt that Ancient Rome civilization left a positive impact on the “Western World” such as: Religion like Christianity‚ architecture‚ and lastly‚ a strong government system with organized political views. However‚ even though Ancient Rome was very positive it also had some negative factors. One major problem that I will focus on is slavery‚ Rome was very heavy on slavery during the ancient period. Which leads me to pounder‚ what was slavery most important effect on Roman society? As a

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  • Patriarchy In Ancient Rome

    civilizations‚ societies everywhere have been dominated by the patriarchy. However‚ the level of degree of male dominance and social structure in society did differ between the civilizations. The Roman Empire and Han Dynasty were no exception to this. Both ancient civilizations were similar in the respect that from birth‚ girls were treated lesser than boys. Even if in the Han Dynasty‚ where the values of Confucianism were respected and followed‚ which stated that everyone under the empire were equal‚ the true

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  • Slavery In Ancient Rome

    Slavery In Ancient Rome James Gallagher Hst 102 Wends Nights 6:30-9:15 Spring 2013 Historiography plays a huge role in history and text books everywhere. Historiography is the changing‚ varying views of historians over time. Many texts have been written about the same topic due to new facts presenting themselves and new historians interpretations on that subject. Slavery in Ancient Rome although not too diverse it ’s authors do have some differences. The facts that are put within our book are in

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  • The Ancient Rome Architecture

    The Ancient Rome Architecture is famous for many of its achievements. One of its historical sites that struck me the most is Forum Romanum‚ not only because of the grandiosity of its temples and buildings but also because of its architectural background. The development of Rome architecture was highly influenced by the Etruscans and the Greeks. From the Etruscans and early tribes the Romans found most of their basic architectural and engineering skills‚ which influenced the development of Roman aqueducts

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  • Gladiators In Ancient Rome

    justice and Roman authority” (Futrell 121). Thus‚ the lifestyle of the gladiator quite possibly originated from prisoners of war. During the second Sicilian slave war‚ the last standing survivors surrendered themselves to Aquilius who then took them to Rome where he “consigned them to fight with wild beasts” (Diodorus Historical Library 36.10). From there on‚ gladiators largely comprised of criminals‚ prisoners‚ slaves and other members of lower status within Roman society. Several literary inscriptions

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  • Ancient Rome DBQ

    Ancient Rome once stood at highest peak of authority and size‚ that is until Rome faced the inevitable fall of its civilization. Lasting several centuries‚ at its height‚ Rome stretched from western Europe to North America and throughout the Mediterranean and into Western Asia. In addition‚ many modern day influences did originate from Rome like art and architecture. Although‚ from political instability‚ to the various social and economic problems‚ and weakened frontiers‚ for the majority‚ Rome destroyed

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