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  • Augustus Project

    Augustus Propaganda in the Res Gestae Divi Augusti The image that Gaius Octavius Thurinus‚ Gaius Julius Caesar‚ Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus‚ the same man one and all‚ wanted to portray in his book‚ the Res Gestae‚ was one of a patriotic‚ religious‚ lawful‚ chosen by both the senate and the citizens of Rome‚ modest‚ generous‚ independent‚ benevolent‚ successful leader‚ worldly recognised and travelled Roman citizen. Augustus wanted to portray himself as the ideal Roman‚ one to look up to‚ one

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  • Augustus Principate

    ‘What role did the settlements of 27 BC and 23 BC play in the development of Augustus’ principate?’ In the first settlement of 27 BC Octavian handed back the unofficial powers he had held during the civil war to the Senate and people of Rome. However‚ some historians think that it was accomplished over a series of steps. In his autobiography Res Gestae Divi Augusti‚ Augustus himself states the situation ‘In my sixth and seventh consulships‚ after I had extinguished civil wars‚ and at a time when

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  • Statue of Augustus

    at two vivid examples of such a pattern in the art of the ancient Rome: the statue of Augustus of Prima Porta and the colossal head of emperor Constantine. Even though it is rather difficult to compare this colossal head with another statue on a much smaller scale‚ we will examine features communicating a message of powerful and godlike ruler in the both figures. The first sculpture we will look at is Augustus from Prima Porta‚ a marble copy based on a bronze original dating about 20 BC. It is

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  • Augustus Legacy

    The Forum of Augustus was erected in 2 BCE‚ a full forty years after it was promised in 42 BCE. Augustus at the time known as Gaius Octavius at the time vowed to Mars during the battle of Philippi to erect a temple in his name. He did this most likely to bring him strength in this battle as after the battle he was able to avenge his adoptive father Julius Caesar by killing his assassins. Sometime after in 27 BCE he became Princeps of Rome changings his name to Augustus. He then made plans to

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  • Augustus In The Pantheon

    the sun and sky gods with some Roman females that refer to the Pax Romana. That means the sun will shine all over the empire‚ brining with her the peace to the citizens; and of course‚ Augustus is the main reason. Beneath that there are the gods Apollo and Diana‚ the two main gods in the Roman Pantheon. Augustus as I mentioned is a supporter of the traditional Roman religion‚ so he is the favorite to these gods. Lastly at the bottom part‚ there is Tellus the earth goddess‚ and she is a symbol of

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  • Octavian Augustus

    Octavian Augustus is known as the first‚ and one of the greatest‚ Roman Emperors ever. Octavian enabled the long‚ peaceful time of the Pax Romana by changing Rome from a fragile‚ crumbling republican government to a mighty empire. Octavian’s government was strong enough to withstand weak emperors who mismanaged the Empire as well. His changes proved to be the cornerstone of the greatest empire the world has ever seen. The Pax Romana‚ or Roman Peace‚ was a time of great prosperity for all people

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  • Life of Augustus

    Suetonius’ Depiction of Augustus’ Attitudes Towards Family and Religion Lives of the Caesars- Diefied Augustus‚ was written by Gauis Suetonius Tranquilius. It was basically a biography on the life of Augustus‚ which was written towards the general public in 121 AD (during the reign of Emperor Hadrian). Diefied Augustus has many references to Augustus’ connection to his family and his approach to religion. Suetonius begins by telling us that Augustus (born Gauis Octavius Thurinus) was the son

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  • The Accomplishments by Augustus

    Augustus “The Accomplishments of Augustus” In Sources of the making of the West: Peoples and Cultures‚ a Concise History‚ Vol. I: To 1740‚ ed. Katharine J. Lualdi‚ 51-55. Boston‚ Massachusetts: Bedford/St. Martin’s‚ 2003. 1. The foundation of Augustus’ power and success After the battle of Actium (31 B.C.)‚ Octavian remained the sole leader from the Triumvirate to rule the largest Empire of that period. Shrewd and subtle politician‚ Octavian learnt from his predecessor‚ Julius Caesar

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  • Augustus "Rise to Power" Essay (Tacitus and Augustus)

    Question: Compare the following descriptions of Augustus’ rise to power‚ one by Augustus himself and one by Tacitus (the second-century historian)‚ and discuss their historical validity. 1)“At the age of nineteen on my own responsibiliy and at my own expense I raised an army‚...I transferred the republic from my power to the dominion of the senate and people of Rome.” -Augustus‚Res Gestae Divi Augusti 2)”One view of Augustus went like this: filial duty and national crisis had been merely pretexts

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  • Augustus In The Aeneid

    Roman readers reading ‘The Aeneid’ during Augustus’ reign (27 BC to AD 14) would most likely have a varied view on Aeneas’ character during Book 1. This is because of a mixture of his character personality wise and his heritage as well; in addition to that their own ruler could have impacted their opinion on Aeneas. To begin with Aeneas is portrayed as a superb leader from early on in the book‚ in fact as soon as you really hear about him. He is first seen after Junos’ attack on his flight of ships

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