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  • Han Dynasty

    After reading the Records of the GRAND HISTORIAN on HALL DYNASTY II‚ I I am horrified by the Xiongnu’s barbaric way of life‚ which contradicts with many traditional Chinese values. Values like filial piety and respect were disregarded in Xiongnu culture‚ from what I have observed‚ bravery was an important character trait. On page 129‚ "The young men eat the richest and best food‚ while the old get what is left over‚ since the tribe honors those who are young and strong and despises the weak and

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  • Han dynasty and Gupta dynasty

    similarity between the Han Dynasty and the Gupta/Mauryan Dynasty in terms of political control of the population was they both supported patriarchal families where women were subordinate to men. However‚ an important difference is that in India they had a caste system including jatis‚ which did not exist in Han China. Several similarities of both Gupta/Mauryan dynasty and Han dynasty are they had development of iron and textile expansion. Male dominance was part of both the Han dynasty and the Gupta/Mauryan

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  • Han Dynasty

    The Han Dynasty attitude towards technology is positive and negative feelings towards society even though Rome expressed the same feelings. These 8 documents can help prove and provide evidence for my thesis. In (doc 1) and (doc 4) explain how the Han Dynasty used water for positive things. In (doc 2) and (doc 3) explain the negative perceptions‚ which are how tools of the first century B.C.E were good enough to use but were neutrally valued‚ but overtime the quality of the item decreased.

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  • Han Dynasty Essay

    The Han Dynasty is one of‚ if not the most successful‚ dynasties in all of China’s history. The Hans ruled for just over four centuries‚ one of the longest of the Chinese dynasties. The Hans were preceded by China’s first dynasty‚ the Qin. The Hans came to power after Emperor Gaozu‚ Liu Bang‚ a peasant‚ defeated the last rebellion against him. As far as power and prestige goes‚ the Han Dynasty rivaled the Roman Empire. The Han Dynasty ruled in what is thought to be the golden age‚ which many dynasties

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  • Qin and Han Dynasty

    The Qin and Han Dynasty Around the time of 221 B.C – A.D. 220‚ China had two dynasties that made many important contributions to the country. They were one of the first dynasties in Chinese history. These dynasties were three Han dynasty and the Qin dynasty. They had many similarities and differences during their ruling periods. Qin Shihuangdi founded the Qin Dynasty in 221 B.C. The dynasty’s rule was based on Legalism. It strengthened central government and unified China. Qin created a currency

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  • han and qin dynasties

    “The Qin and Han Dynasties” The Qin and Han dynasties were both a very crucial part of our classical history; the empires had the same ultimate goal of prosperity and success although they had had entirely different ways of achieving this. The Qin and Han dynasties contributed to the unification of China but by absolute diverse tactics; the Qin Empire was also ruled by a dictator who was for legalism while the Han Empire was ruled by an emperor who supported Confucianism. To begin with‚ both

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  • Han Dynasty Dbq

    Analyze Han and Roman attitudes toward technology The Han dynasty was proud of the efficiency of their technology and their ability to prevent natural disasters. The Romans marveled at their technological advancements‚ but didn’t think it was very enlightening when it came to craft. The Han dynasty appreciated technology and felt like it was the government’s responsibility to make sure that technology was provided. During the early 2nd century B.C.E‚ a Han government official wrote to the local

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  • Han Dynasty System

    this document‚ ancient China was well organized‚ and had an efficient system to run their country as well as allowing their people prosper. In this document it mentions Zuo Chronicles‚ which comes from around the Han dynasty that would be most likely that this document is from the Han dynasty period. A scholar or an officer‚ who have experienced many things in life that it opens his eyes to wanting to make his country great and prosperous as well as for the people in it‚ might have written this document

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  • Han Dynasty

    Carmen Ma The Han Dynasty lasted over 400 years from 206 B.C.E. to 220 C.E. China enjoyed a true Golden Age under the Han. Throughout its years‚ Han has made achievements in warfare‚ government‚ agriculture‚ industry‚ art‚ medicine‚ and science. These achievements have soon led something positive that changed the lives of many for the better. The Golden Age provided China long stability and wealth. Under the Han Empire‚ China expanded its union vastly. Many achievements have been made that led

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  • Roman Empire and Han Dynasty

    The Roman Empire and the Han Dynasty were two of the most powerful civilizations to rule over their empires. Both the Han Dynasty and the Roman Empire had tremendous amounts of accomplishments‚ they both ended in total destruction‚ but they both differed in how they achieved there power‚ the Han Dynasty gained their power through Legalism‚ and the Roman Empire became successful using a republic government. The accomplishments of the Han Dynasty and the Roman Empire are both astounding. Augustus

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