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Women are seen as objects, and are often undermined in our society. More specifically the roles of the female body have been manipulated and changed to make women feel inferior to men. The essays “The Female Body” by Margaret Atwood and “The Egg and the Sperm: How Science Has Constructed a Romance Based on Male-Female Roles” by Emily Martin, both portray the female body and the use of the female body in a way that is inferior to that of a man’s body. These essays also both use a persuasive approach...

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Female Foeticide

Female Foeticide In India India is a country of incredible ironies. It is a land where people worship myriad forms of female Shakti in quest of wealth, wisdom and power. In this country it is a common sight to see thousands of couples making arduous journeys every year to shrines of goddesses in order to be blessed with a child. But strangely enough, in this country, a couple is said to be ‘blessed' only when it has a male child; for a girl is never considered a blessing in our society. Her birth...

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Female Foeticide

FEMALE FOETICIDE INTRODUCTION: Contemporary Indian society professes a profound faith in every individual’s “right to life and dignity”. The rights relating to the weaker & vulnerable sections of Indian society especially women, and more specially the girl child were violated. The twin social evils of female foeticide & female infanticide were the main causes.Violence against women exists in various forms, in all societies, the world over. In 1996 the world health assembly endorsed the fact that...

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Female Infanticides

Madison Barlow Mrs. Burns English 10 Honors April 10, 2013 Female Infanticides in China For many decades China has been carrying out brutal actions among female infants which are known to be female infanticides. Female infanticides started in 1957 when China’s Chairman Mao Zedong wanted the country’s population to stay under six million for many years (Jimmerson). Leaders then came to a realization that a long term action would have to take place. Therefore they proposed a law stating that a...

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Female infanticide

Diffrnce in female infanticide and foeticide Oct 2012 article http://www.thehindu.com/news/national/india-loses-3-million-girls-in-infanticide/article3981575.ece Latest : june 2013 http://digitaljournal.com/article/353738 Rural/urban : http://lawquestinternational.com/alarming-sex-ratio-and-problem-female-foeticide-and-infanticide-india India and china http://www.bbc.co.uk/ethics/abortion/medical/infanticide_1.shtml Website on infanticide >> https://sites.google.com/a/mtholyoke.edu/female-foeticide/artifact-3 ...

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Objectification of Females

differ in the sense of the way the male gaze is portrayed. For example, Charlie’s Angels seems to be promoting female independence and power, as the three main characters are strong and threatening female detectives; nonetheless, there is a substantial amount of objectification of the Angels as the three women use their sexuality as power. On the other hand, in The Dark Knight Rises, the female supporting character Selina Kyle or “Catwoman” (played by Anne Hathaway) is tacitly presented as a sexual object...

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female offenders

 I have chosen to do my final project writing assignment on female offenders. Today, females are the fastest growing offenders of the prison population. Some of the attributing factors to this increase in female prison population is an increase in violent behavior by females, increased substance abuse and an increased awareness by law enforcement toward female offenders. Female offenders may have many differences from male offenders in their risks and needs while in the system however they...

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Female Foeticide

female foeticide/ infanticide The term female foeticide means killing the female foetus in the mother's womb. How cruel? The practice has been followed in India for ages, a country that once described its women as godessess. For this reason, Indian women will soon get extinct. Surprised? The most active part is being played by the women themselves -- why? Just for the mere want of a boy, mothers don't feel bad in strangulating their daughters in their wombs. Can anyone be more cruel?  In India...

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Female Ambiguity

Female Ambiguity: Kirke from The Odyssey vs. Bianca from The Taming of the Shrew Women are ambiguous characters throughout texts such as The Odyssey and The Taming of the Shrew. In these two stories, there are female characters that are deceitful and beguiling towards men. Kirke and Bianca are two comparable characters that display such behavior. I will explain how both characters display ambiguity by hiding their true nature behind actions that they wouldn't normally take; therefore these...

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Female Offenders in Canadian Corrections

| Female Offenders in Corrections | Jarrod Birch | | Criminology 252 | Karin Kaercher | | Introduction Female offenders that enter into the correctional system in Canada do so with an entirely different set of risk factors than their male counterparts. Through comparisons and contrasting of facts, this paper will set out to identify the issues correctional services in Canada face when dealing with female offenders entering into the system. For example, female offenders that...

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Selective Female Fetus Killing

Selective Female Fetus Killing Picture this, you are at the doctors and you have just found out that you are pregnant, so many ideas and feelings will run through your body. However, not all people react with excitement in most third world countries this can either be a happy moment or the dawn before the pain. At the beginning of history you can see that infanticide has been carried out. From prehistoric times to the times of many great empires, the deaths of infants were accepted as a way to...

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Male and female visual abilities

GAC 023 Assessment event: Estimation of sizes The male and female hormone’s relation with spatial abilities Student name: Student ID: Teacher: Due date: 10/07/14 Word count: Table of Contents INTRODUCTION………………………………………………………………………………..1 METHODOLOGY……………………………………………………………………………….1 RESULTS……………………………………………………………………………………….2-3 GRAPHICS……………………………………………………………………………………...4 ANALYSIS………………………………………………………………………………………5 DISCUSSION…………………………………………………………………………………… 5-6 CONCLUSION……………………………………………………………………………………6 ...

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Male/Female Language

Differences in male and female language Language has many different aspects and has been researched for a long time. In the past few decades, research has abounded in the differences in use of language by men and women. There are a lot of questions about male and female language differences in which many linguists are interested. For example, how does our gender affect communication patterns? When we speak to someone, does the way we speak depend on the listener’s gender? Are...

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Surviving Female Gender Roles

Surviving Female Gender Roles What defines being ‘feminine’ will vary with each culture, but two archetypes: passive homemaker and liberal feminist have existed for centuries as one will see in two Japanese stories written in the 17th century. In The Love Suicides at Amijima, readers see the social chains that bind a submissive woman to her societal duties. On the other hand, in Tales of Sensuous Women, readers are shown a complete opposite archetype where women find ways to circumvent the social...

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Male vs. Female Offenders

The prison world is predominately male dominated. As the years go by, female incarceration levels have been rapidly increasing. The prisons in early days didn’t have to worry about dealing with two different types of inmates as there were not that many females incarcerated. While male and female inmates do have some similarities, they also have some distinct differences. The way they conduct themselves in prison are different; as are they way they interact with other inmates. Males typically are...

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Male Vs. Female Communication

“Male versus Female Communication” Being familiar with the proper communication skills when speaking to someone else aren’t as common as one may think. Most people’s opinion on how they communicate is right because it works for them, everyone is different. Everyone views things differently because everyone has their own opinion and reasoning behind why their opinion is that specific way. When it comes to males and females and their communication the specific topic automatically gets complicated...

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Differences Between Males and Females

Men and women relationship B. Friendships 4. Education and Career A. Education B. Career   Recently, there was a group of Mission College students discussing about the differences of genders on Facebook, a social networking. One of the female students wrote a note which contained 50 factors that guys should know about girls, but most of the comments from the guys said that they couldn’t understand girls. Girls are just lame complicated to understand and to be with, and they wish girls...

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Female Dominance or Male Failure?

Female Dominance or Male Failure? James Thurber illustrates the male species' status with respect to, " Courtship Through The Ages" with a humorous and melancholic tone. He emphasizes the lack of success males experience through courtship rituals and the constant rejection we endure. Our determination of courting the female with all our " love displays" may be pointless as it is evident in the repetitive failures of courtship by all male creatures. Thurber shares his problems with courtship...

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Males vs Females

Introduction: There are a number of possible advantages and disadvantages associated with being male or female. These do not necessarily apply to all males or females. But this list will show you some of the upsetting facts that come with being male or female. Advantages of being Male: • Praised as studs for having several sexual partners • Males have a shorter life expectancy of 79 years of age • Males are more likely to see combat in war than women • Males are more likely to be promoted...

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The Female Body in Advertising

The Female Body in Advertising The female body is a powerful tool in advertisement that industry has used to attract people to certain products or services. The roles of females in advertisement have moved along the spectrum from depicting the domesticated housewife to the attractive, slim model. Many advertisements contain women in roles such as cooks, maids, babysitters, as well as sex objects in order to sell product. Early advertisements were once shown to sell a product, however, as years...

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Infanticide of Females in India

India infanticide of females is common. There have been laws outlawing both infanticide and determining the sex of babies if it is not medically necessary, however it still continues. The killing of female babies has led to many ethical and social issues. Infanticide has also lead to an imbalance in the ratio of men to woman in India. For every 100 males born there are 105 females born however, most females are killed within 3 days after their birth making the new ratio 93 females for every 100 males...

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Male Daughter and Female Husbands

Male daughters, Female husbands Chapter 10-13 Chapter 10: Wealth, titles and Motherhood * Women organize in their capacity as wives and mother structural power * Successful economically sign of charismatic leadership ability * Takes titles and political, ritual leaders * Ekwe titled women Women’s New poverty * Economic position changed for women * Ideologises support economic of women – not change * Women general fed their child, and paid much as school fees ...

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Female Correctional Officers

Female Correctional Officers Jordan Beth Stevenson Introduction to Corrections October 25, 2012 Saeler Abstract This research paper consists of brief history of how female correctional officers came to be in the system and the court cases that hindered and helped their process. It also consists of the stereotypes and struggles the officers are faced with in this line of work; such as weaknesses and home life association. Sexual harassment and discrimination is a problematic topic...

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Difference in Male and Female Speech

To what extent do we agree that there are differences in ‘male’ and ‘female’ speech? Ever since time began, men and women have been perceived differently socially, intellectually and emotionally. Men are perceived to be strong, dependable, responsible, dominant and are providers while women are perceived to be fragile, nurturers, subordinate and compassionate. Men ventured into the jungles with fellow men to hunt for food and made shelter while women gathered vegetables and fruit, bore and...

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Female Sex Offender

Children of sound mind and body will be vital to the future prosperity of the United States; however, there is an alarming trend that threatens all of society. That threat is the growing occurrence of Female Sex Offenders. Many times, when a child reports that he/she has been victimized by a female, that claim is either not believed, or it is perceived as not a big deal.(Center for Sex Offender Management; 2007) Traditionally, it has been assumed that sex crimes are perpetrated by males. The result...

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Female Liberation in the Agency

Student Name: Instructor Name: TA’s name: Class Engl: 101W Date: 2012-07-18 Female liberation in The Agency Y.S.Lee’s novel, The Agency: A Spy in the House, depicts Mary Quinn’s first assignment since entering The Agency. Mary became a thief during her miserable childhood and was rescued by a woman posing as a prison warden after she was sentenced to hanging. She then became a student in Miss Scrimshaw's Academy for Girls and was sent to Mr. Thorold’s home posting as Miss Angelica Thorold’s...

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Female and Camille Paglia Men

Paglia goes on to talk about how sexual desire and arousal cannot be fully translated into verbal terms. She believed that sometimes men and women tend to misunderstand each other. For example sometimes when a male and a female are alone and they kiss, the female might just want to kiss and the male may misunderstand that thinking that she wants to have sex. These types of situation sometimes lead to rape unfortunately. According to Camille Paglia rape is a big danger and woman...

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Male and Female Spatial Ability

Background One theory developed by psychologists working within the biological approach is the idea that males have better spatial ability than females. Spatial ability is the ability to mentally manipulate 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional figures. One way in which spatial ability can be operationalised is in the form of mental rotation test. A mental rotation test requires participants to identify rotated versions of a target stimulus. Mental rotation usually takes place in the right cerebral...

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Male Female Psychological Differences

Male-Female Psychological Differences No one would argue the fact that men and women are physically different. The physical differences are rather obvious and most of these can be seen and measured easily. Men, who are essentially built for physical confrontation and the use of force, usually have greater upper body strength, build muscle easily, have thicker skin, and mostly use the left side of their brain. Women on the other hand, have a higher percentage of body fat, and a wider pelvis. Women...

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Male and Female Language

Male and Female Language Plan I. Men and women are not so often compared with the aspect of language, but realistically there are several big language differences between genders such as language use, content and characteristics. II. Male language A. Language style B. Content C. Characteristics of language III. Female language A. Language style B. Content C. Characteristics of language IV. Finally, it can be said that the differences between language used by different genders are fairly...

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Male And Female Communication

Male and Female Communication: Differences Worth Noting REVIEWED JUL 12, 2013 SUMMARY Women want intimacy in conversation, to feel connected to others. Men want to give information while remaining independent of the other party. Male or female, we all have the same basic human need to be understood by others, to communicate. One trait that can greatly influence the way we communicate is our sex. We may not agree with every theory of the differences between male and female communication, but we...

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Discrimination Against Females in Sport

Discrimination against Females in Sports Gender difference has always been an issue in many shapes and forms and throughout many circumstances in the past, present and still will be in the future. This paper focuses on the issue of discrimination against women in sports. Either being an athlete or a coach, women have always been looked upon as not as talented sports wise as men, even though in reality, they are. This issue is articulated in many ways. The news paper Green Leaf Weekly reports...

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Female characters are portrayed as males

Female characters are portrayed as males The short fictions written in the Tang Dynasty emphasize the strength and the independence of the female characters, specifically their male-like personalities and behaviors. In Chen Xuanyou’s “The Departed Spirit,” Shen Jiji’s “Miss Ren, or The Fox Lady,” and Yuan Zhen’s “The Story of Yingying,” the female protagonists are depicted as male characters in three ways. First, their external and internal intelligence make them different from conventional...

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The Female Body in Fashion Photography

The Female Body in Fashion Photography Contemporary fashion photography typically concerns itself with the objectification of women. Although men are also used to display certain stereotypes and ideologies; these are usually done in a manner that portrays masculinity, power and control over women. Women are seen as objects of a passive nature, brimming with sexual desire and used to further the males prurient gaze. The contrasting images of Lana Del Rey from the October issue of GQ are a powerful...

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Female Chauvinist Pigs

In Female Chauvinist Pigs, Ariel Levy brings to the forefront the issues society has been facing for decades; gender inequality, gender ideology, and gender construct. Levy focuses on women’s sexual empowerment, or lack thereof, starting with the passing of the birth control to Roe vs Wade to Hugh Hefner and Playboy. Ariel Levy starts out by writing about her experiences with the crew of Girls Gone Wild and the girls they met during a night out taping. The women practically threw themselves to...

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Causes of Female Foeticide

CAUSES OF FEMALE FOETICIDE – WHY DO THEY DO THIS? Female foeticide is a pressing issue – which calls to be addressed at once. However, to get to the root of this issue, it is essential to understand the causes behind it. In India, however, there isn’t actually a need to investigate into the problem much. We don’t need to delve into any lengthy and detailed investigation or case study. The issue lies right on top, in front of our eyes – in fact, it is a very part of our lives. One of the simplest...

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Female Gender Stereotypes in Color

Robert Pietrzak 2/27/13 Outline 1 Introduction a The purpose of this investigation is to understand what are the color stereotypes for females, how they contrast with color stereotypes for males, how these stereotypes have come about and how they are reinforced. 2 Body 1: b discuss what is currently accepted as “femanine colors/femanine quality of colors” c lean more towards the quality of color: how the color is softer, lighter, with more variety of shade...

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Exploitation of the Female Mind

Exploitation of the Female Mind: Fatima Mernissi’s exposure of the manipulative male in “The Harem Within” The ways with which Fatima Mernissi explains the reason for the power struggle between genders are carefully introduced in “The Harem Within”, a chapter from Dreams of Trespass. Mernissi assumes the identity of a female child, born into an Islamic family, in an attempt to elucidate the root of the gender bias that takes place not only in her family, but almost all Muslim communities; the complexities...

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Female Role Model

their kids. Children generally take after their parents or parental figures. They need positive guidance and encouragement as they grow up. It is said that girls are typically more sensitive than boys, and tend to need more of a female role model as she develops. As a female matures and grows she needs a motherly figure to support and guide her through the various stages of her life. This doesn’t necessarily need to be her actual mother; it could be her grandmother, aunt, godmother, or close friend...

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Male and Female Relationships

time with just females. Her social cues would be off because of her surroundings in the past. Though choosing is different than adapting, the situations become similar. More than likely, a female has made a chose to be a tomboy because it is fun or rebellious, so she doesn’t want to spend her time with girly girls but with dirt loving boys. She will become comfortable with her life style chose and be left with the same troubles as the little girl, who grew up without a female role model. Males...

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Females In O.Henry’s Stories

Females In O.Henry’s Stories When talking about American short stories, we must think of O.Henry the first time around. I’ve known him as one of the three Kings of short stories of the world since I was in middle school but it is only till today that I get a deeper perception of his work. There is no doubt that the brightest spot in his stories is the O.Henry Ending which totally reverses the story and surprises readers and his special affection toward ordinary people is commendable as well...

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Female Role in Great Gatsby

and at times daring in their romantic lives, the women of The Great Gatsby are vulnerable and driven purely by their economic situations. In the novel, three seemingly diverse characters, Myrtle, Daisy, and Jordan, each represent unique female roles. Although presented as dissimilar beings, the women of The Great Gatsby possess one undeniable connection: the effect of money. In the first chapter of the novel, the reader is introduced to Daisy Buchanan. A beautiful yet seemingly...

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Philosophy from the Female Perspective

politic of orphans" (Morality and Moral Controversies, pg. 92) who are independent and raised themselves. Christine DiStefano states that under Hobbes' theory, the role of the female in the development of human social interactions has been completely removed. Each being, all male, has had no instruction from any adult, male or female. Immanuel Kant recognized the effects of emotion on the human body. He acknowledged that humans were in fact at the mercy of feelings and emotion. Kant's theory was that...

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female infanticide in india

India is failing to prevent large-scale female infanticide and foeticide, according to a UN report. As a result, says the UN's World Population Fund, India has one of the highest imbalances in the world between males and females. The Fund says that the low status of women in Indian society is mainly to blame, and criticises India for its lack of commitment to tackling gender inequality. Other Asian countries, particularly China, have similar problems. Poverty, ignorance and culture combine to...

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Male and Female Psychology

In the men’s book is a turn off. Men are considered to be predators, then hunt. Hunting, is what keeps them interested. Although, if the hunt goes on for too long they will give up. Men cannot handle refusal, just as bad, if not worse, then how females handle it. The chase has to be flirty, yet deniable at the same time. Give him hope, but don’t fall into his arms. This plays along later in the relationship as well. You have to keep the relationship exciting. Give him something to chase once in...

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Feminism: Female and Jig

Feminism in the Hills In Ernest Hemingway’s “Hills Like White Elephants”, Hemingway creates a power dynamic between females and males through the way he uses setting, characterization, and dialogue. Hemingway chooses the setting to symbolize the conflicts and differences between the two individuals. Characterizing the woman, Jig, as being the strong one that is in control while the American man is the character with no power to control the situation reveals this power struggle. The dialogue Hemingway...

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Are Females Better Students Than Males

Are females better students than males? Sajetha: As a whole, females do better than males in school. Am I saying that the individual female will always do better than the individual male? No. There are of course males who perform academically better than girls in school. However, speaking from a male's point of view, female academic performance is higher than male academic performance. A simple Google search will also attest to this fact. Amy: Males are simply smarter. Thousands of years of...

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The Representation of the Female Form in Art.

men wanted them. Since prehistoric times woman have been portrayed in art, giving an impression of the perception the artist and the culture they lived in, had of women. The earliest etchings and figures strongly relate around one thing. The female as the life giver, fertility and childbirth. Although there is the impression that in these times women were seen as purely wives and mothers keeping the house (cave?) tidy. Some would argue women were not portrayed as anything less than equal...

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Dbq Essay: Female Subordination

Joan Espino Period 7 11/19/10 Ms. An AP World History DBQ Essay # 1 (Final) Queen Hatshepsut was the first female pharaoh who ruled Egypt. She reigned during 1473 – 1458 B.C.E. She first served as co-ruler with her stepson Tuthmosis III, but later took power as a pharaoh herself. Although she was a great ruler, the idea of having a female ruler was unfamiliar to Egyptians and it unsettled them. As an effort to present her in unthreatening guise to make Egyptians feel more at ease, artists...

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Relationships: Are Males and Females Actually Different?

Relationships: Are Males and Females Actually Different? BACKGROUND Relationships can be difficult. We can all say we’ve argued with a significant other one time or another. During arguments, we just can’t see the others point of view. We’ll go to our friends and family for advice and usually people of the same sex can see your point of view. Why is that? We all assume that males and females are different because they are ‘opposite’ sexes. When we someone as male or female we think a lot about them...

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The Denouncement of Female Sexuality

Tasiya Oliver Professor Adamczyk English Comp II 11 Feb 2013 The Denouncement of Female Sexuality Female sexuality has long been a taboo subject. In Ha Jin’s “In Broad Daylight,” it is examined from a cultural perspective. Set in China in the 1960’s, the story analyzes the misfortunes of Mu Ying, a woman who is being publicly denounced for her role as the town’s “whore.” Whether she chose to this position for extra income or for fulfillment of her needs, what is really being called into...

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Analysis of Female Participation in Advertising

period in a fairly seductive pose. This ad tells the female viewer she can be beautiful and smart, a woman of the time, a liberated being with her own agenda and goals. There's no mention in the entire ad about attracting a man, which is strange when one considers that 90% of the articles in Cosmopolitan Magazine revolve around finding and keeping a man. Our next ad from 1977 comes from Redbook Magazine and gives us a very striking picture of female power. We see an image of a woman getting out of...

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Male and Female Difference

Goldberg, The Inevitability of Patriarchy, systematically looked at every report of matriarchy (when women are the bosses, not men) among various peoples and tribes. He couldn’t find one case in which women held political power. Even the famous female anthropologist Margaret Mead conceded in a book review that Goldberg presented his information faultlessly. No real life “Amazons.” George Murdock: Compared some 500 cultures, found in ALL of them that fighting and leadership were associated...

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The Advantages of a Female Prime Minister in the Bahamas

Professor Walkes English 119 May 29th, 2013 The Advantages of a Female Prime Minister in The Bahamas. Imagine The Bahamas, landscaped with over 700 hundred breathtakingly picture- perfect islands governed, lead by a female prime minister. Yes, a smart, confident, strong, yet passionate, sensitive soul who is leading this chain of islands forward, upward, onward, and with Bahamians, together. In the past, The Bahamas and from a global perspective, the male was always portrayed as the...

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Comparison on Male and Female Language Us vs Male and Female Biology Ideology

“How Male and Female Students Use Language Differently”-Deborah Tannen “Believing is Seeing: Biology as Ideology”-Judith Lorber Equality by definition means: The state of being equal, especially in status, rights, and opportunities. (Oxford Dictionary) Both Deborah Tannen author of “How Male and Female Students Use Language Differently” and Judith Lorber, author of “Believing is Seeing: Biology as Ideology” discuss equality issues between male and female gender in their pieces, and both agree...

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Female v Male Friendships and Relationships

Jasmime Allen Dr. Bebe Barefoot ENG 101 September 21st, 2014 Female vs Male Friendships Although friendships in general form for the same reasons of support and companionship, we are able to discern certain differences between male and female friendships. While one is more casual, the other is intimate and personal. Male friendships are laid-back, they have less drama and more fun. However, in most cases they lack communication because of prideful barriers. Male friendships tend to include...

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Male Versus Female Communication Styles

In the twenty first century, communication is the essential aspect of a person "The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn't being said." There are several arguments between male and female communication styles. First, communication is dependent on type of human brain. Second, the gender is determination on the style of communication. Third, the environment influences to develop communication with other people. However, Samuel Johnson said, "Nature has given women so much power...

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Communication Differences: Male vs. Female

b. Women are more emotional and tend to speak in dialogue. ii. Women tend to be more emotionally involved with communicating and feel that the whole picture and different solutions are important. 2. The differences in male and female communication in social settings c. How women build and maintain relationships iii. Women tend to focus on making connections 1. Secrets 2. Relating experiences 3. Discussing options ...

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The Female Body: Feminism and Game of Thrones

The Female Body: Feminism and Game of Thrones HBO’s fantasy series Game of Thrones has sparked controversy due to its use of sex, violence, and the treatment of female characters since the airing of its first episode in 2011. From the beginning, the series used images of rape, prostitution, and female nudity to depict the medieval-like world of Westeros and Essos. While many argue that the series exploits the subjects of sex, and violence, others argue that it simply depicts the difficulties faced...

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Social Issues Affecting Females in Jamaica

Education and Social Issues –Females In Jamaica Education is important for everyone, but it is especially significant for girls and women. This is true not only because education is an entry point to other opportunities, but also because the educational achievements of women can have ripple effects within the family and across generations. Investing in girls' education is one of the most effective ways to reduce poverty and girl’s results are principally high dividends. In Jamaica I think/ believe...

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