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Film Director

Francois Truffaut to describe the mark of a film director on his films. A director can be considered an auteur if about five of his film depict a certain style that is definitely his own. In other words, much like one can look at a painting and tell if it is a Monet, a Renoir, or a Degas, if a film director is an auteur, one can look at his film and tell by style and recurring themes that it was made by a certain director. In auteur films, the director is many times what brings an audience to the...

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Film Directors

category. He directed three well-known films like, Rear Window(1954), Dial M for Murder(1954), and Psycho(1960). I watched the film Dial M for Murder(1954). I thought it was a very good thriller that that kept you at the edge of your seat because you never knew what was going to happen next. Woody Allen who liked to do magic tricks and play the clarinet in his younger days tended to direct comedy films. He often worked with Diane Keaton(they made 8 films together), Mia Farrow(his former lover)...

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Christopher Nolan: Film Director

Stephanie Oropeza Comm 2366 Christopher Nolan Christopher Nolan is an award-winning filmmaker who has been recognized for his work as a director, writer, and producer. Born in London 1970, Nolan began making movies at an early age with his father’s Super-8mm camera. Nolan is known for his films which are rooted in philosophical and sociological concepts and ideas, exploring human morality, the construction of time, and the malleable nature of memory and personal identity. He is known for his...

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The Samurai films of Akira Kurosawa

Akira Kurosawa (Mar 23, 1910--Sep. 6, 1998) was a Japanese film director, screenwriter, producer, and editor. He directed 30 films in a career spanning 57 years. He was the surprise winner of the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival. In 1990, he accepted the Academy Award for Lifetime. Kuorosawa contributed Japanese history, culture, and society through this movie to audiences. (Film) Tuesday, September 23, 2014 Introduction The director choose this specific subjects to demonstrate the Japanese...

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Amateur Film Review: Tyler Perry's Daddy's Little Girls

AMATEUR FILM REVIEW OF TYLER PERRY’S ‘DADDY’S LITLE GIRLS’ Amanda Proffitt ENG 255 Introduction to Film Instructor: Lindsay Bryde May 06, 2013 AMATEUR FILM REVIEW OF TYLER PERRY’S ‘DADDY’S LITLE GIRLS’ Ever want to take your kids to see a film and not worry about the violence and gore that it may have? Whether you are a mother or a really awesome aunt (like me) you want to be able to take a child to a film that has a good message and will keep your attention also. That is what you...

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Kill Bill: a Technical and Aesthetic Analysis of the Film

watch the film simply for a "night-at-the-movie-theatre" type of experience, they would likely write it off as a total waste of time; they might say it was too cheesy with too much blood on top. Yet, viewers with some knowledge of film may perceive it as one of the most aesthetically captivating films that they have ever seen as a medium that masterfully blends violence and beauty. This brief paper will briefly discuss the aesthetic and technical aspect of both parts of the three hours long film with...

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Quentin Tarantino Since 1993 America has been blessed with the films of acclaimed director Quentin Tarantino. Not only is Tarantino a director he is also a screen writer and an actor. He has become a cult classic director directing films such as Pulp Fiction and Jackie Brown. He is known for his graphic use of violence as well as sharp dialogue. He has a great way of keeping an audience entertained from the beginning of his movies until the end (Tarantino). Tarantino's originally plan was...

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Rear Window and Quote/give Context

Voyeurism In both films, Rear Window and Vertigo, film director Alfred Hitchcock requires audiences to put themselves in the position of voyeur as they witness the action of the film through the eyes of the protagonists. Hitchcock introduces to us the meaning of the word voyeurism and the control it can possess over a person. The main characters in both films are voyeurs’ and get their excitement from invading others’ life. Hitchcock was an English-American film director, writer, and producer...

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Analysis of Shutter Island

To live as a monster, or to die as a good man? Filmography Title: Shutter Island Production Company: Phoenix Pictures Production Director: Martin Scorsese Screenplay Writer: Laeta Kalogridis Novel written by Dennis Lehane Principle cast: Leonardo DiCaprio (Edward Daniels/ Andrew Laeddis), Mark Ruffalo, Ben Kingsley, Michelle Willliams (Dolores Chanal) How should people deal with the criminally insane? They are very dangerous figures, who had harmed people before. Some psychiatrists...

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Reservoir Dogs

Reservoir Dogs Postmodernism theory when related to films can be described when the audience’s delay of skepticism is shattered, in order to free the audience’s grasp of the director’s work. Small changes are made to create a significant meaning in the audience’s mind. The director has created a piece of art that removes the audience from the conventional and emotional bond to the subject, creating a new perspective. Postmodern films apply the usage of four concepts: simulation, reusing styles...

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