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September 2013 Acting is a Drug, and I’m Addicted When that spotlight hits your face, it is a better feeling than going to the beach on a breezy day. The feeling of nerves radiating throughout your body while you have the entire audience’s attention is exhilarating. There is no other feeling like it. I chose acting because I have been in plays for competitive and fun since I was eight years old. I started off in small church plays and worked my way up to larger competitive acting that went all the...

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Is acting an art?

Is acting an art? The acting profession is so difficult, that there are so many sacrifices to peruse it. Acting is symbolic, stressful, and psychological. In order to become a character we must be given the circumstances, actions, back-story and many more to peruse the character. Yet it can be very stressful to transform yourself to completely different person. You begin to get better after doing play by play. Most people become better actors by reading books, doing theories, and closed system methods...

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A Career in Acting

 Thesis: A career in acting has many parts, but all of it is dedication. I. To be an actor first you have to get the proper education and training. A. Formal training is necessary to an acting career. A.1. Www.careers.stateuniversity.com says “it is a profession that requires unusual talent and years of training and study” (“Actor Job Description, Career as an Actor, Salary, Employment”). A.2. They also continue to say, “ Besides developing acting skills, aspiring performers should study...

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Respect for Acting

Respect for Acting: Part One After reading the first part of Respect for Acting by Uta Hagan I have a newfound respect for actors and all that they go through to obtain the true character in which they are playing. As someone who has never neither acted nor read anything about performing, this has opened my eyes to all of the work that these actors go through on a daily basis for the sheer enjoyment of their audience. While reading over the chapters in this book there are a few key concepts that...

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Careers in Acting

Winkler Works Cited "An Acting Career." 1 February 2005. . "Actors." Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2004-2005 Edition. 27 January 2005. . "Careers in Acting" 1 February 2005. . Moore, Dick. Opportunities in Acting Careers. Chicago: Career Horizons, 1999. 6-7. Yehling, Carol. Careers in Focus: Performing Arts. Chicago: Ferguson, 2003. 5-13. Paul Winkler Academic English February 10, 2005 McArthur 10-8 Acting - Research Paper "OPENING NIGHT… …IT'S OPENING...

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Acting to Lying

Many things can be said about the similarities of acting and lying. Both spin a falsehood, leading the audience deeper and deeper into the trap until the very end when they are released. Both force the performer into a position where they are not entirely themselves and not entirely in control of what they say or do. Liars and actors wear many masks. These masks can be literal changes in the physical nature of the person, or they can be a change in character. Character changes can often consume...

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Example of Coverletter for Acting Job

[insert name and address] January 29th, 2013 Paul Anderson The Acting Company PO Box 898 New York NY 10108-0898 Re: Actress position Dear Mr. Anderson, Having achieved many goals in my career path, I am interested in applying for an actress position at The Acting Company. I came across the thrilling new production of “Gone with the Wind” and I would be happy to audition for the role of Scarlett O’ Hara. I am currently enrolled in the theatre arts programs at Houston Community...

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Acting Audition Tips

Acting - Notes to the Aspiring Actor By Chris Freihofer Actor, Casting Director, Film Producer WE'RE ON YOUR SIDE, BELIEVE IT OR NOT. You know the old stereotype. The grumpy table of producers, casting directors and general discontents sit at a backlit, smoky table, frowning at you as you make your way through a well-rehearsed audition. You give your all; you give of yourself, only to be treated rudely, followed by a bellowed "Next!" That's what we think auditions are, right? I mean...

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My Association with Stage Acting

My first association with stage acting was when I was in the fifth standard, at the annual school concert, my class was putting up the play - 'The Pied Piper of Hamlin' , where i was casted as 'The Pied Piper' himself, it was a matter of great pride for me, being selected as the lead actor among 150 others willing to take my place. Well, I was immature then, time passed I acted in another few plays, it was untill the 9th standard, i wasnt very serious about acting. In the 9th standard I took a more...

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'Types of Acting'

you play in the project. Extras, supporting roles and walk-ons will be paid considerably less than principle roles. Actors will also be paid overtime for night-time shooting, unless the shoot has already been classed as a night-shoot. As with all acting, your working hours will depend on the size of your role, and your age. Actors younger than 18 may not work more than 5 hours per day by law. For most TV/film actors, the hours are long. They may not spend most of their time on set, but in between...

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